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Requirement of Skilled Employees in an Organization

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Retaining talented employees is most important for an organization as it helps the management to achieve all the targeted goals easily. Staff present within the firm plays an important role as they are responsible for carrying major activities and in turn help management to solve complex tasks. In the competitive market, firms are unable to find talented employees so it has become necessary to retain existing one. Management spends large amount on employees by providing them training that’s why organization does not want staff members to leave their job. They are given fair environment to work and additional benefits that helps firm to retain employees. Retaining employees helps company to improve its performance in the market and helps to gain competitive advantage due to increase in coordination and cooperation. It is the duty of managers and supervisors to develop different strategies in order to hold staff members. In this report, strategies adopted by Apple to retain employees in the organization have been evaluated.

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It is very important for Apple to retain the talented employees present at the workplace as organization carries out various operations for which skilled manpower is required. Presently company is having strong brand image in the market and is well known for its hardware products like Mac computers, ipod media player etc (Loughlin, 2004). Employees carry out different researches and developmental activities for the welfare of organization and time to time they suggest the management to update products. Retention of crucial talent is the key to long lasting growth of the business as best employees enhance the company in different ways. Some ways are: ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining balance and productivity within the workplace, innovation and driving product development. Staff members present in Apple help the management to develop different strategic plans and achieve targets. On the other hand, company has also prepared various plans to retain the best employees like they are given preference at the time of taking decisions and also incentive plans are developed (Glen, 2003). Retaining skilled employees help members to increase the customer base as more innovative products are developed to attract targeted customers. Communication channels are adopted keeping in view the needs of employees like they are allowed to develop informal channels of communication within workplace. Apple spends large amount in conducting training and development sessions for its employees so main aim of management is to recover all such costs incurred on staff members by taking full advantage. Generally employees prefer to leave the job when they are not given fair environment to work or if any other type of discrimination is practiced at the place of work. So Apple keeps a check on all such matters by taking feedback from employees and appropriate changes are done in case people are not satisfied with the present condition.

In case if employee’s stability is low then it will lead to lack of cooperation and will badly affect efficiency of the enterprise. Management wants proper support from employee’s side and it is only possible when they are given fair environment to work. By retaining employees, Apple can save cost incurred on hiring new staff members, product quality will improve and productivity will increase. So it is very important for firm to retain its talent employees to work with full efficiency and serve target market (Berger, 2011). Employees need proper care and support from manager’s side like in case of work overload they require proper guidance to deal with such situation and in case of ignorance they prefer to leave their job. Presently Apple has developed various strategies to retain its employees as company knows their real importance. Firm has striated internal training programs for its employees so that they can work with better technology and overall efficiency can increase. It has been stated that satisfied employees work with more efficiency than unsatisfied one. When employees leave the company then management loses the knowledge and acquired skills, as large amount is invested in training sessions. Replacing defecting employees is very costly for the firm and in turn decreases profitability. In case employees are not satisfied with the working environment of Apple, they will not prefer to stay with firm and will prefer to work with major competitors of company. So it will also badly affect firm as the knowledge and skills present with person will be transferred to operations of key competitors. Customers will not prefer to buy the product due to lack of response from employee’s side.

Staff members help the firm to gain edge over competitors as they directly deals with customer and know their needs and wants. So they are valuable for firm and if they are retained then company can become leader in the market. Employees prepare different plans and strategies to carry out a work in proper manner so that all the targets can be achieved within time and if they will leave job, the new person appointed will not be able to understand the work easily and they will not cooperate with other members of the office (Appelo, 2010). In terms of finance it is necessary to retain employees as the cost of acquiring new person is more than retaining existing one. Existing employee’s help the management to save financial resources as new methods are suggested to reduce production cost. Especially people working at top management are important as they manage all the crucial activities and in turn coordinate with all the subordinates. Apple relies on advanced technology and is known for its innovative products so it is the responsibility of managers to decide which type of technology is beneficial to adopt that can increase profitability and reduce cost. Employees linked with marketing, production, technical knowledge are important for management as they know the right techniques to carry out operations. Like in case of employee who is working as marketing manager in Apple is responsible to prepare different marketing plans with the help of which products can be promoted in the market. Therefore such employees play crucial role (Salacuse, 2006). If such staff members are not present than company will not be able to sell products in the market due to absence of market plans and additional benefits like discount that customers want.

