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Introduction to Marketing Design And Innovation

Marketing is the act of promoting and publicizing the products in the market to enhance its selling prospects. It plays a very crucial role in estimating the needs and requirements of prospective consumers and works efficiently to meet up the same (Chesbrough, 2010). Present era is exposed to high level of technological advancements which lends towards innovation. Present study is based on the innovative features of Samsung smart phone. The company is involved in the process of regular innovation. It offers unique range of products and services to enhance the consumer preferences and choices (Freeman, 2005). The benefits and value derived by consumers assists in enhancing the brand value for products and services within the global market. The report will reflect the elements of design to understand the appealing features of Samsung S6 edge. 


Technology is the integral part of Samsung and its working system. The company has developed a well managed system of continuous development to meet the needs and requirements of the consumers in the market (Brown, 2008). Samsung is a global leader in screen technology, TVs, batteries, and chip design. The firm was found in the year 1998 and it possesses the team of around 489000 employees (Samsung, 2015).  Samsung is the global leader in innovation and development of new products and services. The company has gained strong market share worldwide and has helped the economy by providing with effective and competitive products. 

Galaxy S6 edge smart phone is the latest product of the company which has been developed to fight the fierce competition in the markets. The curved screen, extended battery life and lightweight of the product make it a strong competitor in the market. The handset has created a revolution within the market by exploring new height of designing (Arora and Gambardella, 2010). Samsung studied the market trend and created the simple yet exclusive product to fulfill the needs of people. Moreover, social, and economic factors helped the company in examining the economy more closely and thus developing the product which may help the consumers in defining utility and fashion statement.

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Benefits and value derived by consumers

Smart phones have become the basic need of an individual. The smart phone production has boomed in the global market to meet the demands within the market. The industry has gained high elasticity and is effectively increasing the need of innovation within the market (Chesbrough, 2006). The volatile market offers large options. The selection of the best and unique product is a major challenge for the consumer. 

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a highly modified product which restores unique features that makes the product highly competitive within the market. The design and shape of the product is unique and fascinating, which attracts huge attention (Mohr, Sengupta and Slater, 2009). The curvy edges help in utilizing the maximum screen space and give the product exclusive look. Exclusive product design assists  the consumer in using it as a style statement. The product specification of this android phone makes it convenient and easy to use. The innovation and new features makes the phone effective for multipurpose usage. Extended battery life, camera quality and sound system of the phone has helped the consumers in gaining high value for money (Linden, Kraemer and Dedrick, 2009). 

Galaxy S6 edge has efficiently attempted to meet the rising demand for long battery hours. The phone provides consumers unique features which minimizes the battery usage and thus making it highly effective for long time usage. The camera quality makes the phone a multipurpose utility device (Verganti, 2008). The device has 16 megapixel primary camera and 5 megapixel secondary camera which makes it useful for video conversations, photography etc. The competitive size of the phone makes it easy to handle and carry. The lightweight phone is competitive in the market because of its style and design. Samsung Galaxy S6 runs on the Android 5.0.2 ''Lolipop”.  The given feature enhances the performance as well as usability of the phone.

The product constitutes varied values and benefits along with the specification itself.  Wireless charger and new navigation tools are the additional benefits that are provided by the phone which further enhances the usage capability and makes it competitive in the market. Samsung Edge is available in different storage capacity. The phones are available with internal memory of 32/64/128 GM and 3 GB RAM (Samsung Galaxy S6. 2015). This makes it effective for high data storage. Further, helps the consumers in choosing the product over the others. The most fascination feature of the product is the combination of its design and features. The development of the device aids the consumers in meeting the unique need of phone with all associated technologies that makes the phone much more than merely a smart phone. The brand image associated with the products helps the consumers in gaining assurance about the quality and features of the product (Menguc, Auh and Yannopoulos, 2014). It has helped in bringing a revolutionary change in the economy by offering a product with unique design and highly advanced features. 

