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Communication is taken place at all the levels of enterprise to give guidelines to the employees about the work or to solve any issue. Manager of the every enterprise should give proper attention to ensure that proper communication takes place in the enterprise and should try to do the efforts to maintain the open communication in the enterprise(Hu and Liden, 2011). Present report is based on a case study and tells what a managers should do when a conflict arise between people. During the process of communication number of barriers arise and all these barriers can be addressed or solved by the manager by following the effective communication process.It is very important to manage the flow of effective communication in the enterprise to improve the overall effectiveness of the business operation and to ensure that proper utilisation of resources is done by the enterprise.

Two possible solution to the conflict

One of the main and effective tool of solution which can be used to solve the conflict is communication. It is seen that both Dave and Manny has different point of view for each other. Dave think that manny is to new to understand the complex areas of the problem and manny also think the same. So both of these can do the communication and solve the problems and conflicts which are arising between them. By doing proper communication both of them can tell each other about their point of view and can understand the other also(Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee, 2013). By doing this they both can make the strategies to implement and handle the project easily.Other effective solution to solve the problem is breaking down the silos. Breaking down silos means enable or activate a boundary less enterprise in order to increase the health of the enterprise. Organisational silos are the main reason or cause of the problem arise in the enterprise.

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Steps for each action.

Following steps can be followed by the enterprise in order to create and implement the communication strategy:

Set the communication goals

The main goals under this case study is to solve the problem and to make an effective strategy to solve the problem.

Develop key strategies

An effective key strategy can help in sending the right message to the reviver.

Effective communication channels

Communication channel used by the sender affect the quality of the message. So proper communication channel should be used by the people to solve the issue or to communicate effectively.

Communication document

Keeping or maintaining a document during the process of communication helps in keep the process of communication in track.For breaking down the silos it is the first and necessary step to breaking down the old procedure of doing the work or communication. All the work and communication should be done in cross functional or multi functional way(Van Dierendonck, 2011). This will help Dave and manny to better solve the problem.

Final recommendation

Final recommendation to the above problem that both Dave and manny should try to understand the other's point of view in order to solve the problem or at the same not to create conflict in the enterprise activities. Manny should try to understand that Dave has experience about all the activities and projects so he should try to understand his point of view. At the same time there is a need for Dave to understand about the creative idea of manny. Solution should be formed by the support of the both in order to increase the effectiveness or to handle the project easily. As a line manager I would like to advice that both should try to understand the other's point of view this will enhance the effectiveness and they both can easily handle the project easily.

Communicate the resolution

There are number of communication tool available to better communicate the results with the team. Number of formal and informal tools can be used to communicate the results with the team(Hur, van den Berg and Wilderom, 2011). Results can be communicate with the employees by opting oral form of communication. Decided results or solution decided can be told to the team members.

Steps required to conduct a performance review

Following steps can be followed to do the performance review or appraisal of the employees

Establish performance Standards

This is one of the main and important step involved in the performance review in the employees to make standard. It is very important first to set the standard in order to compare the actual performance of the employees.

Communication performance expectations

It is very necessary to communicate the employees about what is expecting by them in order to well measure their performance. More the employees know about the expectations more they will perform better.

Measure actual performance

Under this step actual performance of the employees are measured by the managers in order to evaluate how well the employed performed.

Compare actual performance with the standard performance

Under this actual performance of the employees are compared by the standard set in the earlier stages. This stage tells how well employee really perform.

Discuss the appraisal with the employee

Managers communicate with the employees about their performance about how well or worse he done.

Taking corrective action

All the necessary steps are taken under this step in order to improve the performance of poor performed employees.

Environment during the performance review.

Environment which exist during the whole process of performance review affect the process. So it is very importance that managers of the enterprise should give emphasis on the environment and should try to make an corporative environment in order to encourage the employees to perform well and contribute lot in order to achieve the objectives of the enterprise(Ayoko and Callan, 2010). The main advantage of the corporative environment is that this will encourage the poor performance employees to perform well and at the same time encourage the well performed employees to do or perform more well.

