Managing Resources In Business

Benefits of Using SAP ERP in Organization

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Introduction to Managing Resources In Business

SAP ERP provides strong integrated system that combines all departments together. It improves the business processes by eliminating data inconsistencies. The Research report describes the benefits of SAP system in transport for Greater Manchester. It makes government more transparent, effective and accountable. All departments are integrated with each other and communicate information effectively. Research focused on approach that is used by TFGM in the implementation of SAP and evaluates the benefits of it for reputed organization. In this context, report explored the steps how Logica implemented SAP CRM and Netwever software’s in organization.

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Task 1

Transport for Greater Manchester wants to improve its infrastructure and enforce local government policies with expansion of tax-payer funded program. Established firm needs to increase the efficiency, transparency, accountability of business. So they are looking for SAP ERP kind of intelligent solution that drives change and supports innovation in organization. Firm manages the invested money of taxpayers to improve transportation facility and services for largest regional economy. The firm want to expand its services in less populated area by making bus service programs accessible. It desires to monitor all transportation services so new opportunities will generate. Firm includes in it agenda to support environment transportation policy and enhance the environmental advantage for public transport (Curran, 2000).

Established Company has faced challenges in reporting and accountability area. Firm has failed to effectively utilize its resources and to generate optimum outcomes. TFGM is not effective report management system so they cannot generate reports and convey information to employees and customers. Department of Company was not integrated and it used traditional approaches to manage data that was not efficient.

Benefits provides by SAP information system for TFGM

Transparency: Software helps TFGM to maintain the report management system so it can generate report easily and convey information to employees and customers. Through clear communication firm can capture less populated area easily.

Integration: Software helps firm to eliminate its fragmented system and inveterate its department so all the departments can share information and manage information centrally. It provides organization single trusted view so as to get better results.

Decision making: SAP software increases the efficiency of organization so people can work smartly and better decision can be taken. Reporting tool is beneficial for firm. It increases the accountability of manager so they are able to quickly respond to changes occurring in business and it provide a way to show them how tax is paid in an efficient way (Curran and Linda, 2000).

User Interface: SAP software use graphical tools that provide information to executives and staff members in flexible manner. That allows user to easily navigate in sites. Organization can better manage their resources and accomplish their goal. ERP system mange transportation easily with help of technology. Firm can generate reports and dashboards to show updated information to customers.

Tracking: SAP software helps organization to track the performance metrics and so executives can easily manage and access data. By tracking data firm can make effective strategy management plan to maintain transportation system. It gives the information all level of the business, check progress and status of transportation. With help of this management of company enhance their contribution in progress. By tracking the records at every stage effective utilization of resources and reduce extra burden on company.

Online Access: It provides the facility to access online information secure manner (Fritz, 2009). So interactive and flexible reports can be generates. It gives the facility to look data in a variety of graphical forms with help of this ease understand the trends. Fixing the problems and identify exceptions. Ex: SAP system develop the Project dash boards, it gives the detail related to deadlines , cost relative to budgets and other information related to roll up data , its help decision maker to clear understand what happening as a whole. SAP software produce smart ticketing and generate management report effectively that can meet with flexible new kinds of requirement. Transport Company can raise an online and provide information regarding to availability of product such that bus, train related enquiry easily provide. It enhances the ability to deliver products at right time in proper manner. CRM software delivers better service so high-potential customers attract towards firm (Gulledge, 2004).

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Maintain information: SAP CRM system helps reputed organization to capture the contract details, it helps organization to generate complete database of customers and they can store application effectively. It Improve operations of business and effectively generate reports, that is capable to presents graphical data in proper manner. SAP CRM helps firm to understand the critical parts of the business and it give 360 views on customers. It provides increase the efficiency of business by improve the processes (Curran and Linda, 2000).

Task 2

SAP implementation approach adopt by TFGM

Transport for Greater Manchester company increase the transparency, accountability and integration in business for that it want to contract with consultancy firms Logica, IT company.

The project implement in phases that are describes as follow:

Project Preparation: In this phase TFGM company involves in initial planning and preparation for SAP project. Company find out the present challenges or issues that it has currently phase. Unique objectives, scope, and priorities are set initially, project governance and project plans is develop in this stage. All the top level employees include mangers, CEO. , Directors present in meeting and show their commitment towards implementation of software (John and Ramesh, 2012). Identifies the issues that are faced by reputed organization. They found problems in report generation, integration and accountability area. This phase describes the details about TFGM organization and shows the reason why firm has failed to effectively utilization of its resources and not generate optimize outcomes. TFGM has not effective report management system so they cannot generate report and convey information with employees and customer. After define all the problems establish firm found needs of SAP in their business process (Khl, 2005).

Business Blueprint: The purpose of this phase to understand the SAP to support their business and prepare the setup of environment. TFGM organization appoints new manager and taking advice from expert about SAP. They found that in current situation that faced by organization SAP CRM and SAP Net weaver is beneficial for organization. It appoint Logica firm for implement SAP implementation. Both the firms together identify delta requirements that contain the detailed documentation of the results. This document presents the business process requirements of company (Neumann and Srinivasan, 2009). It contains the agreed statement, how the existing company can run their business within the SAP System. Logica helps TFGM, company to implement “My budget” plans it contains the information so manager can track their budget details and find out expenses easily.

Realization: Based on the Business Blueprint or Scope Validation, implement all the business process in well planned manner. Logica firm introduce system configuration methodology that identifies the scope of project. TFGM firm tight integration with other departments so they can easily manage and monitors work (Fratian, nt.d).

After that remaining scope is consider that is also known as Final configuration. The team configures, develops and tests the process after then it goes in next stage.

Final Preparation: All the data from previous system are move in new system. The purpose of this phase is to cut over the activities such that system management, technical, load testing and cut over rehearsal activities (Woods and Word 2011). Resolve all remaining critical issues, after complete this phase organization are ready to implement the business in live SAP System. In this phase project will move from a project-oriented step to live production operation step. Logica firm provides the training to the management of TFGM, it choose 150 employees for one to one training in which directors, second & third level managers , CEO included. Logica company build data cubes for each key performance indicators (KPI).

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Go Live & Support: Implementing firm deploy and host the new business software. Set up the software to generate reports and view dash boards in which store data that capture from SAP. After that check that information is passed to every department in proper manner or not. SAP Solution Manager provides documented solution during the project and aligns application life-cycle standards and processes with operation needs. The central operation platform is used to operate the system and check that smart ticketing is generated or not. Take corrective action (Deloitte Development LLC, 2014).


Research report concluded that TFGM organization has faced problems in reporting and accountability area. Firm has failed to effectively utilization of its resources and not generate optimize outcomes. They have not an effective report management system. Company has faced problems related to communication, integration and lack of ideal information sharing with other department (Fritz, 2009). So Company collaborate with Logica Consultancy to implement the SAP Software system. This software is very beneficial for TFGM organization, it enhance its Transparency, Accountability, improves in decision making process, user interface and maintain information in proper manner so decision maker take decision significant manner. Firm can implement its project in different stages like project preparation, business blueprints, realization, and final preparation and go live support stage to achieve its goal and improve in transportation processes. We found that TFGM organization effectively capture the contract details and use reporting after successful implement the software and it helps them to generate complete database of customers.


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