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Induction Plan for Training And Development

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Introduction to Human Resource Management

Managing human resource is the main activity which has to be managed in the health care organization. This report put stress upon the recruitment and selection case of band of 5 nurses which are recruited from Spain in the Kent community health and social care. In this, it talks about the induction plan that must be designed to provide training and development. Further, it gives insights about the rules and regulations that are made by the UK government for recruitment and selection process.

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TASK 1:Process of Recruiting Individual in Health And Social Care

1.1 Factors needs to be considered while planning successful recruitment

Recruitment process is one of the important aspects in the organization. The success of company depends upon the staff members which are working in the firm. In case of Kent community health NHS, it requires 5 band of nurses. The major factor that has to be considered at the time of planning successful recruitment process is that the post for which company is recruiting the person. According to the post, only nurses will be selected. This helps to identify the quality which Kent community is looking in nurses. Another factor which should be given with stress on is that of finance. In every situation, finance is required for carrying out the recruitment process (Baker, Day and Salas, 2006). According to the finance that is available with NHS, they will adopt the strategy for recruiting nurses according to their budget. Another factor is that of the sources which has to be used while advertising job vacancy. There are different types of methods but it is essential to adopt effective techniques of recruiting nurses. Through effective source, only nurses can contact Kent community for job. In this type of recruiting system, NHS must ensure that the candidate is aware of all the legislations and practices which are attached to it. In social care home, government had made many rules and regulations which are essential to be known by the workers who are working in Kent community. These are some of the factors which are necessary at the time of planning recruitment process in Kent community (Compton and, 2009).

1.2 Legislative policy and framework influence selection and recruitment process

Government of UK has made several legislative policies and framework at the time of recruiting nurses. In case of Kent community, many factors influence the selection of nurses through the most important policy that is data protection and freedom of legislation act. In this act, data which are given by the candidate are protected and are not disclosed for any reason. This law is made for safeguarding the privacy of candidate. At the time of selecting nurse, their personnel information are not to be disclosed. In this law, it tells about the freedom of legislation which says that the information which is given by the candidate is true. This law is made for both, that is, organization as well as the candidate. Another legislative policy that influences the employment of nurses is equality act. Equality is concerned with gender, race and colour. But at this point, equality act put emphasis on the colour as nurses which are doing their jobs should not be discriminated on the basis of their colour. The Kent community should treat all the nurses equally (Den Adel and, 2004). Another legislation that influences the selection of nurses is the individual merit principle. This act states that the Kent community should not focus on external characteristics of the individual. Many a times, it has been seen that the individuals who are good in their looks are selected and their capability is not tested. This law says that NHS trust has to select the nurses that they fulfil the requirements of the job. This policy and legislations has to be kept in mind at the time of selecting nurses from Spain. Basically, the regulations that are made by the government help Kent community trust to select the right candidate for the right post. Besides this, it helps the candidates to prove their capability as Kent community will select the nurses who are capable enough to perfrom their jobs in an effectual manner (Fisher, 2005)

1.3 Main aim of selection and effective selection process

The main aim of selecting the nurses is that there were 100 vacancies in Kent NHS community. Besides this, it was very difficult to identify the appropriate candidate in the local market labour. So, it was decided to recruit nurses from oversees. The main aim of selecting the nurses was that Kent community can get capable nurses for their health and social care. It needed the work force that must be very efficient and should be able to fulfil the requirement of their criteria. Effective selection process was carried out in selecting the nurses as panel of HR, quality and clinical managers was there. These were the people of department in which there was vacancy in NHS (Kabene and, 2006). Pre screening process was carried out as well. In that, the nurses were shortlisted according to their performance. While recruiting, help from nurses was taken from the recruiting agency so that they can give the appropriate employee according to their criteria. This made the work easier for NHS Kent community. This helped them to recruit talented staff. There were several tests that were carried out to select the nurses. To test their quality and effectiveness, induction programme was also carried out in UK where all the nurses were given with training in their particular field. This is an effective selection process through which talented nurses can be selected.