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Open communication should be there because employees will feel free to communicate with the managers about the confidants and hurdles which they face to perform better. More the employees will feel free to communicate with the managers more the managers will help them or make the policies in accordance.Lack of communication gave rise to many problems which will affect the overall performance of the employees and will create hurdle in achieving the goals of the enterprise.

Achievements of success

As a line manager when get the opportunity to review the profile of my team than I can see or note that there are lot of achievements of my team including the following:

  • Team is well enough to understand the complexity of every task and is able to solve the issues.
  • Proper communication is there among all the members of the team.
  • Every member of the team is multi tasking and can handle number of issues at a time.
  • Every member of the actively and positively take part in all the meetings and complex projects.
  • All the members of the team listen carefully all the important information.
  • Every one is more focused on the ultimate goal of the project.
  • Team members used logical method to solve the problems.
  • All the team rememberer are supportive and love to take challenges.
  • All goals of the team are realistic.

Areas of improvements.

There are number of areas of improvements in team in order to increase the performance or effectiveness of the team to easily achieve the goals and objectives of the enterprise. Proper training programme should be made to increase the skills of the employees and to make them able to survive in the future competitive environment(Rosing, Frese and Bausch, 2011). Right training method should be choose by the managers to provide training to the members of the team. Activities should be carried out in order to building team. All the talent exist in the team should be well used by the manager of the team. Areas of improvements include the skills of the members proper activities should be design or implement by the manager in order to make the employees expertise in a particular field. All the necessary decision should be taken by the manager in order to increase the trust among all the members of the enterprise.

Learning opportunities

While doing work in the enterprise there are number of opportunities which rise or employees can take advantage of that opportunities. One of the main opportunity exist while doing the task in a team is that identifying another team member who can help another team member to increase his skills and knowledge through provide him proper coaching(Luis Daniel, 2010). A skilled and knowledge employee can help the to enhance the skills of the another employee or member of the team. One member can provide the other member to access the information by using instruction manuals.A member of the employee can help the another member by arranging or shadowing opportunities. If an employee having positive attitude and always ready to accept the challenges than he can motivate the other members of the staff to accept or make them ready to accept the challenges this will contribute in the success of the employee and give him various opportunities to grow well.

Areas of development

Development areas of the team members include giving them the training to take or accept all the challenges in the enterprise. Proper training should be given to the members in order to manage all the activities of other members.If the specific skills including effective decision making or lead the people are properly developed in the people than team will be able to produce better results for the enterprise(Nauman, Khan and Ehsan, 2010). It is really important that there should be one person in the team which has the ability to manage all the members of the team and their activities in the absence of the team leader.

Formal and informal communication system

When communication process takes place in the enterprise there are number of formal or informal methods. Formal communication usually takes place in the top level management in making policies rules and regulation for the enterprise. Informal communication takes place in the lower level of the enterprise related with the day to day activities of the business.Formal communication takes place in order to give direction to the lower level employees of the enterprise. This type of communication is little strict and proper attention should be given by both receiver and sender of the message in order to maintain the quality of the message.Informal communication is a part of daily communication strakes place in the enterprise related to the completion of task. This type of communication is free from any stress and result in increasing the effectiveness of the enterprise.Both type of communication formal and informal are necessary for the enterprise in order to effectively manage all the activities.

Ways to maintain open communication

Open communication is the state or condition in which all the employees can communicate with their top level authority about their problems or is the situation where transparent communication can take place.It is very necessary that there should be open communication at all the levels of the enterprise in order to solve all the problems and effectively give guidance to the employees. One of the main advantage of open communication is that it increases the overall results of the enterprise and at the same time reduce the cost of the operation(Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Optimum utilisation of resources can be done if open communication takes place in the enterprise.Open communication can be maintained in the enterprise by telling the employees about the various benefits of open communication. Employees can be encouraged to do communication with their managers and tell about their problems facing by them during their work.Other than this structure and policies of the enterprise should be made like that it automatically encourages the open communication in the enterprise.

