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Introduction to Managing Human Resources

Managing human resources of an organization is crucial for management to retain competent employees for longer period of time. This aids them in controlling various cost related with training and development of employees. Thus, it is required that the organization employs competent and effective policies for recruitment and selection of staff which will ensure sound inflow of workforce and decrease staff turnover efficiently (Watkeys, 2014).

This essay considers St. Patrick’s Nursing Home located in London for understanding recruitment process of individuals to work in the organization and understands strategies for building effective teams for working in firm. Further, the report attempts to understand systems for promoting and monitoring the development of working individuals and suggests approaches for managing these people to work effectively in the firm.

Firstly St. Patrick’s Nursing Home needs to understand processes for recruitment of individuals in organization and this will involve considering factors that drive succession planning of recruitment. It is crucial for organization to comprehensively understand these factors that can affect efficiency of operations. Change is one of them to be considered in terms of organizational structure and culture which should be such that it encourages people working in it. The policy change should also be taken into consideration in order to develop a framework for effective working (McMurray, 2006). Element of work roles is also included in it which are to be clear and specific defining roles of each individual in the firm. Another factors is to define requirements of human resources and this is significant to understand how human resources can affect the way a firm operates in industry. This involves defining all the vacancies for both full time and part time jobs, defining job description and specification of person in order to critically specify requirements of task and position in a particular department. Also need for level of experience must be ascertained along with understanding personal attributes required to perform various jobs. Further defining of progression opportunities of employee career as well as needs for training and development might also be needed to consider while developing recruitment process in organization (Yuen, 2001). All these considerations are duly required for the nursing home to have workforce retention appropriately and to develop standards of sound working in workplace.

Nursing home also needs to consider relevant legislative and policy frameworks for the region it is operating in for the purpose of effectively influencing individual’s recruitment, selection and employment. One of legislations in the UK involves Sex Discrimination Act which considers all individuals and their rights to get equal opportunities of getting employment with respect to their skills, competencies and qualifications. It also states that there should not be a treatment towards women which favors them less than those of men or vice versa. Another consideration for organization is code of practice which must ensure that workers or employees get healthy workplace to work and to sustain their career (Tsegai and Gamiz, 2014). It is a must for an employer to ensure health and safety of their employees and to provide them with such a work environment that does not harm their health in any condition. The worker rights policies also suggest rights of staff to get a job that is relevant to their level of skills and competencies. Employers should also ensure diversity at workplace and thereby suppress any kind of discrimination in order to have divers work culture and to encourage sound working environment. Protection of vulnerable people should also be involved by giving special care to those with challenging body structure and with exceptional cases. In this way, St. Patrick’s Nursing Home can take care of all legislation and policies that cover all aspects of employment of an individual as a whole (Ahgren, 2010).

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After ensuring all the UK legislations and policies involved in employment of individuals, the nursing home must evaluate different approaches to be used to ensure the best individuals’ selection for work in organization. This can be done by firstly short-listing all applicants that have applied for job position and then using a number of models of selection which can be different with different organizational structure and purposes. Nursing home must go with interviews to test confidence and communications skills of applicants. This must be followed by psychometric assessment tests for each individual applying for job. This must effectively involve a test that identifies and evaluates sample of behavior of an individual. This can be helpful to examine how a person may react to certain set of situations and to form an understanding out of this as to how to mould such a behavior to make it perfect and compatible for current job requirements (Clouston and Westcott, 2005). Sample of behavior must be understood as a person’s performance on a task that has been assigned to him/her. This must reach an outcome of understanding overall attitudes, personality traits and education achievement etc of individuals. Further, organization must also evaluate involvement of different stakeholders which significantly involve other team members as well as service users of firm. This kind of involvement will aid in understanding factors that affect individual behavior at work and it can also be affected by those of external stakeholders like government, investors etc (Atwal and Jones, 2009).

Secondly, the nursing home is required understanding various strategies which must be implemented to build effective team work within organization. For this, it is highly required that employers consider theories of group behavior that involve individuals interact effectively in groups with respect to the teams formed in workplace. Initially, groups have to be formed and this can be done by going through all the stages of group formation such as forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning.

