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In the modern era, technologies are rapidly change and it creates tough competition for companies to adopt them to fulfil demand of techno-savvy customers  in an appropriate manner. In the present case concerned, ABC organization has been taken which is known for providing better recruitment and selection services to its customers in stipulated time. This report describes different business activities of ABC company such as quality control, health and safety of employees in workplace in a proper way. With help of the research, organization would be able to solve current issues and better compete with other business rivals present in industry.


1.1 Interrelationship between the different processes and functions of  ABC organisation

ABC company is a national company which provides various unique services to different multi national companies such as Tesco , Asda and British Airways etc. It creates healthy and user-friendly environment for its employees so that they will motivate to give their best and contribute in the growth of firm. (Jones, 2008) ABC has followed autocratic leadership and all major decisions are taken by their leaders and subordinates are not allowed in decision making process. Due to lack of involvement of employees, it was facing various issues in the workplace such as  lack of coordination and communication among staff-members and high operations cost etc.

The organization performs various functions such as recruitment & selection, finance management and human resource management activities to provide better services to its clients. Relationship between different departments of ABC plays a crucial role in successful implementation of organizational policies and offer quality of human resources services to them in compatible price. Autocratic leadership style and culture of environment followed by company are major factors have created job dissatisfaction related problems in workplace. Staff-members of company were feeling demotivated and failed to give their best towards achieving common goal of enterprise in stipulated time (Burke, 2011).

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1.2 Methodology to be used by ABC to map processes to the organisation’s goals and objectives

Mission: Main mission of ABC company is to provide unique and better quality of recruitment and HR services to their clients at right time at right price. By finding the best and talented employees for their clients organizations, it can increase their confidence in services of firm.

Aim: ABC want to  become a leader in the market by recruiting talented workforce and skill-full employees for its clients companies according to their requirements.

Goals and Objectives:

Major goals of the company is to better control and support the human resource activities of clients organizations so that they can effective utilize their resources without any interruption. Fulfil the expectations of clients through  enhanced staffing and deliver human resource related facilities in assured time period to boost up their confidence (Prajogo, 2004).

Value: By considering technical advancement in competitive circumference to offer ethical service to corporate customers and maintaining long lasting relationship with its existing and attracting new customers towards brands. Organization can create it's value by offering best quality of recruitment and selection services to its clients companies by effective utilizations of its human and financial resources using ERP and CRM tools in workplace.

Process Map

By using virtual map and series of steps and diagrams, firm can see their working. As well as success of the company is  highly dependent on ability of company in terms of effective utilization of its resources and communicate all its objective with employees, customers and other people associated with firm.Complete process map of recruitment and selection procedure used by ABC company can be understood with help of below figure.

1.3 Output of the process and the quality gateways

The mission of the company is to recruit talented candidate to its corporate clients. But in the success path of firm several hurdles are creating problems such as lack of combination and coordination, poor leadership and effective supervision etc. However, organization can overcome such kind of issues through monitoring over activities and establishing  quality gateway for improvement of services (David, 2009). It will help organization in meeting the needs and encourage human resources to develop skills for better recruitment process. By setting quality of standards and proper monitoring of gate way, company can boost up its performance and help company to select best and talented employees from them. In cut throat competitive market, it is essential for ABC firm to provide training to its staff-members and aware them about latest change arise in industry and market trends.

1.4 Appropriate plan to promote objectives and goals of organization

Current position of ABC is not good and it has facing various issues in its business operations so that proper planning will be required to implement accomplish strategic goals and objectives of firm in stipulated time. Major goals and objective of UK based recruitment firm can be described as follows:

  • To develop skills of its employees by providing to them
  • To create learning and healthy environment in firm
  • To become a leader and best service provider company in field of human resource

For better accomplishment of goals and overcome the issues, it is required that ABC should  establish direct communication with its employees and other business partners  by using various methods such as timely schedule meeting, feedbacks and group discussion with workers in particular time period. (Weber, 2010). As well as firm should increase transparency in preparation of job documentation of new candidates to decrease the ratio of fake candidates. It will help recruitment based company to make long lasting relationship with its clients organizations. By allocating resources to its employees on basis of their skills and knowledge, UK based recruitment firm can  set and accomplishment of a range of administrative policies and increase motivation of staff-members to retain with company for long time period.

