Marketing Principles

Factors Affecting Marketing Strategies

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Introduction to Marketing Principles

Marketing is the activity conducted by each and every company with an aim to increase the sales by informing the customers about the goods and services offered by the company (Adeleye, 2005). Marketing is the process of promoting and selling the goods and services offered by the company. Apple foods is the company who offers healthy food and drinks to the kids and the family members. The main motto of this company is to became the number one healthier choice for families in UK.

In the following report various elements of marketing process has been discussed. In addition to this influence of environmental factors on the decision making process is also enclosed. Along with this impact of buyer behaviour on the marketing activities is also mentioned. Apart from this effects of promotional activity on companies objective is also discussed.

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1.1 Various elements of marketing process

Examine the market environment

First elements of marketing process is to examine and analyse the market environment by conducting SWOT and PESTLE analysis.

Identify the targets

After this Appy foods identify the targeted segment where they are required to launch their product (Al-Bakri, 2006).

Setting desired objective of marketing

Further after identifying the target market Appy food set up its both short term and long term goals and objectives. The set objective of the Appy is closely related with the strategies formed by them.

Dealing with various elements of marketing mix

It is very important for the Appy to deal with the various elements of marketing mix. By using these elements company will be able to identify the needs and wants of the customers.

Evaluation and control

At the end a complete evaluation is done in order to find out the effectiveness of the process used.

Market Orientation

It is the process that focus on the delivering the products manufactured according to the needs and desired of the customers. Main objective of Appy food is to deliver valuable products to the consumers as per there requirement.

1.2 Benefits and costs of marketing orientation to Appy foods


By following this approach Appy foods will be able to produce the goods as per the desired of the customers. If goods are produced as per the desired then in that case sales and demand of the product will also increase. Increase sales will help the Appy foods to generate more revenue and this in turn will increase the level of profitability.


In order to identify the customers requirement Appy is required to conduct a expensive market research. Besides this company is also required to appoint private marketing firm for achieving the desired purpose (Armstrong, 2008). This in turn will increase the cost of the company.


2.1 Micro and macro environmental factors influence the decision making process of Appy foods

Influence of micro environment factors on decision making process

Competitors, consumers and suppliers are the one who affects the decision making process of Appy foods. Suppliers are the one who satisfaction level is very important. If they are not satisfied then in that case they may stop supplying the raw material (Blythe, 2013).On the other hand if customers are not satisfied then in that case sales of the Appy will decline. While on the other hand, substitute products sold out by the competitors also influence the marketing strategies of the Appy.

Influence of macro environment factors on decision making process

Various factors like political, social, legal, technological, economic and many more factors influence the marketing plan set up the Appy foods. Appy is required to follow all the political and legal rules and regulations for the smooth functioning of the organisation. Appy is also required to considered various technology in order to produce new and innovate products. While on the other hand Appy is also required to produce the products in such a way that it does not cause any harm to the society.

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2.2 Segmentation criteria used by Appy foods

Marketing segmentation is the strategies that help the organisation to divide the targeted customers into small subsets with an aim to identify the needs and wants of the customers in an elaborate way. This market segment is divided into various categories. Some of them are as follows. Appy foods take into consideration the demographic segment, psychological segment and geographic segment.

Demographic segment

In this case Appy foods divide the market segmentation on the basis of age, gender and preference. Appy main aim is to serve a healthy product to a customers (Bose, 2010). In lieu of which Appy has choose to target the customers who flows under the age group of 16-30 years and adults who have crossed the age of 55.

Psychological segment

In this case customers are selected on the basis of there attitude, behaviour and personality. Appy tries to target the customers who are more conscious about there health.

Geographical segments

In this case needs and wants of the customers are analysed in order to serve the manufactured product at the area where maximum number of customers can be satisfied there wants

2.3 Targeted strategy for Appy

There are large number of strategies formulated by the each and every organisation in order to sale its produced goods and services. Different types of targeted strategies are customized marketing strategies, differentiated marketing strategies and undifferentiated marketing strategies.

Therefore, as a marketing manger, I would prefer to select the differentiated marketing strategies for selling out the various healthy products and to became one of the leading company who is manufacturing healthy products. In addition to this, this strategy will also help the Appy foods to beat its competitors by introducing new and innovate products in the market. Apart from this, differentiated strategy will also help the Appy to produce high quality products at low rate (Fassin, Van Rossem and Buelens, 2011). This in turn will help the company to increase its sales by attracting more and more customer towards the healthier products offered by the them.

2.4 Demonstrate how buyer behaviour affects the marketing activities in various situations

Buying behaviour of the customers belong of various internal and external factors. The purchasing/ buying behaviour of the customers highly affects the marketing activities of Appy foods. Therefore, it is very important for the company to choose the marketing strategies according to the changing taste and preference of the customers. If the customers is delicate towards the price then in that case company is sale the products at low costs. But if the price is not set according to the desire of the customers then in that case sales and demand of the products will be affected.In addition to this many customers want high quality of products, price does not create much importance in there life. Thus, Appy should make an efforts to produce to the better quality products for them (Ferrel and et. al., 2014).

Apart from this, culture factors also affects the buying behaviour of the customers. Cultural factors differ from country to country. Therefore, it is very important for the company to develop various marketing plans keeping in mind various cultural factors. Purchasing power and lifestyle of the customers also affects there buying behaviours. It also affects the pricing decision of Appy foods.Besides this, the individual who has a improved lifestyle prefer to use the organic and a healthy products.. However, Appy foods should make an efforts manufacture the products that are of better quality and is full of nutritions.