TASK 2:Strategies for Building Effective Teams

2.1 The way in which individuals interact in group in relation to the types of teams

There are several theories which are made by the theorists and that helps the social worker to interact with their team members. There are five different stages through which an individual interact with their members. First stage is of forming stage in which all the individuals tries to know each other. In health and social care, it is very essential for all individuals to work in a team, as without team no work is possible in health and social care. Next step is of forming stage in which all the individuals tries to understand each other and their problems about the personal as well as professional life. Third stage is the most important phase in which the social workers of NHS creates or builds the bond between each other and are connected with their feelings. True relationship is built in this stage as all the individuals become friends with each other. In health and social care setting, it is very essential to have trust on each other as without this, the task cannot be effectively performed (Michie and West, 2004)
The main interaction is seen in the storming stage as they become dependent upon each other and also they work as a team. Another stage is of performing stage where the individual performs together to meet the goals and objectives of NHS community. The last and the final stage is that of adjourning in which the social workers addresses issues which came at the time of achieving goals of the company. But to work as a team in health and social care, more efforts are required from the team leader. The leader is the only person who makes them interact with each other. If the leader is efficient then the entire task will be done effectively and without any inconvenience (Nolan and, 2005)

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2.2 Need of interdisciplinary work and factors require to develop effective team working

Interdisciplinary team work has been seen in health and social care. It is very essential and there is prominent need of it. This work means practitioners from different professions are working for the common patients as they are doing their work in team to accomplish the goals. They are totally interdependent on each other to achieve the common goal. There is a need of this because it is beneficial for both patients as well as for the practitioners. Patient gets more care and they get more effective treatment as there are different professionals who are working in diverse ways. In case of doctors, they used to learn from their colleagues that increases their skills and even builds efficiency in them. There are many cases which are complicated so interdisciplinary work helps them to overcome with these issues.

There are certain factors that are required to develop effective team working. The most important factor is the communication between all social workers. With proper communication, all the responsibilities will be easily understood by the members and they can achieve their goals effectively (Price, 2003). Proper communication helps to solve the problem easily as well as it creates strong bonding between social workers that positively affects the performance. Another factor is the team building exercise as this helps to entail team spirit in them and even supports them to learn the way in which they can effectively work in groups to achieve the objective. These are essential factors which helps to build effective teamwork.

TASK 3: Monitoring and Promoting the Development of Individual

3.1 Performance of Spanish nurses was monitored through first year

To monitor the performance of Spanish nurses, each nurse was assigned with the mentor. The duty of mentor was to monitor the performance of nurses and sees the areas in which they are lacking. Induction programme was carried out in UK as well. This was done to monitor the talent and capability that the nurses are having. Even the feedbacks of performances were taken to see that whether they are fulfilling the requirements of patients or not. By assigning mentor with every nurse in order to monitor their work, it has helped them to effectively checking the performance and even through that, they found the areas in which training is required to the nurses. Through monitoring only, they were given with the induction training (Sullivan and Decker, 2009). By monitoring, it was found that in some of the cases, there was vast difference. Many things which were mandatory in UK were taken as granted in Spain. So, the nurses were given with proper training on thosr aspects.

3.2 Design an induction plan for Spanish nurses to meet training and development needs

Induction plan is very important as it helps the nurses to learn many things that are new to them. To design the induction plan, first of all, it is very important to analyze the weak points and areas in which the training is required. In the previous question, it has been said that there are mentors who are appointed with every nurse. So, with the help of them, groups can be made of nurses that have same weak points. So, they can get training in that area, first of all, the induction programme is required on the regulations and policies which are made by the government of UK. The nurses should be given with the idea of rules as they have to work accordingly. Next induction session has to be provided to make them aquatint about the place in which they are going to work. This will help them to understand the environment and they will be comfortable while working in it. After when they are comfortable with their place of work, they can have sessions with the social workers or the staff with whom they are going to work for the coming years. This is very important for the nurses as if they are comfortable with the environment then only they can show full efficiency in their work. Lastly, the training and development programme has to focus on the way to develop skills and efficiency (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher, 2012). In this, individual training should be given in the areas in which they are lacking. It is because, in this case, there are few nurses so problems of every individual can be identified and it would be required provide them with training. After providing training, it has to be seen that they are meeting with the appropriate targets or not. If not, then it is required that training methods should be changed. If the targets are achieved then it is assumed that training is going well. In this way, the induction programme should be designed as this will benefit both Spanish nurses as well as the Kent community.

