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The organization is able to acquire set objectives with the help of effective leadership qualities. Leaders are responsible to develop vision for the company along with building morale of employees to work on it. In this context, Richard Branson has been taken which is a leader for Virgin group. He develops feeling of team spirit among group members to accomplish desired actions in favour of organization. Cited leader makes use of behavioral theory of leadership and transformational theory to improve their performance for the whole group. Also, these theories are crucial to motivate employees for concerned goals. An action plan is prepared to improve present ability and communication skills of a leader. It will take measures like attending seminars, reading newspapers and e-learning process to develop these qualities.


Leadership refers to an action of leading people in an organization towards achieving goals and objectives. In present case, Richard Branson has been focused which leads whole Virgin group. Richard plays a crucial role in smooth functioning of business entity. He sets clear vision for the enterprise, motivates its followers, guides them and builds their morale to work in favour of the organization (Schein, 2010). In contemporary world, there are various roles and responsibility performed by the cited leader in order to ensure successful attainment of mission for the company. At first, Richard set clear vision for http://www.itdunya.com/member.php?358837-mohammadasad1whole group and communicate the same to different CEOs. He influences the employees to perform their duties by explaining them their duties and its importance in achieving goals. Another function played by him is to motivate, guide and build morale of his followers to put in as many efforts as they can to acquire objectives. It helps to improve the performance and productivity of Virgin Group. In addition, he plays an effective role in resolving conflicts or critical issues faced by the top level orifical of the aforesaid group (Selznick, 2011).

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Theoretical Discussion

It is well known fact that leadership is a process of directing behaviour of others towards the accomplishment of some common objectives. One of the major function performed by a leader is to create feeling of team spirit among various members. Leaders like Richard Branson always enact with help of group that comprises many people with different perspectives and personalities. In order to gather them for a collective purpose, mentioned leader have to adopt several policies. Teamwork leads to proper execution of activities framed by leaders (Gardner and Laskin, 2011). The team leader provides direction, instructions and guidance to group members which certainly result in accomplishment of goals.

Further, mentioned leader perform various activities that build coordination and cooperation among followers or employees. He develop a strategy to be used by CEOs of different company such Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Train, Mobile and other sector of Virgin group.
Through this, he is able to acquire desired results. Employees are aware about their roles and responsibilities which does not create situation of confusion between them. The leader provides guidance to manager for training on regular intervals in order to make them aware about recent trends and pattern. Discussions are held in detail so that new ideas can be generated for benefit of the company (Wheatley, 2010). They will make analysis of each and every aspect so that it does not cause any problem in the future. This helps to build collective interest among team members.

Moreover, Richard Branson develop such an environment that employees are able to communicate in effective manner with the top level officials. Interaction among leaders and employees is essential to conduct operations successfully. He communicates clear instructions to CEOs so that they can perform the work accordingly. Along with this, he also takes feedbacks from CEOs to recheck whether some issues are created due to this. It helps to identify strength and weaknesses of every business in order to rectify the same in effectual manner. Also, Richard is then able to instruct every CEOs according to his/her potential or capability (Aaker and Joachimsthaler, 2012). It builds strong bonding between leaders and their followers to execute operations effectively. In order to strengthen relationship between CEO, Richard often conduct sessions. It not only improves capability and skills of individuals but they are also able to interact with each other. It provides opportunities to CEOs of his group to come in contact and have discussions on various topics. Every individual posses certain qualities and attributes that are different from other people. While, participating in seminars and conferences they are able to exchange their thoughts. It further develops coordination, feeling of trust and confidence among each other.

When several people work together they are able results attained are much more positive (Raelin, 2011). Teamwork makes planning, organizing and implementing procedure easy. They make use of effective communication channel so that operations are completed efficiently. It encourages people to openly express their themes and ideas among team members. There is a general belief that activities when conducts in team work derive better and faster results rather than conducted by an individual. Leaders are responsible to develop team spirit among individuals to attain organizational goals and objectives. They recognize potential of every team member and assign them tasks accordingly (Ward, 2011). In this manner, organization and professionals both are benefited in significant manner.

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Analysis Of Leadership

For several years, researchers have examined leadership as an effective tool to attain organizational goals. Experts have proposed numerous theories to present leadership in effective way. It includes trait theories like trait, behavioral, contingency and full range model of leadership. Here, two of the major leadership theories will be discussed with references to Richard Branson:

Behavioral theory of leadership

According to this theory, leadership is a set of behaviour that develops and leads an organization. As per this theory, Richard developed a taxonomy of actions and identified broad patterns of various leadership styles (Hargreaves and Fink, 2012). He laid focus on understanding behaviour of CEOs opposed to their mental, physical and social characteristics. The theory provides real marketing potential by studying an individual specific response to specific stimuli.

Behavioral theory of leadership incorporates B.F. Skinners theory of behaviour modification. Considering this, it can be evaluated that Richard Branson depends upon effect of reward and punishment depending on changing behaviour. It can be explained by an instance that the cited leader motivates desired behaviour by having close monitoring with CEOs of different company in order to attain set objectives.