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Every company stands on top in the market on the basis of employee’s efficiency and performance. In firm where staff members are not stable, it is not possible to achieve objectives and sometimes management has to stop all its operations due to lack of skilled manpower. Experienced workforce is quiet beneficial for Apple as major operations are carried out in lesser time due to elimination of all irrelevant activities (Scott and Jaffe, 2004). People who are working for long time in the organization know what is right or wrong for the company and on the basis of that they plan all the important activities. In this case, the company does not prefer to retain existing staff and believes in recruiting new one. This can also increase cost and all newly appointed people will demand more salary and this will increase overall expenses of firm. In the long run, it is suggested to retain all the employees as they work in a team to achieve common goal. People who are present in the organization support other employees in case of resistance to change any other issue that is faced by them in the workplace. Apple is having talented staff due to which firm can spend more time and resources in developing innovative products and new ideas rather than spending time on hiring new employees.

Staff retention is beneficial in case of expansion or diversification as management gets proper support from the valuable employees and firm is able to sustain in the new market easily. Efforts of all the employees develop unique identity of the firm in the market and company stands on the top in terms of customer satisfaction. Apple has developed unique corporate culture for its employees like they are given free food facility at the workplace and annual health benefits that helps management to retain employees. Main aim of Apple is to beat major competitors in the market and satisfy needs of customers. (Tomlinson, 2013). Company can manufacture products in lowest cost with the help of skills and knowledge present in employees as they will suggest management about the appropriate methods linked with cost cutting.


Various methods are present through which Apple can retain its employees and their needs can be satisfied. Such techniques are training, mentoring, developing a positive culture, use of communication channels and showing appreciation via compensation and benefits etc.


With the help of this method, employees can be retained. Through training, employers support employees to achieve goals and ensure that they have solid understanding of job requirement. It strengthens sense of value in the staff members (Wilkinson, 2014).


Mentoring program incorporated with goal oriented feedback system provides a structured mechanism for developing healthy relationship with management and helps in retaining employees. With the help of this program, firm pairs more experienced people in discipline with less experienced in similar area with the aim to develop specific competencies (Bourne and Walker, 2004).

Developing a positive culture

Organization should develop a series of values as the basis for culture such as honesty, excellence, attitude and respect. Firm that creates right culture gets advantage as new employees are attracted and in turn exiting ones are retained (Vlachopoulou and Manthou, 2003).

Showing appreciation via compensation and benefits

It is considered one of the best ways to increase motivational level of employees and retain them. Offering competitive salaries, profit sharing, bonus plan, pension and health plans attracts employees and helps them to become loyal towards firm. They show more interest in work and productivity increases.

Using appropriate communication channels

Communication plays important role in organization as employees can share ideas and messages with the help of channels developed. Employee passes important information to the top management, in turn people working at top level provides responses which may be solutions to any problem (Owen, 2004). It is important for staff members to know that managers are really listening to them.


It is important for firm to give coaching to employees so that they stay associated with the goals of company and ultimate objectives can be achieved. It is the duty of employer to provide feedback to the new employees as it will increase their motivation level.

Providing growth opportunities

Apple can provide workshops, software or any other tool to help staff members to increase their understanding of themselves and what they expect from their careers (Jarrar and Zairi, 2002). It is important to provide employees a knowledgeable environment to work through which they can learn new things and can implement in the workplace.

Reducing stress from overworking

It is necessary for management to handle those situations that generate stress like work overload or any other type of situations due to which employees feel irritated and prefer to leave the job. Organization can manage it by offering nontraditional work schedules like compressed work week or extra holidays.

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Fostering trust and confidence in senior leaders

Developing healthy relations with staff will help to build trust towards the top management. Employees will feel that upper management is working in their favor and will prove to be beneficial. This will automatically increase motivational level and in turn people will not prefer to leave their jobs (Jensen and Rasmussen, 2004).

Growth strategies

Management can plan different strategies that can improve skills of employees present in the workplace. Training and education is the best method that includes seminars and workshops, cross training, online learning etc. It will increase motivation level of employees as they can work with more efficiency and reduce efforts. Such sessions are necessary to be conducted for the welfare as they will know management is working for their development (Rabey, 2005). It will act as growth opportunity for employees as they will learn new things and can face any type of risk in the organization.