2.5 Positioning strategy for new product of Appy foods

Marketing positioning of diet chips for Appy

Chips is one of the most desired snacks for the people. Many people prefer to consume the chips as a snack when they are hungry. But due to the increase in the quantity of fat and cholesterol people have started reducing the consumption of the chips. Therefore, in order to fulfil the desired of the customers Appy has prefer to manufacture the diet chips, which is very healthy (Ferrell and Hartline, 2012). In this chips level of cholesterol and fat will be very less, almost equal to Zero. Therefore, in order to increase the sales Appy should start introducing diet chips with various flavours. Apart from this company should develop various marketing strategies in order to sell its products. This in turn will increase the sales of the products and at the same time Appy will be able to generate more profit.


3.1 Ways in which new products are developed to sustain the competitive advantages of Appy

Creates brand loyalty

Appy should start creating the brand loyalty in the mind of the customers. This can be done by offering the quality products at an affordable rate. Company can also provide various merchandise services to the customers at free of cost.

Research and marketing

Appy should conduct a complete research of the market before introducing new products in the market. Appy should conduct a research in order to find out the needs, wants and desired of the customers (Golding and Peattie, 2005). This in turn will help the company to produce the goods and services that satisfy the customers.

Services provided to the customers

Appy should make an efforts to the provide various services to the customers that is completely different from the competitors. The services provided should be different that it became vary difficult for the competitor to copy the same. This in turn will help the Appy to generate more profits by beating its customers.

Differentiate and positioning

Appy should make an attempt to differentiate its product from that of its competitors.. This in turn will increase the sales of company. Therefore, in regard to which Appy should introduce products that have unique features in the products that are not provided by the other companies.

Unique merchandise

Appy should start selling unique products in order to attract large number of customers. The design and labeling of the company should be so attractive that it catch the attention of large number of people.

3.2 Stating the ways through which distribution arrangements can be made

Appy food offers diet chips product to their customers through its all the retail stores which are situated on UK. In the present era, customers are highly concious towards their health aspects. Thus, by offering diet chips through retail store company is able to develop awareness among the customers. Usually, customers prefer to make purchase product from the store which is well known to them. Thus, retail store is the most effectual source through which business unit can serve or offer the product to the large number of customers (Golding and Peattie, 2005). In addition to this, company also needs to offer home delivery of the product and services. Moreover, working women have no time to make shopping of the product or services from retail store. Thus, by offering products through online means Appy can offer convenience to its customers to the large extent.

3.3 Pricing policies which Appy Food will adopt for diet chips

Business organization needs to set competitive prices for its product namely diet chips. According to the cited case scenario Appy food is known for the healthy food and drink product which is offered by it to their customers. In addition to this, brand image and loyalty towards the product of Appy is vet high. Furthermore, customers are always ready to pay high for the quality and health products or services. Now, customers are highly conscious in relation to their health aspect. Thus, by keeping in mind all this mind business enterprise needs to set competitive prices for diet chips. Moreover, there is high level of tendency that customer makes comparison of the prices of food products with their prices (Jain and Jain, 2014). Thus, by setting suitable prices in accordance with the rival firm Appy is able to attract large number of customers towards the diet chips. With the help of sucvh pricing strategy company is also able to enhance its probability aspects.

3.4 Ways through which promotional activities of the firm with the aim to achieving marketing objectives

Appy can promote its diet chips by placing advertisement on newspaper and magazines. It is the most effectual way through which firm can develop awareness among the large number of customers. Along with it, business unit also requires to make an advertisement on social networking sites. Moreover, large number of existing and potential customers spend their time on social sites. Through this, company can promote its diet chips and other products or services more effectively and efficiently (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012). In addition to this, company makes effort to become no 1 healthier choice for the families. Thus, by setting affordable prices company can increase its customer base. Hence, by undertaking social media marketing tool Appy is able to attain its business objectives to the large extent.

3.5 Analyzing additional elements of the marketing mix

Extended elements of the marketing mix includes people, process and physical evidence which also play a vital role in enhancing the productivity and profitability aspect of Appy. Additional elements of marketing mix are enumerated below:

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Human resources of the firm plays a crucial role in developing satisfaction among the customers. The way through which personnel of the firm resolve the queries of their customers have high level of influence upon the satisfaction and loyalty aspect of the customers (Kotler and Armstrong, 2015).


Manufacturing process which is used by the firm also impacts decision making aspect of the customers. Appy undertakes real ingredients of the fruits while preparing juices or drinks (Tapp, 2008). In addition to this, they also refer the calories and hygiene aspect while preparing juice or drink products.

Physical evidence

Ambience, mannequins as well as looking of the building also is the most significant factor which compel customers to enter in the store.

Thus, by taking into consideration all the additional elements Appy can build or sustain competitive position in the strategic business environment.


From the following report it can be concluded that product should be developed keeping in mind the needs and requirement of the customers. In addition to this, select of proper segment is very important for the success of the product. Along with this concepts of segmentation, positioning and targeting is also analysed in order to study the buying behaviour of the customers. Besides this, difference between various market segment is also enclosed. Apart from this the company who want to expand its business in the international market should have a through knowledge of the foreign market for the growth of the company.


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