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3.3 Identifying the personnel learning style

According to the VARK learning styles, my personal learning style is visual. I find it easier to learn through visual methods. It is because, through visual learning, it helps me to retain the content for longer period of time. It assists in understanding the content in a better way as it has shown the way to use the knowledge. In case of health and social care, it is very essential that the training to nurses is given through visual medium. There are many times when theories are different from doing in practical sense. This time, it creates a lot of confusion. But with the help of visual demonstration, it becomes helpful to understand that how it can be used in practical senses. I find it convenient also as through visual learning style, many problems are solved. Most of the times, visual learning is shown through presentation which helps me to understand minute aspects of the problem as well as also in retaining the learning for longer period of time. In health and social care, most of the things are understood when it is done practically. So, to make the social workers learn and to enhance their skills, it is needed that the management should use visual medium for their training.

TASK 4:Approaches for Managing People in Health and Social Care

4.1 Explain three theories of leadership

There are various theories of leadership which are proposed by the researchers. But the theory which suits best in health and social care is the participative leadership style theory. It is very essential for social workers to perform in team as no task can be accomplished without working in a team. In participative leadership style, all the individuals provide equal contribution in the working of organization. To treat the patient, doctors, workers as well as nurses take part in order to cure him. This helps to build the team spirit in among members and caters for the innovation. The next leadership theory which applies to the health and social care is trait theory which suggests that the individuals are born with some of the traits or the quality of leadership (Leadership Theories: The 8 Major Leadership Theories, 2015). In case of health and social care, the individuals who are having trait of the leadership emerges as a leader in the team. It helps to analyze the social, physical and mental characteristics of individuals. The most suitable theory that is applied in health and social care is the contingency theory which states that there is no particular theory which is applied in the situation. Leadership theory varies according to the circumstances in the given time. In this case, there are different patients with various diseases and even distinct situations which prevails in front of the social workers. To cure the patients and to overcome with the situation, leaders have to use different techniques all the time. Even in certain situations, when problem arises in the treatment of patients, doctors have to use diversified ways to cure the problem.

4.2 Suggestions required to deal with nurses who have done some mistakes.

The nurses who are recruited in the Kent community are new so there are chances that mistakes might occur. To resolve the mistakes and to solve the matter peacefully, manager needs to first analyze the mistake, that is, the reason because of which the mistake has taken place. Along with that, it is also assessed that who was behind the the mistake, that is, who is the main culprit. After analysing the mistake and circumstances in which it has emerged, it is the duty of manager to confront it with the nurses and make them understand the problem along with making initiatives to resolve it (Difference between Recruitment and Selection, 2015). As the nurses are new to the Kent community health care, so the manager by his own efficiency can rectify the problem and if the problem emerges second time as well then he may ask the nurse to rectify the issue. But the main aim of manager in this regard is to make them understand the problem. If the mistakes have not been improved with time then manager can ask the trainer to conduct training sessions regarding its mistakes. In Kent community, it is important to make the social workers aware of their mistakes and at the same time, they are needed to rectify the mistake as this can prove to be dangerous for some of the patients. If for a continuous period of time, the mistake is not improved or rectified by the nurse, then the manager is liable to take strict actions against the nurse. The errors that are committed by the social workers can prove to be life threatening as they have the duty to cure patients. The mistakes that occurs are huge and have to be rectified soon.

4.3 Demonstrate how development has influenced to solve the problem

Gibbs model is basically the model which helps to evaluate the issue and it is the model of reflection. I am working in the corporate company and there are several situations in which I was encountered with my senior manager. But a case happened in which I mistakenly presented wrong file to my senior and because of this, our company has to suffer a loss. I was feeling very bad at that time as because of me, my company has to suffer the loss. The bad things about my experience which I got was that my impression in front of my boss was ruined and the good thing was that I was more careful in the next time. In case of analysis, the situation was very bad and the conclusion was that my small fault proved to a major loss in case of the organization's profit. The action plan was that I have to do more work to attract the same client whom I presented the wrong report. This mistake helped me to learn lots of things and after that, I became more careful in the next time.


From this report, it can be concluded that Kent community took the right decision to recruit the nurses from overseas. Even it further helped to analyze that contingency theory is the best theory that can be applied in health and social care organization. Further, it can be referred that Spain nurses needs induction plan so that they can understand Kent community in a better way.


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