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Andy Goldsworthy is a renowned artist who spent his childhood in England. The concerning artist draws his inspiration from various places and creates art from the material that he had collected from those locations. These materials belong to nature such as twigs, leaves, stones, snow and many other natural beauty elements. He has an art to make art from those things and relate nature with manmade beauties. It was the mentality of author to make sculptures which are temporary in nature. They easily get washed out, blown away or vanished. They are made with total environmental elements which are not fixed by any artificial solutions (Andy Goldsworthy's Art in the Presidio, 2014).

In the following Art essay, the beautiful art of Andy Goldsworthy has been taken which comprises the final day in woods, drawings and models for proposals and woven branch arch Langholm. All these arts describe the beauty of nature being translated in the form of manmade beauties. The art work which has been taken is drawings and models made for proposals which describe the planning phase. It was the statement of Andy to imagine your piece in drawings. In the series of drawings made by an artist, the proposed series will become alive and tells out a visual story. In order to work upon different ideas, it is most important to play and plan them in systematic manner (Pollock, 2005). Henceforth, it becomes necessary to draw out the plan and execute it accordingly. As per the tendency of people in society, in order to decide the best proposal fitting for the particular occasion, the best way to give a long lasting impression is a strong and influencing visual presentation. Considering the final day in woods, it was anticipated that the scale of sculpture is very large. It requires huge number of wood which carry natural finish. It was thought that the material has its own idea hence a huge pile of logs has been taken from forest. It provides a unique art and finish to the sculpture. The thought behind collecting wood from forest was the material which has its own idea hiding behind the finishing and beauty of logs. Finally, the woven branch arch, Langholm was taken for discussion under following essay. The following art work was made by and in the year 1986. The following art sculpture was made with the view to make it exist in the real nature. Andy has a thought that art gallery is a very small place to store his art. He uses to make real art just like woven branch arch, Langholm and created a digital gallery by storing the pictures of these artworks (Fire doors in their eyes, 2014).

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The rationale behind following essay is very peculiar. In the following essay, the themes selected from the artworks of Andy are to determine the phase which is requires behind every initiative. It was analyzed through concerning arts that the first and the foremost step which is required under every task is development of blueprint which defines the structure of desired result. In the first image comprising drawing and models, a technique of developing design can be elaborate. Even the author says that it is very important to conduct paper work before initiating any idea, and then only it could be executed successfully. After expressing the idea of designing, the thought of material requirement is kept into mind for consideration by Andy. In the next phase that includes final day in wood, it is assumed that the need of material has been identified. Andy has collected pile of logs from forest according to his requirement. He selected the material because it suits the best in his artworks, similarly, a rationale could be drawn out from the theme that appropriate material requirement is very essential to finish the idea execution in the best possible manner. Finally, in the third phase, the idea has been executed in the form of woven branch arch. The idea was executed according to the plan and it was presented very beautifully. Hence, it could be derived that with proper designing and selection of perfect material for idea implementation, the desired results could be drawn out very efficiently (Desai and Chalmers, 2007.).

It was already described that the arts have been made with a view to describe the steps required for implementing any idea. It must be practiced by every person who is planning to do some task from the beginning level. The artworks have beautifully described the thought of author along with presence of evidence in the final painting woven branch arch. A unique concept to transmit message has been created which is very attractive and ideal for any art loving person. Andy has visualized his artworks in sequential manner which is very innovative. There are some other authors such as John Everett Millais who have drawn a very beautiful painting named Ophelia. It was highlighting the early morning light and subtle mist and made to provide a touch on enchanter about forests. Not only the beauty of forest was shown but there are some artists like Agnes Denes who have taken initiative to combine public in saving trees and creating a virgin forest. She has made a heap of soil and created design in a mathematical order. Thereafter, she invited people from all over the world to plant a tree and it was highly appreciated because a beautiful art has been created when plantation grows big (Knight, 2011).

As per my opinion, I found the concept of essay as very attractive, innovative and artistic. The arts presented by author Andy is very beautiful and carries a very innovative style of transmitting message to public. It is very interesting to understand the phase of commencing any activity by such an innovative idea. The theme behind concerning essay is very interesting because every phase is made understandable in a very detailed manner. The first phase regarding planning and developing design is very attractively presented. The author has made the model in the form of sketch which itself seems like a beautiful painting and simultaneously derives the meaning of initial stage of conducting any work. It is highly appreciable from personal side. After the initial stage, the second step of collecting suitable material is also presented in a very innovative way. Andy has visualized his own requirement in the form of pile of logs which he is collecting from the forest according to his suitability. And finally, he has presented the outcome in the form of woven branch arch which was remarkable. It was a natural sculpture made from all the natural material and describes the desired output which was though by Andy in the planning phase.

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