Personal Leadership and Management

Importance of Personal Leadership and Management

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Introduction to Personal Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are regarded as one most important element for any organization irrespective of industry. The given elements help firms in the process of achieving goals and objectives of enterprises in an effective way (Importance of leadership and management, 2015). Furthermore, with the help of these given functions, an effectual decision will be taken by the manager of corporation which leads to increased profits and sales.

The given report will showcase the role which leadership and management skill plays in the process of attaining objectives of corporation. Moreover, the report will also provide description regarding approaches with the help of which individual can improve its ability of managing and leading people. Finally, it will also carry out the review of personal and professional development plan of a person against original objectives.


I would like to work at the management position in future as one of the famous hospitality firm of UK named as Hotel Hilton. In order to pursue my dream, I have carried out thorough analysis of selected firm. The detailed explanation regarding the same is depicted below:

1.1 Analyzing the impact of organizational values, culture and organization objectives on management and leadership role

The organization value, culture as well as objective have impact upon leadership and management role which is played by the managers of companies. The organizational culture helps in shaping values and attitudes of the employees. In this regard, from the analysis it has been identified that, hotel Hilton gives value to the given aspects such as teamwork and giving the high and best quality services to their guest (Hilton, 2015). The given values of the cited firm are reflected upon its culture. The enterprise follows a culture in which gives importance to the needs and demands of its workers. The manager of hotel Hilton considered that effective services can be delivered by it if it takes measure to maintain as well as enhance the satisfaction of its workers in an effective manner. This is because; with the help of workers only objectives of corporation will be met.

In addition to this, Hilton possess open type of culture in which employees irrespective of their level are given full authority to present their innovative and creative ideas in front of the management of enterprise (Blackmore, 2010). The type of culture as well as value which is being abided by cited hotel causes necessary impact upon leadership and management role of its manager. In order to provide support to the given culture of hotel, manager of Hilton has to use democratic type of leadership style. It is the style which gives importance to views and opinions of workers. The individual who uses this style plays crucial role in maintaining satisfaction of the employees in an effectual manner.

However, conflicting situation will occur within the firm if manager of hotel uses autocratic leadership approach. In this approach, manager carries out strict control over their employees and this type of leader does not believe in taking suggestions from employees. Besides this, objective of the firm also impact on the leadership and management role of hotel (Burke and Collins, 2001). Another crucial objective of Hilton is to become first choice of guests. The given aim can be fulfilled if it makes efforts with regard to maintain the satisfaction of its buyers. Satisfaction of customer can be maintained if manager uses all its management functions like planning, organizing, directing, controlling and staffing in an appropriate manner. For instance, with the help of staffing function, hotel can recruit skilled and talented employees who have the ability to deliver best services to the buyers. Overall, it can be said that the value, culture as well as aim of corporation helps in  molding the leadership and management role of manager (Emiliani and Emiliani, 2013). In addition to this, the goal of enterprise also plays crucial role in terms of setting the direction of firm in an effective manner.

1.2 Evaluating the leadership and management skills required to support the firm objective

In order to provide immense support to the framed goals and objectives of corporation, managers require different type of leadership and management skills. In accordance with the given context, from the analysis it is assessed that, hotel Hilton has the goal to become global leader in hospitality industry by giving utmost quality of services to the respective guests. For the purpose to attain the given objective, planning is being considered as one of the most essential skill that will be required in Hilton manager (Hardina and, 2006.). With the help of this skill, manager can prepare proper and systematic plan with respect to the given goal. Here, plan can be prepared regarding the ways with the help of which the quality of hotel services can be enhanced. However, it has been evaluated that the given skill will be proved as ineffective when firm will have to achieve goal within a very short period of time. This is because, in the given situation it will become difficult for the manager with regard to perform the systematic planning as per the cited firm goal in an effective manner.

In addition to this, in order to achieve particular objective the manager of cited enterprise will also require conflict management skill. This skill can be used with an aim to manage the conflict that occurs between the workers who work within corporation. In this context, it has been seen that, conflict is being regarded as the major factor which leads to cause dissatisfaction among employees. As a result of it, employees will not be able to direct their efforts in terms of giving their best services to the corporation in an effective way. Due to this, the cited objective of hotel Hilton cannot be met. However, by using conflict management skill manager can take earlier and proactive measures in the conflicting situation. Through this way, satisfaction of workers who indulge in conflict can be maintained (Jones, 2004). But, with an aim to manage the conflicts between the employee's manager will require the sufficient time. This proves as the major disadvantage of the given skill.