Working environment

It refers to the workplace environment that attracts new employees and helps to retain the existing one. It takes into consideration various issues like corporate mission, culture and values, organizational policies etc. Environmental employee retention strategies addresses three fundamental aspects of the workplace which are ethics and values, policies and the physical environment in which staff member carries major operations. Employee prefers to work in environment where practice like discrimination is not present and they can work with full coordination. Managers must try to change business policies according to needs of employees and it must not be implemented on them.

So these are some of the strategies that Apple can use to retain its employees. They satisfy all the basic needs of staff and in turn increase motivational level. Employees will know their real importance when management adopts all the above methods and they can be retained. Presently the working environment provided by Apple to its employees is favorable but it needs change as staff members are unable to deal with certain issues like work overload or in some case they resists to change. So in such case, management has to take appropriate actions so that all the activities can be managed and work overload can be reduced. Level of technological advancement is very high in Apple so company can provide training to employees by communicating with them all the benefits of new change (Payne, 2008). Company provides monetary benefits to its employees so that they can be retained like increasing pay scale and additional benefits like health insurance etc. Presently Apple works with more than 50,000 employees who belong to different religion and culture so company provides equal importance to every person and they are motivated to coordinate with each other.

Company founded Apple University in 2008 with the main aim of teaching staff members in order to increase work efficiency by providing them right skills and knowledge. Unsatisfied employees have started to shift in other companies like Google, Facebook etc. where they are given fair environment to work like work overload is not present and unique strategies are adopted to satisfy their needs (Politis, 2005). Due to low employee stability Apple is not able to achieve its targeted goals and sales are declining due to lack of effective marketing plans. It is the ultimate outcome when employees are not retained in the company. So it is necessary for management of Apple to develop new strategies that are present in other firms like Google and Facebook where employees prefer to work. Retention strategies will help the firm to attract new skilled employees and hence stability will increase. Company can plan reward system for its staff members and major share in decision making process. Time to time feedback can be taken from employees so that appropriate changes can be done in the working system (Clawson, 2008).


In order to retain the employees present in the workplace, Apple has to adopt some strategies that can motivate staff to work for the welfare of enterprise and they will become loyal. It is necessary for firm to appoint right supervisors for the staff as it is critical for employee retention because in several cases people are not satisfied with the person appointed. For example a supervisor has been appointed and his working style is not good or he is doing any such activity that exploits employees. So in such case, management has to ensure that correct supervisors are recruited who can understand the problems of people thoroughly. Employees require proper support from subordinates and it develops trust towards management (Stovel and Bontis, 2002). Talent and skill utilization is another factor that employees seek in the workplace. Managers must not take negative advantage of skills present within the staff and they must be given proper compensation for the work done. Apple can avoid situations like work overload and pressure due to which employees prefer to leave the job. Company can appoint new staff to handle work overload so that existing employees may not suffer. In case if employees work for extra time then it is duty of management to compensate for the extra time worked.

Apple can focus on the communication channels developed within the organization as they are quiet formal and employees are not allowed to use informal channels like grapevine etc. People generally prefer to communicate with each other through informal methods and they are interested in knowing the information transferred (Yazinski, 2009). Apple can use reward system like performance of every employee will be evaluated on monthly basis and best one will be given reward from management. It will directly help to boost up motivation and people will try to compete with each other so that they can prove their expertise. Feedback system can be used in order to take feedbacks from all the employees like any problem faced by them or recommendation to improve performance. Management must appreciate every employee according to performance and on the basis of performance training can be given to them. Firm can avoid long working hours as it decreases efficiency of staff and they show less interest in major operations due to which work quality declines.


From the above case, it has become easy to understand the importance of retaining employees in organization. Strategies adopted by Apple are not up to the mark and require modification as employee stability is low due to unfavorable working environment. Company has to adopt techniques that can show real importance of staff in organization like taking advice at the time while crucial decisions, giving monetary benefits and avoiding situation of work overload. Retaining employees will help the firm to achieve all its targets on time. Company can gain competitive advantage as the all the operations will be carried out in efficient manner.                    


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