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Learning disability is one of the major issues in the globe in the era of technology. There are various types of learning disabilities which are making a major impact on the society. Learning disability represents the issues of adopting any learning process or understand any academic learnings. Learning disability reflects on reading issues, writing issues and understand the expressions of people. In this way, proper treatments are needed to reduce the issues from the society. Many acts like; social policies, human right acts, equality acts, mental capacity acts and so on which have been promoted by the government to reduce the major impact of learning disability from the communities. In this way, the health care workers should be acknowledged about the impacts of learning disabilities and also the policies that the government have introduced. The paper is all about the impacts of these laws on the learning disability care providers and the importance of understanding the acts properly while they are providing supports to the learning disability patients.

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There are several acts to reduce the learning disabilities from the society. The care providers should understand the importance of these acts while they are providing the supports to the learning disability patients. The importance of the acts for the care workers are given below:

Social policy

Social policy responses on the activities of people in the society. It is mainly focused on the wellbeing, social security and also health care and social care. According to the social policy, the health care organisations will be determined by the implementation of the factors that are playing a great role in the social culture in the UK (Stone, 2009). According to the act, every people has a right to get proper treatment, and they can get immediate care support no matter the condition.

Equality Act (2010)

Equality Act is all about to reduce the discrimination of the equality from the community. However, in the case of learning disability, the person with a learning disability should not be discriminated from the rights and their equality in the society (Stone, 2009). According to the equality act, the equality of economy, equality of education and so on should be dedicated to the people who are leaving in society. Apart from that, for the people who are suffering from the learning disability, should be treated as a general human being and they also have a right to get proper rights on the equality in the society. Getting proper treatment from the care providers is also a part of the equality act (Chaloner, 2013).

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However, the equality act should be maintained within the health organization. Depending on that, the care providers should be aware of the acts and the ways in which the people should be treated according to the equality purpose. In the case of learning disability patients, the care providers should be aware of the equality purpose of the patients (Long, 2016). To maintain the act, they have to provide the similar service to cure them. Another way, they have to put common concentration on the learning disability patients.

Human rights acts (1998)

Every people have their rights to express themselves. According to the human right acts, every people should be treated well and with dignity and respect. In this way, the human right act will be established in the society and the organisations. According to the human right acts the racism, sex discrimination and caste discrimination will not be tolerated in the society. To reduce these discriminations, people should be aware of the acts and its regulations. In this way, a proper implementation of the human right act will be delivered in the UK society. Nevertheless, it is also very much important to implement the human right act (1998) in the health care organisation to treat all patients equally (Benjamin, 2013). Care supporters cannot make differences among the patients with their sex race and other factors. They have to provide the best support by installing the setting of human right acts among them. In this way, the employees should be aware of the act when they will provide the care support to the learning disability patients. They are also a part of society, and they have the right to get proper treatment from the care-houses. In this way, the health support providers should acknowledge the human right acts before working on any learning disability patient (Benjamin, 2013).

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Mental capacity act 2005

Mental capacity represents the factors which the person can store in their mind. In other words, it is a process when a person stores learnings in their brains to recall them in future. Depending on that, some people don't have the capacity to learn much, and there are many people who can learn much and more than any other person (Fennell, 2014). In this way, the people who cannot store many learnings they are the victims of learning disabilities. In this way, they cannot remember certain things when they need to recall them.' However, there are some acts and policies which are very much important for the learning disability people to make them cure with the help of people and also with the help of practitioners. Amongst them, the Mental Capacity Act (2005) is one of the most important act which can make a better treatment for the patients. The weakest part of mental capacity patients is that they cannot make proper decisions on any certain time. Thus, it is very much important for the care providers to meet all the objectives of the act to provide the best support to the patients in the health and social care workplaces. The primary focus of the act is to make proper decisions on behalf of adults and child who are suffering from the disease (Fennell, 2014). The Parliament of United Kingdom has planned the equality act in the year of 2005 to make all legal and regulatory frameworks more dedicated towards the people who are dragging themselves backwards due to their disabilities. Thus, it is one of the most improved and ideal steps that has been taken by the UK government to introduce them in front of the society (Hunt, 2012). However, implementation of the act is much needed in the health care organizations to improve the care process for the people with mental capacity lagging. The care supporters should understand how to make proper decisions for the person while they are treating the patient. As the patient is inactive in the case of taking any crucial decision, the care providers will support them with proper judgments and also with the best suggestion for the future activities (Hunt, 2012).


From the above discussion, it is clear that the acts of UK government are very much necessary for the care providers in the health care organizations. Depending on that, it is also a great factor for the support providers while they are working with a learning disability patient. They will remember the acts and will support according to that. Thus, the acts are having a great impact on the health care supports to treat their customers effectively.


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