Furthermore, people skill is being considered as another most crucial skill which will be needed in order to accomplish the above mentioned Hilton objective. By using the given skill, manager can understand needs and demands of its buyers. Thus, by carrying out changes in its services as per assessed needs, hotel can attract large number of its buyers towards its services (Lussier and Achua, 2009). Through this way, Hilton hotel can build positive image in the mind of its buyers. As a result of it, benefit can be gained by enterprise in the form of increased profits and sales. To make the decision which will not affect the feeling of other person is being regarded as the major disadvantage which is being related with the given skill. This is because, there are some situations in which manager has to make decision without considering the impact of same upon the motivation of workers. In this circumstance, the people skill will be proved as ineffective.

1.3 Assessing my own personal leadership and management skill

I have assessed my own leadership and management skill and with an aim to perform the same, I have taken assistance from different techniques such as taking feedback from fellow members and performing my own Skill SWOT analysis etc. By using these given tool, I have identified that, I am good communicator. I will be able to communicate with people in both verbal and non verbal form. This skill will be proved as effective in the process of achieving hotel Hilton objective. I can use my communication skill with an aim to communicate the hotel workers about the ways of delivering services to the customers. Thus, through this way only I can attract many global as well as domestic buyers towards the cited corporation.

In addition to this, I have also identified that, I have good leadership ability. In this regard, I will be able to give direction to the people who face any difficulty in the process of attaining firm objective. Furthermore, I am good motivator and I can use this ability to raise the motivation level of hotel Hilton employees at the time of heavy workload. Overall, it can be said that, with the use of given abilities I can meet objective of hotel in an efficient way. Besides this, by conducting SWOT analysis of my skill, I have identified some leadership and management skills which require improvement. By performing improvement in the assessed skill, I can put myself one step forward towards the objective of hotel Hilton. The skills consist of time management, negotiation and people skill etc. Thus, these are the major skills which require improvements.

Task 2

2.1 Assessing opportunities for the development of my leadership and management skill

There are many opportunities available in market that will help in the development of my leadership and management skill. The detailed explanation with respect to the same is depicted in below:

Reading books and journals: In order to improve the given skills which I need to improve, I can take assistance from the books and journals that are available in market. Here, with an aim to improve my time management skill, I can read books which provide information regarding varied type of time management strategies. Thus, by selecting appropriate book I can perform significant improvement in my given skill.

Attaining conferences and seminars: It is another and is regarded as one of the most popular way of enhancing the deficit skill among individual (Balon, 2014). The given technique enables face to face conversation between trainer and trainee. With the help of this approach, I can resolve my all doubts associated with the development of particular skill. In addition to this, the given method will also provide opportunity for getting the feedback about development in my performance.

Mentoring: In this technique, individuals appoint one mentor who will guide them in the process of developing specific skill (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013). I can use this approach with an aim to improve people and negotiation skill.

I will require personal development in the number of skills such as time management, negotiation and people skill. However, I can perform improvement in the given skill by taking help from the above mentioned opportunities. Here, by applying appropriate methods upon the given skills, I can perform significant improvements in all the mentioned abilities.

2.3 Managing the personal development of management and leadership skill

After preparing my own personal development plan, I have carried out implementation of same. However, while implementing the plan I have faced many difficulties. I have noticed that, the first thing which happened with me is the failure in regard to follow the suggested practices. For example, In order to improve the time management skill, I have selected number of sources such as reading books, attaining training programs and managing the time in my own way etc. Even though I have carried out the selection of all these approaches but there are varied difficulties which are being faced by me while performing implementation same. I am pursing post graduation degree in the management where I have to give my sufficient time. Thus, it is due to the presence of given aspect, it is becoming difficult for me to perform all these given activities with an aim to improve time management skill in an effective way.

Furthermore, another difficulty which I have faced while performing the implementation of development plan is related to negotiation skill. In this context, I have realized that the books on negotiation strategies do not provide any help. The given book suggests such tactics whose practical implementation will not be possible (Stacey, 2012). Thus, these are regarded as major difficulty which I have faced while implementation my personal development plans. However, with an aim to manage my personal development plan, I will not rely upon one specific approach for the purpose to improve the particular skill. For instance, if I have the goal to improve time management skill then in this condition, I will select number of approaches such as reading books, attaining training and conferences etc. Thus, it is through this way only the skill in which I am lacking can be improved in an effective way.