In the forming stage, all members of group come across each other to gain more interpersonal knowledge and information and also to set some rules of their own group with which all members are comfortable. Storming is a stage in which often conflicts arise and members of group may even resist control from leadership and management. Norming involves members into forming of close relationships after overcoming the previous stage and this is followed by performing in which team work effectively with each individual in it towards attainment of goals (Thomas, 2006). Lastly, the team or group may end their journey once the purpose is achieved. In this way, nursing home must consider forming groups within organization.

Above is a theory of Belbin and Tuckman for team development and it can be further analyzed with the help of Belbin’s team roles analysis to understand team dynamics in organization. Nursing home must understand types of roles of a team which can be action-oriented, people-oriented and cerebral. Action-oriented individuals in a team are sharper in nature that believe in implementing management decisions and consider completing the assigned job. St. Patrick should identify these individuals to provide them with more challenging tasks and higher responsibility jobs (Dziegielewski, 2003). People-oriented staff members are more of co-coordinators and believe in team work. They always tend to utilize resources to the most and be concerned with people working in the group. These types of individuals must be used by organization to generate and promote harmony and to hold teamwork at workplace.
Conversely, cerebral roles are performed by those who like to stay in isolation and they are often called as plants that like to monitor things taking place around and they are specialists of their fields of study. These individuals are useful for organization in promoting innovation in nursing activities at organization which will promote sound and better health among service users (Payne, 2008).

St. Patrick should also understand various crucial approaches that are often used to develop and monitor effective team working in organization. For this, teams must be formed in different ways as formal and informal which are often utilized to perform and achieve different types of roles and objectives in organization. Formal team will help in carrying all the official tasks of organization such as carrying out health care activities and these must be undertaken with sound efforts from all team members (Gopee and Galloway, 2013). Informal groups must be promoted in order to carry out less important but those tasks that are crucial for effectiveness of operations in organization.

Further, multi-disciplinary teams must be formed which must take different types of actions and carry out multi-disciplinary jobs related with health of patients. This type of team must be helpful in promoting team work as each individual will bring a scope of learning for others. Forming Inter-agency groups is another approach St. Patrick must use in order to give staff members a chance to perform tasks of diverse backgrounds. This will not only boost confidence of workforce but also be helpful in developing new skills and competencies within them and this will ultimately promote sound team work within organization (West, 2012). Also organization can develop a self-directed work group which will be responsible for working without a supervisor or manager and is independent from monitoring or controlling from managers. They are also independent for their own decision making and are capable for taking up challenges on their own. In St. Patrick, these individuals are ought to be those individuals that are specialists that can carry out a number of jobs independently and effectively. This will promote team work as each individual will require assistance from each other because of the fact that manager is not appointed for them (Oss and Mackie, 2008).

Thirdly, St. Patrick’s Nursing Home is required to understand sound systems that involve monitoring and promotion of effective individual working in organization. This system must be capable of overcoming past difficulties which led to staff turnover in firm. It must overcome problems with low pay, poor working conditions, few benefits, long hours of working for individuals etc. For this, it is required that individual performance is monitored well to check if they are up to the standards set by organization (Gehlert and Browne, 2006). Observations can be one of the techniques of monitoring which is effective and quick. It must be integrated by appraisals as well as periodic reviews so as to ensure levels of performance of staff members. The set objectives of health and care of individuals can only be achieved when employees are capable of achieving outcomes successfully and this can be done by setting of individual targets for staff members along with benchmarks which can be used against employees to encourage them work with more involvement and dedication. All these activities will ensure sound involvement of employees who will get to see better work environment and work in appropriate workplace. Management should also exhibit their involvement with workforce by taking regular feedback from them regarding their jobs with respect to working conditions offered to them. In this way, performance of individuals can be monitored effectively (Nordgren, 2013).

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Once effective monitoring has been done, employers at St. Patrick must ensure that any barriers, hardships, poor performance is overcome and improved by identifying further developmental needs of individuals working in organization. The identification can be done using a number of approaches such as monitoring which will be as same as discussed in the above paragraph, career development planning which must involve a package of all the activities and functions to be undertaken for an individual in order to maintain consistency in job and to develop more skills and competencies within that individual (Raghavan, 2011). The planning will be helpful in covering all aspects of an individual which must be considered to train him/her for carrying out a set of activities to achieve personal as well as organizational goals. The training needs can either be identified though observation or through performance appraisal as methods of monitoring. In this way, personal circumstances of individuals can be changed and this becomes one of the methods for identifying developmental needs of individuals working in organization (Wait and Nolte, 2005).