Barriers to communication

There are number of barriers which can affect the effectiveness of communication process:


Use of technical terms or words by the sender can create confusion in the mind of the receiver.

Lack of attention of the receiver

When receiver does not give proper attention to the message send by receiver than the receiver will not understand the purpose of the message.

Lack of mutual understanding: It is one of the main barrier which affect the effectiveness of the communication process. Under this both sender and receiver of the message does not have same understanding the the topic spoken or they have different point of view.

Language differences

When speaker sends the message different from the language of the receiver.

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Physical disabilities

Physical disabilities includes when speaker has the problem while delivering the speech or when receiver has the listening problems.

Cultural differences

The thinking style of the people is different according to their different cultures and this create problems in effectively sending the message from one to the another.

Emotional barriers

When sender of the message feels it difficult to find the proper words for his message is called the emotional barriers.

All these barrier can be removed by properly followed all the step of communication process.

Methods of communication used to communicate unresolved issues

There are number of communication methods which can be used by the front-line managers in order to communicate the unresolved issues with the team(Brown and Mitchell, 2010). Oral and written both type of communication can be used to communicate the unresolved issues. Oral communication can proof better in communicating about the issues or conflicts of the enterprise.Oral communication give a chance to the all the members to know about what the problem really is and how it can be addressed in order to increase the effectiveness of the business operations. It is very necessary to communicate about all the issues which create hurdles in the attaining the goals and objectives of the enterprise.Oral communication can proof beneficial in communicating the issues of the enterprise in order to better resolve them. Oral communication takes place very fast and all the queries of the employees related with the issues can be solved on the spot.

Recommendation to improve the communication

Communication is an important process that takes place in the enterprise. It is very necessary that it takes place in the right way. Sender and receiver both should understand the process of communication and the purpose behind it otherwise the receiver will not understand the purpose or all the time will wasted.Following recommendations can be given to improve the communication in the enterprise

Sender of they message should try to avoid the technical terms or should not use the fiords having double meaning during the process of communication.

  • Place where communication process takes place should be free from any unnecessary noise.
  • There should have mutual understanding to both receiver and sender of the message about the topic spoken.
  • Sender of the message should use proper words and should use the language which is familiar to the receiver of the message.
  • During the process of communication receiver of the message or listener should give proper attention other he or she will never understand the purpose of communication.

Before doing a feedback session with an employee of the enterprise it is very necessary to gather or collect all the necessary documents which are required to conduct the feedback session. Before talking with employee about his performance all the his performance graphs can play an effective role in telling employee or giving him proof about his performance in the enterprise.After collecting all the relevant information or documents feedback session can be conducted it can be formal or informal but effective results can be gained by the informal way because under this employee will feel free and and tell the manager about all the hurdles which affect his quality of work(Hoch, Pearce and Welzel, 2010). A room can be reserved by the manager or by the feedback conductor to conduct the feedback session.The information get after the feedback session play an important role because by knowing all the factors which creates hurdle for the employees in performing his or her best can be removed by the managers. During the feedback session the employee can be told about the areas where he or she lacks and proper training can be given to him to increase the skills to perform better in the enterprise.If manager collect all the necessary information or documents before conducting the feedback session only in that case proper results or information can be get by the feedback session otherwise it will waste the time of both employee and the manager.


From the above information included in the report it can be concluded that proper communication should be taken place in the enterprise(Bucic, Robinson and Ramburuth, 2010). Time to time performance review of employees should be done by the manager in order to check or study whether the employees are doing according to the set standard or not or if not than proper and corrective action should be taken by the enterprise.Communication is a process which plays a big role in achieving all the objectives and goals of the enterprise. Major problems arise in the enterprise can be solved by proper communication. Managers of the enterprise should try to develop the basic qualities in the team members to effectively handle all the activities of the team members.


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