3.1 Reviewing own personal development plan against original objective

For individual it is necessary that, it must carry out timely review of its development plan against the set objective. This is because, through this way person can assess as whether it is going on to the right direction or not (Walker, 2014). In accordance with the given context, my first objective is to improve time management skill. I have used different approaches for the purpose to improve the given skill. I have found out significant improvement in the given skill. Now, I will be able to manage and complete my work within the given specified time limit. But, while performing review of my personal development plan, I have realized that there is some time management tactics whose knowledge of implementation still needs to be improved. The tactic in which I found myself ineffective is related to   prioritizing and setting the objectives etc. In order to improve the given skill, I have read the books of famous authors, but I have not found any improvements. Furthermore, I have set 6 months time period for the improvement of given skill which is considered to be very less. This is because, I will require around 4 month time for  activities like attaining conferences and seminars with respect to the time management skill. Furthermore, around 8 months time will be needed to read and understand all the books related to time management strategy in an effective manner.

In addition to this, as per the given personal development plan, I have another objective to enhance negotiation skill.  I have set 4 months time for the purpose to carry out improvement in the given skill. I have assessed major improvements in the stated skill. In this context, now I found myself very efficient enough in terms of performing negotiation with other individual in an effective manner. Furthermore, with the help of this skill, I can perform negotiation with the supplier of hotel Hilton. Thereby, I can provide several benefits to the cited company.

Besides this, with an aim to improve people skill I have only used one specific approach such as training and development. However, further development in the given skill can also be carried out if I will comply with some other approaches like reading books of famous author who share their experience of developing interpersonal skill. Overall, it can be stated that, by performing these kinds of little changes in the existing plan effectiveness of the same can be enhanced (Williams and Allen, 2014). In addition to this, the original objective of  cited firm is to provide high quality of services to the guest. In this context, I have assessed necessary improvement in my time management skill. Thus, now I found myself very confident with regard to deliver the services to the respective guest within the given specified time limit. Thus, with the use of this ability I can maintain the satisfaction of my guest and can give significant contribution in the sales and profits of hotel. Furthermore, I have also assessed improvement in the negotiation ability. I can use this ability with an aim to negotiate with the buyers of the cited firm. Through this skill, I can give information about the services which is being provided by the respective hotel to its buyers in an effective way. Thus, I can meet the original objective of hotel.

3.2 Evaluating the effectiveness of personal leadership and management skill

It is essential for people to take measures with regard to assess effectiveness of the personal leadership and management skill. This can be assessed with the use of technique like bench marking (Hardina and, 2006). In this technique, comparison will be carried out by individual between its actual and standard performance.  Through this way, person can assess as whether it is going towards the right way or not. For instance, by implementing the bench marking technique I have identified that, my skill of managing and dealing with people has improved significantly in the eight month time period. This leads to showcase effectiveness of the given personal development plan. However, ineffectiveness of the given development plan will be judged if I will not be able to carry out my efforts in terms of performing necessary improvement within people skill during 8 months tenure.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of the given development plan can also be judged if I will be able to carry out practical implementation of the learned theoretical knowledge. For example, I have learned all strategies related to managing my time in an effective way. Through applying the gained knowledge in the real practical situation it helps me in assessing the effectiveness of personal development plan.

3.3 Updating the personal development plan

Besides these given skill, there are some other skills identified which I need to improve in order to give fruitful contribution to hotel Hilton. The skill consists of stress management, decision making and problem solving skill etc. Thus, it can be considered that, these are the areas in terms of skill which require further development (Emiliani and Emiliani, 2013). Following personal development plan is prepared with respect to the given abilities.


From the whole report, it can be concluded that, leadership and management skills have greater importance within the corporation. With the help of given skill direction of employees can be set. This will enable the manager of corporation with regard to attain their goals and objectives in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, with the help of personal development plan, individual can take measures towards specific skill in which they are lacking. In addition to this, it has also being assessed from the given report that, leadership and management skills of managers are changed as per the culture and values followed by the corporation.


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