Changing personal circumstances of individuals will definitely lead to sound identification of individual training needs as it helps employers develop a sound understanding as to what level an individual can perform certain task or job. This type of identification approach can be adopted by St. Patrick which will be helpful for organization to known its employees from closer and deeper.

The nursing home now needs to analyze various strategies that are helpful in promoting continuing individuals’ development in organization. Achieving competence of individuals is one of the approaches which must be used against their occupational standards and it will aid in constructing paths which will direct them to achieve certain goals of organization. ‘Training versus education’ is another one which must involve a proportion of training and education to be provided to employees for developing their overall skills and competencies. Partnerships must also be promoted and this will be helpful for staff to get aid from partners during any difficulties in their work (Willcocks and Conway, 2000).

One of the effective approaches is keeping sound compliance with external requirements of employment such as care standards which involve maintaining all the standards of care in nursing home that are involved in legislation and this can be done by effectively communicating them to employees and then providing them with required training which will aid them to keep up with these standards. Professional registration is another external requirement which registers employees with legal authorities and gives them with proper identities. Further, organization needs to ensure proper allocation of resources so that individuals are able to perform their duties effectively and are able to carry out their individual jobs in required manner. This must be followed by regular on-the-job and off-the-job training for employees which will keep them updated with essential performance requirements at workplace (Carr, 2011). Keeping a sound supervision and appraisal of employees will also aid them to perform jobs with respect to standards set by management. External courses should also be taught to them which covers their areas of performance and this will enhance their knowledge and skills. Action-centered learning is another approach for effective continual development and drives workforce to learn to act in the best possible manner.

St. Patrick’s Nursing Home is highly required to understand approaches that aid in managing people working in organization. These approaches can be implemented by applying a set of leadership styles with respect to type of environment at workplace. Transactional leadership is one such style which can be adopted by employers of nursing home and it focuses more on supervision as well as group performance. It can be the most suited style for organization as it involves group performance and teamwork is something which must be achieved by firm at all costs (Holmen, 2010). Transformational style is another approach which can be used by leaders to enhance motivation, job performance and morale of workforce. This will be helpful in nursing home as employees will be able to hold on to standards of performance required in a health care setting and this will further promote health of service users. Emotional intelligence is also to be developed by employers in order to strengthen emotional part of staff members and this will aid them in facing challenges well while being strong enough at workplace. Both theories of leadership are highly required so that teamwork can be developed along with developing motivation and inspiration of staff members (Atwal and Jones, 2009).

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Another task of leaders is to manage working relationships and it can be achieved by propelling sound influence of management style at workplace. Democratic style of management is suggested for St. Patrick since it will ensure effective development of teams and that health and care activities can be conducted efficiently. This will automatically aid in managing relationships at workplace. Organizational structure also plays an effective role for this job and thus, it should be such that it ensures effective communication and learning so as to develop essential understanding among workforce (Payne, 2008). 

Contingency management is one of the methods which are used during emergencies and it is the best method to handle conflicting situations in organization. St. Patrick must use this approach to develop a plan for handling conflicts in firm. Role modeling is part of transformational leadership which can play and effective role for creating friendly environment at workplace and this will only aid in developing sound relationships in firm.

Nursing home should also consider team building along with sharing of values so that a culture can be developed at workplace which will be helpful in promoting friendly relationships in organization.As a human resources officer of St. Patrick Nursing Home, my own development has also been influenced by a number of management approaches which have been encountered in my experience. My own attributes such as confidence, knowledge, skills understanding and competencies have helped me a lot in achieving organizational internal goals and objectives as well overall corporate objectives as I have been able to give sound contribution in the overall efforts of attaining organizational objectives. My qualifications have also helped me gain a respectable position in organization (West, 2012). Firm’s career development programs have further aided me in developing more skills and competencies while working in a team formed of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This has developed efficiency in me assisting me facing challenges well and enables me to work effectively with change. It has created values for me and it is quite influencing as it drives me to focus and concentrate on my assigned tasks which I end up completing efficiently and effectively.

This essay has so long discussed how a nursing home can enhance its recruitment processes and adopt certain strategies so as to acquire competent workforce for longer period of time and to enhance their skills and competencies by encouraging teamwork. Working in a team which is formed of individuals with diverse backgrounds is very effective as it helps in learning new things and facing new challenges at workplace. This can also make easier for management to develop sound relationships among employees and to promote continual development for them.


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