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1.5 SMART objectives to align people and other resources in effective way

For proper alignment of resources in an efficient manner, SMART objectives have been framed. To overcome poor management practices and inadequate kinds of leadership issues, it is necessary for ABC company to set attainable and measurable goals which can be achieved in stipulated time period. (Reuvid, 2012. ) Specific goal of ABC company is to cut down its operational expenses on human resource management by 50% within the next year. This goal of the company is measurable within target time-frame. Cost saving goal decides by organization is attainable but to accomplish it, willingness and capability of employees are required. By reducing staff-members by 20 percent in 20 weeks , firm can achieve it in stipulated time. Hence, it can be said that by implementing SMART objectives in an appropriate way, ABC would be able to overcome its issues arise in workplace and achieve growth in market with better competing other business rivals.

1.6 Development and implementation of an appropriate system to achieve objectives of ABC

By set-up new system and improving quality of system, UK based recruitment company can overcome issues that it has faced. It can use KAIZEN tool to improve its current services and process in a proper way. This tool will be beneficial for firm in terms of achieving its goals and providing better training to its employees so that they will be able to offer quality of recruitment and selection policies in workplace (Gardner, 2004. ). By doing it, they can increase confidence of their corporate clients to retain with firm and use human resource related services for long period of time. It also emphasizes on improvement of various business-processes and it will force everyone to work in an appropriate manner. ABC can be used Zero Based Budgeting to manage its financial resources and overcome its financial loses. By using it, enterprise will be able to rectify and control over each and every expense that will help firm to reduce extra costs and reduce useless activities. ABC can develop new systems to achieve objectives by defining time-scale (Pagano, 2006.).

1.7 Carry out work activities meeting the operational plan

ABC can accomplish its operational plan activities by using balance score card method. This tool will help firm to measure its performance in terms of various aspects such as customers , financial viewpoints, learning and growth and internal business viewpoints etc (Koppich,  2004.).

  • Customer viewpoints: By using CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning tools , UK based recruitment company would be able to integrate its different departments and manage resources in most appropriate way.
  • Financial viewpoints: Zero based budgeting and managing strong relationship with stakeholders, it will able to overcome financial issues have occurred in the workplace (Simon, 2006. ).
  • Learning and growth viewpoints: By providing training and improving the skills of its employees, it can increase satisfaction and motivation level so that they will consider themselves as an important asset of recruitment firm and contribute in growth of firm.
  • Internal business viewpoints: Organization has also faced various quality related issues and it can overcome through adopt KAIZEN tool and satisfy different demands of customers. By conducting interviewing and regular monitoring, ABC can improve working environment of it (Koppich, 2004).


2.1 Design systems to manage and monitor quality standards of HR management processes

According to present  case scenario, ABC has faced various issues such as lack of communication and coordination among employees,  inadequate leadership and failed to offer quality of human resources services to its client organizations. Total Quality Management tools like Six Sigma and Just -In -Time tools will be beneficial for the company in terms of providing quality of services and solve issues arise in workplace. These data driven approach helped firm to examine different needs and demand of customers. By using these tools, organization can be able to fulfil its strategic plan and complete all tasks in an appropriate way (Elisabeth, 2014). Brand image and customer loyalty would be enhanced by using Six Sigma tool in business operations of enterprise. By solving customers queries on time and taking feedback regularly, ABC would be able to change perceptions of customers towards human resources services provided by company (Wysocki, 2011.). 

ERP will be helpful for the company because it provides an integrated view of core business processes and it can easily track business resources such as cash, human capital and status of HR applications of candidates etc. By using it, ABC firm can integrate its various departments and  facilitate to organization to complete all their activities in stipulated time. Various characteristics of enterprise resource planning such as managing better relationship with stakeholders, suppliers, and customers , standardization of business process and increase transparency in workplace are major factors which motivate firm to implement recruitment and selection policies and  offer quality of services to their client organizations in an effective way (Elisabeth, 2014.)