Uniqueness of various design elements

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has developed a unique design to meet the needs of consumers and create an effective impact on the perception for the products and services. The product shape and features are so formed that it helps the company in developing a unique and effective measure of meeting the rising expectations of the consumers (Norman and Verganti,  2014). The size shape, color and structure of the product is designed to enhance the level of sales within the economy. Samsung is a well established global brand. The company thus has created high impact on the competition level by launching Samsung Edge in the market. The uniqueness of the design elements of the product includes:

Shape: Samsung Galaxy Edge is designed and developed in a unique way which has helped the company in creating an effective impact on the product demand. Present smart phone market is flooded with product options and choices for consumers. This has helped the company in developing a unique and effective measure of designing a product which is out of the league (Goldstein and, 2002). The curvy edges of the phone is a very attractive and effective measure of grabbing the attention of the consumers. The phone thus has created high impact on sales and demand within the global market. Furthermore, the product quality and composition is so that makes it a complete usable device within the market.  The phone has the dimension of 6.8 mm(D), 43.4mm (H) and  4.9 oz in terms of weight.  Galaxy S6 edge 5.1” Quad HD Super AMOLED display delivers Samsung’s brightest, most vibrant colours and dramatic contrast ever. 

Features: The product specification of Edge smart phones helps it in developing high market demand. The features that the product consists helps the company in developing effective impact on the consumer choices and preferences. Galaxy S6 Edge has taken photography to the next level. The product has integrated the lenses such that it provides a unique experience of photography by allowing the crystal clear shots in extremely low light. The changing timing of the product has also decreased subsequently. The company has developed the system such that the revolutionary fast-charging feature, allowing a charge of just 10 minutes to power the Galaxy S6 edge for up to four hours. The feature of sharing has also taken an easy and convenient for the product. Thus, Galaxy S6 Edge has helped the company in defining the effective integration of design and features to make a perfectly efficient product for the consumers.

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Usefulness: The features of the product has helped the company in attracting new consumers. The unique development and effective integration of products with innovative shape, size, color and technologies has helped the company in developing an efficient product for the buyers. Galaxy S6 Edge is not merely a smart phone for the consumers. Its is so developed and designed that it creates an effective impact on the daily need analysis as well (Davenport, 2013). Lightweight model consists of the features and applications that fulfills all entertainment, security and business needs of the individuals. The Extended battery life has developed a revolutionary measure for the professional need. The online convenience of sharing, taking, playing and learning has been developed to enhance the usage of the product from mere phone. The phone is a perfect solution for multiple gadgets such as camera, I pod, E book reader and desktop. The storage capacity, inbuilt features and level of performance has made it a highly competitive product in the global market.

Imagination: The product has developed the effective measures to infuse the best user-friendly features for the product within the market. This has created an effective impact on the product quality and features offered by the company. By developing the curvy edge Samsung has taken an effective first mover advantage within the market. Galaxy S6 Edge is the first product that has developed this design (Wymer and Basil, 2014). The clear display and creative features of battery life extension has helped the product in meeting the demand and requirements of the consumers efficiently. 

Brand appeal in relation to competitors in contemporary markets

Samsung is a well established global organization operating efficiently in more that 80 countries around the world. It is a Korean based multinational organization which deals in developing the highly advances products and services for the world. The Smart phone segment of the company is effective and highly established within the market. Is has created high competitive measures within the economy. Google and Apple are the major competitors of the company for developing the products with similar technology and specifications. Samsung has developed a positive brand image within he markets. The product offering and product range within the market has helped the company in developing effective measures market share. Samsung currently has grabbed the highest market share in the Smart phone industry on the global level. 

The brand recognition has acted as a strong asset for the development of the company. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has gained the trust and loyalty as the company has created effective impact on the choices and quality measure of consumers. Iphone 6 has poses the greatest competition to the company (Verganti, 2013). This American Giant has created high market demand within the economy. The features of Iphone 6 and galaxy S6 Edge matches in terms of quality standards and usage. Iphone has gained the worldwide demand for its product as it offered a durable and innovative product within the market. However, Samsung has developed an equally competitive brand image in the economy which highly effects the sale of the company. Iphones is a mac processor phone which has developed certain specific security codes and features. People from developing countries has developed a perception of difficulty in usage for the product. The product features and quality has led the company in developing a complex and resistible phone. Samsung Edge on the other hand is an Android based phone which is easily acceptable in the market. The company has created an effective impact on the world market as the sales of the product is highly regulated by the increasing demand of easy and effective smart phone. Moreover, the company has adopted the adaption strategy to develop a global brand image within the market which has helped it in creating an effective impact on the sale of by enhancing the promotional measures. Thus, it can be clearly analyzed that Samsung has successfully gained a positive brand image within the market which has helped the company in creating effective impact on the buyers of products and services. 