After making proper evaluation of studies conducted for leadership qualities it was exclaimed that there are two groups of behaviour (Herman, 2011). First one is people oriented behavioral leaders who focuses on ensuring that the inner needs of people are satisfied. In this respect, Richard Branson with people focus has behaviour to characterize qualities like encouraging, observing, listening, coaching and mentoring. Another group identified in behavioral theory is task oriented leaders. Here more focus is led on behaviour of organization structure and operating procedures to keep control. It is notable fact that Richard Branson even act as task oriented leader where major concern is laid over attaining organizational objectives through any mode (Jackson and Parry, 2011). Although he is also concerned about staff motivation in order to execute policies in significant manner. Based on this, it can state that Richard is featured with quality like initiating, organizing, clarifying and information gathering. Hence, Richard Branson is considered as behavioral leader as he has a behaviour of attaining organizational goals.

Transformational leadership theory

It is also known as exchange theory of leadership and full range theory of leadership, which enhances motivation and morale in work environment. The theory states that leaders interact with his/her followers and able to create bond with them (Daft, 2014). Considering this, it has been evident that leadership qualities of Richard Branson are met with transformational leadership theory as well. This is so because he is focused on developing better and strong relationship with each CEOs of the Virgin group. He develops trust and later on increase motivation both intrinsic and extrinsic among leaders and followers. As per this theory, leaders transform their followers through inspirational nature and charismatic personalities. Same is done by Richard Branson with the informal and charismatic personalities that inspire CEO working under him to develop sound results. Due to this, rules and regulations adopted are flexible and are modified with course of time at Virgin Group.

Further, Richard covers full range of essential qualities as good leaders which are individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation and idealized influence. According to this theory, leaders take in consideration detailed analysis of strengths and weaknesses of individuals (Beck and Cowan, 2014). They attend each follower a mentor to guide them in performing their duties. Same is done by the cited leader with close interaction with top level official and Board member of Virgin group. In addition, he develops intellectual level of followers by making them face certain challenges. Through this, ability of varied CEOs gets improved weighing the context of predicting future along with potential to sustain in a critical condition. Inspirational motivation by Richard Branson act as degree to which leaders articulates a vision that is appealing and inspiring to followers.

In addition to it, with the charismatic personality of Richard Branson, employees of Virgin Group are able to put in effective efforts to perform assigned tasks in significant manner. The employees are able to enrich their potential to make effective actions in favour of organization. Richards also enact as role model for high ethical behaviour, instils pride and gains respect and trust for them (Dubrin, 2015). Hence, transformational leadership of Richard Branson reflects that humans in general seek to maximize pleasurable experiences and to diminish unpronounceable acts. s


The present report provided me extensive knowledge about the topic leadership. I read various books, journals and articles related to leadership in order to understand the concept clearly. It helped to understand various theories applied by different leaders to achieve their desired goals. There are various advantages that I gained while preparing this report. It increased my concentration power to read out and study different aspects of any subject matter. This ultimately improved my confidence level to conduct such research work. Along with this it improved my speed and fluency to undertake operations within given time-scale.

As I read many articles related to leadership concept I learnt about various motivational theories. I got to know about this fact that motivation acts as a fuel to effectively implement one's roles and responsibilities. I was motivated by articles of some leading personalities. The manner in which they gave importance to team building and team spirit in the organisation. I was impressed that trust and confidence helps to gain better results for the business enterprises. Strong relationship between team members helps to resist in critical conditions. They are able to develop quality of adjusting and managing critical situations.

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In addition to development of motivation in me the report also helped to improved my communication skills. I attended various seminars and conferences that helped me to understand importance of soft spoken skills. Effective communication plays crucial role in anticipating and exchanging views related to a topic. As a professional I am able to develop my present ability skills while preparing this report. I received many opportunities to express my thoughts and ideological about leadership, motivation and communication. It provided better opportunities to present my ideas in effective way. Although, I felt the need to innovate new theories of leadership as today's modern world operates on the principle of competition. They need to develop strategies which not only motivates employees but make them efficient and skilled to perform different tasks in favour of the company. Thinking and learning process should be boosted so that better strategies are developed (Chhokar, Brodbeck and House, 2013). Researchers should evaluate and reflect current leadership capabilities and identify skill gaps that need to be addressed. I am satisfied that this report cleared my concepts related to leadership and encouraged to adopt motivational theories in routine settings.

Action Plan

In order to develop skills and abilities related to leadership following action plan is prepared:

  • Communication and present ability skills are two essential factors that need to be developed to become effective leader. Through communication I am able to make understand his ideas and thoughts to other. In return, he also receives feed back and new ideas from others. Another skill that needs to be modified is present ability through which I am able to express myself technically.
  • To improve and develop both these abilities I will make use of various resources like attending seminars, conferences and public discussions. I will also read newspapers, journals and magazines related to leadership theories (Harleigh, 2016). In addition, I will make use of internet services and visit various personality development websites to watch articles and videos related to it.
  • Through the implementation of this action plan I am able to present myself and my ideas in effective manner. I attained greater benefit by developing my communication and present ability skills.


The present report reflects significance of leadership in attaining organizational objectives of a company. Leaders play crucial role in building vision for business enterprise and communicate them effectively to employees. They are responsible to guide and encourage employees towards desired outcomes. The report describes various leadership theories used to make operations successful for the organisation. Further, an action plan is prepared to improve communication and present ability skills of an individual.


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