2.2 Quality culture develop for ABC firm

Quality plays a critical role in successful deployment of recruitment and selection services provided by firm to its corporate clients. By developing good quality, enterprise would be able to increase satisfaction level of customers and enhance motivation level of its employees to contribute in growth of firm. It makes customers loyal and maintain long lasting relationship with them in a significant manner (Burgon, 2014.). According to present case concerned, it is essential for UK based recruitment enterprise to develop quality culture where managers and subordinates can share their views and involves in decision making process. 

2.3 Recommend improvements which align with the organisation’s objectives and goals and which results in improvements.

By understanding basic needs of staff-members and act according to fulfil those demands in an appropriate manner that will delight customers indirectly. Because by doing this, firm can create healthy working environment and boost up morale of employee’s. 

  • Value 1: To focus on creating healthy working environment to fulfil desire of staff-members
  • Value 2: To allow employee’s in decision making process of firm
  • Value 3: To maintain transparency and creating honest and proper communication with employees
  • Value 4: To integrate all departments where information can be shared without any interruption (Gardner, 2004).
  • Value 5: To create teamwork at workplace
  • Value 6: To conduct training sessions and learning environment to enhance skills of their employees

2.4  Wider implications of proposed changes within the ABC company

In global changing scenario to retain its current position and achieve growth in market is very  critical task for firm. But organisation can achieve operational excellence and improvements in all their processes through effective utilizations of its human and financial resources with technological advancements. By considering auditing and assessment process, it will able to overcome its financial loses and  to identify gaps in a proper way. This process will help company to eliminate those issues in a significant manner. Besides that firm can change its current  leadership style and adopt demographic leadership style to increase involvement of employees in decision making process to get best result from them (Jones, 2008.) By maintaining transparency and clearly detail provides to their staff-members , it can enhance coordination and integration among its top mangers to low level manages in an effective way. ERP and CRM tools would be beneficial for ABC company in terms of establishing better relationship with their business partners and customers with reducing uncertainties in workplace. 

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2.5 Risk assessments according to legislation, regulation and organisational requirement

In dynamic environment, technologies are rapidly changing and due to lack of knowledge of new machineries accidents are increasing day by day. In competitive market, it is essential for UK based recruitment firm to follow health and safety policies in workplace to improve conditions of employees. Health and safety act, 1974 would be beneficial for firm to overcome health and safety of issues and increase safety in workplace.  Apart from this, organization can applied management of health and safety at work regulation 1999 to improve health and safety of its staff-members.

  • Determine details about hazards: ABC recruitment company can take help from health consultant to identify and solve out the risks at workplace.
  • Detail information gathered to know person who might be harmed: Through proper scanning of internal and external environments, risk analyst and managers can reduce risks (Jones, 2008).
  • Taking corrective actions to prevent risks: By considering health and safety regulations and making strict policies, enterprise can reduce health related issues in a proper way. Advice taken by health consultants and consultancy firm would be helpful for ABC to stop the workplace hazards.
  • Gather all informations about hazards and person who affected from it: To control and overcome risks, training sessions and workshop techniques would be beneficial for company to reduce hazards. By collecting the data, it will able to segregate and control over hazards (controllable and uncontrollable) in a proper way.
  • Review whole process: By reviewing all process , it will able to better deal with those issues (Jones, 2008).

4.4 Practical application of health and safety policies and procedures with in ABC firm

  • By conducting health check-up camp and providing training to its employees, organization can solve out health related issues in a proper way.
  • Organization should provide Life Insurance policies to its employees and their family members against hazards or health related risks.
  • UK based company can overcome problems in case of causality through proper arrangements of equipments in workplace.
  • Enterprise should focus towards providing fresh food and canteen facilities to its staff-members so that they will feel relax and contribute in growth of company (Elisabeth, 2014).
  • Firm should change its leadership styles and adopt democratic leadership styles to increase involvement of employees in decision making process.
  • Managers and associate managers of organization should take initiatives to create quality of culture and monitoring over all activities to produce better outcome in workplace.


Research report describes various issues faced by ABC recruitment such as lack of coordination and communication among staff-members and inadequate leadership and financial issues etc. By applying several techniques in workplace, UK based recruitment firm can overcome such kinds of issues in an appropriate manner. CRM, TQM, Just-In -Time and ERP tools would be beneficial for the company to improve quality of services and increase productivity of their employees in a significant manner. Balance score method would be helpful for company in terms of financial, customers, learning and growth preselective.


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