Learning is a crucial and significant part of leading life. The performance measures and achievement are reflected through high needs of understanding the needs and demands of the market. The study of marketing design and innovations helped me in developing knowledge on various aspects existing within the market. Marketing measures of Samsung helped in creating a practical application of methods and strategies used by the companies in order to manage and maintain the performance and brand image in the economy.

I have gained a deep insight of the level of competition existing within the market and its impact of the business operations of the company. Samsung is a well established business giant operations successfully in the global economy. Studying the process and product portfolio of the company helped me in analyzing the product specifications that the company has managed in order to cope up with the existing competition in economy. The product analysis of Samsung has developed an effective measure of analyzing the product specifications. Product innovations strategy of Samsung evaluated the scope of growth and development within the competitive market. The above research helped me in understanding the planning skills of the company and its impact on the overall development.

Marketing measures of the company has created an effective impact on the growth and development of the company in the global market. This helped me to evaluate the scope of improvement that the company has in order to create new and innovative services within the market (Schreier, Fuchs and Dahl, 2012). The application of strategies and tools within the concept of the organizational development created an effective understanding about the practical application of knowledge. The organization's process of working has created an effective and enhanced measures of development within the economy. I carried out extensive research to analyze the impact of sales due to innovative features of the product. This helped me in understanding the needs and preferences of the people for the development of products and services within the economy.

Understanding the benefits and business values for the consumers, I understood that innovation is crucial part of the success of the company. It helps in developing the products and services such that they gain maximum sales and demand within the market. The case analysis of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge reflected the same. The company has created innovation as the integral part of development and production. The continuous development system of Samsung has helped it in creating high measures of success within the market. The critical analysis of its practices helped me in examining the research and technological impact on the company performance as well. The wide range of products and services for the company continuously undergo the process of development and innovation. I compared the strategies of the company with other companies and concluded that Samsung has gained the highest market share within the economy by adopting the strategy of development. 

While analyzing the designing elements of the company I learned that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has designed an innovative feature of curvy design which reflected that this innovation was a revolutionary measure for the growth and development of the organization. The product has created an effective measure to infuse the demands and needs of the consumers for the products. I analyzed that the concept of extended battery life has helped the company in gaining high level of development measures within the economy. This helped the company in creating an edge within the market. This helped the Samsung in fighting back the fierce competition within the economy.

Apple and Google are the close competitors of Samsung. I studied their strategies and marketing measures for creating high market share within the economy. I evaluated the strategies that are implemented by the companies in order to gain high market demand to create effective brand recognition. Apple, the American giant adopted the measure of standardization as a global branding strategy. I researched that Samsung has adopted Adaption strategy for the same in order to create a long term relationship with the consumers by creating an effective bond with them. Technological advancement is the integral part of the smart phone industry.

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In my assignment I learnt that the companies used technology as the tools of development within the market in order to gain effective measure of success. The development of global market share is the core outcome of innovation and development of the products and services. I critically examined the process and development of Apple Inc and Samsung (Tatikonda and Montoya-Weiss, 2001). It helped me in understanding that both the companies are highly competitive in terms of product development and innovation however the strategies adopted by the organizations are widely different for the two. Apple focuses on gaining the high market share within the market by developing the innovating the product for the developed nation. However, the major source of market share for Samsung is from the developing nations. This helped me to understand the impact of brand image on the performance of the organizations.

The brand value of Samsung has helped it in gaining trust of its consumers fir the new products and services. The company created a benchmark in innovation and design by developing the Samsung Edge as it helped People in changing their perception from box designs to innovative designs. Moreover, the well integrated and managed system of research and development helped the company in supplying the effective information regarding need and requirements of prospective consumers.  I have gained significant knowledge about varied aspects related to innovation, design and production. Further, it also helped me in gaining knowledge about the insight of the significance of varied departments that are involved in the business to innovate new product such as marketing and design department. The research helped me in concluding that Business increase customer attraction through launching attractive design and innovation in product and attaining desired goals.


The above report provides a deep insight about innovation measures within the economy. The products and services of the in this competitive environment has gained high measures of success and development through infusing technological advancement and innovation. The study reflects the same in order to create efficient understanding about the working systems of the business giants. The case analysis of Samsung created an effective measure of analysis about the practical application of innovation in the business operations. The company reflects the effective application of innovation in the latest product ie Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This created an effective impact on rising the competition level within the economy thus facilitating the consumers with developed and enhanced options for products and services.


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