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Institutional distances describe the similarities and dissimilarities of two or more distinctive companies or the situation of the respective countries. In this following assignment, the institutional distance of a United Kingdom company Dams Furniture Ltd has been discussed. Dams Furniture Ltd is an international furniture company. The company’s net worth is not so high than the other companies. So the company has to be expanded to become one of the most successful furniture manufacturers of the world. The company was inaugurated near about the year 2009, and for this early establishment, it is not expanded all over the world. The host country of this furniture firm is Australia. The institutional distance between the host and the home country has been elaborated in the below.


The institutional distance between two different countries can be established strongly by the use of essential strategies. Institutional distance provides different segments of the two nations.

Organic Growth

It is one of the most important and compulsory points which provides the home country to go through few strategies which the company had used in the earlier to settle their business. It gives the idea how to spread the business all over the world.

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In the present economic situation where consumers are more and more turning to worth over trade constancy, victorious organic growth needs apperception. Big business must look at their affiliation with primary customers to identify why those clients are satisfied with the provided services or not. The present financial system may modify how customers distinguish your manufactured goods or services, as their wants concerning cost, provided facilities, and additional commercial issues may be predisposed by their financial circumstances. Converting this scrutiny into effective trade development plans includes regularity in a job and developing trade tactics. It is all about how to bring a smile on the consumer’s face, investment in the production, and doing excellent business in the business market .
It is important to build up a stable relationship with the specific consumers to grow the business organically, and the improvement in the price factor can also make a difference in the firm.

Expansion of different locations

It is important to make sure that Dams Furniture Ltd should not be established in a single area of the Australian market. The business of the company should be set up in the famous cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. It has been researched that the furniture business in these cities is not quite remarkable. The opening of furniture business in different cities of Australia will help the company to get a massive profit because the trading in secondary locations helps the firm to do the business at low prices.

Acquiring Competitors

In the poor economic condition of a country, it is seen that many manufacturing companies use to make an exit from the market. So the Dams Furniture Ltd should keep eagles eyes to settle their business in those profit making areas. The exit of severely affected business firms helps to cast a mark because those organisations can sell their goods at a very low price.

Choice of entry mode

The unusual form of entrance offers overseas shareholder with different means to administer the double disputes of institutional distance; by gaining authenticity and conveying doings. The shareholders set up a new association by proving training to the recruited employee and making the organisation into a multinational enterprise by providing the attributes of a multinational enterprise.

It has been discussed that elevated normative, regulatory and cognitive institutional distance between the host country Australia and the home country the United Kingdom obstructs the movement of premeditated managerial methods from a central organisation to a beneficiary. The working employee will have to meet trouble if they still use to remain disagreeable to the local procedures without taking any knowledge about it . As a result, it may bring a problem in transferring payments which include additional benefits. Regulatory problems may exclude convinced rudiments of the system in few nations, normative obstacles may temperate the approval of positioning out along with an attendant group, and cognitive dissimilarity may pressure the professed reasons between personal endeavour and compensation

The normative and cognitive distance between an attained industrial entity and the primary association notably slows down its aptitude to reach legality in the restricted framework. In dissimilarity, regulatory features are more dignified and thus are simpler convinced by the multinational enterprises, and more established as a reason for restricted alteration. For that reason, an elevated normative and cognitive distance obstructs the implementation of a multinational enterprise and holds back the capability of associate to set up legality, while a soaring regulatory distance is possible to have an unenthusiastic consequence first and foremost on the espousal of a multinational enterprise’s methodologies

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The size of local operation

The relative power of sufficient forces on an associate from the confined atmosphere and overseas body is based on definite domestic and background fickle. So various type of Foreign Directive Investment schemes differs in their compassion to institutional distance. Mainly it is anticipated the level and span of the confined process and the worldwide possessions of multinational enterprises to govern the collision of institutional distance on admission method pronouncements. It has been examined the double features: the relative dimension of the associate and the overseas body’s global knowledge.


The dimension of the institutional distance helps the home country to do a prominent business in Australia. The dimensions are quite relevant to express the relationship between the two nations. The dimension of the institutional distances between the countries of origin the United Kingdom and the host country Australia has been described in the below –

Economic Distance

The economic condition of the United Kingdom and Australia is entirely different from each other. According to the budget revenue report of the two countries, it is observed that the income of Australia is among the top ten positions. But on the other hand, the budget revenue of the United Kingdom is more attractive because it the country has ranked better than Australia in this segment. The income of the United Kingdom is approximately 90% more than the revenue of Australia. Apart from the budget of income, the United Kingdom shows better position in the matter of growing GDP. So it is evident that the furniture companies like Dams Furniture Ltd are missing from the market of Australia . So it will be quite helpful for the company to do excellent business in the Australian market. But from the report, it is clear that in spite of having reduced GDP than the United States, Australia shows a large figure in the matter of exports per capita figure. That number hoists the green flag for the Dams Furniture Ltd to mark their entry into Australia because the country is not suffering from business communication. But the overall export report provides the strength to the home country because the country is stable enough to ship their goods of activities. The low unemployment rate of Australia makes sure that the people of the host country accept the business ideals from all over the world.

Legal Distance

The proper distance between the United Kingdom and Australia does not make any issue regarding doing business in the host country. The Australian constitution has not described anywhere that the Europeans country like the United Kingdom is not eligible to do their business in the Australian market (Abel, 2015). So Dams Furniture Ltd does not need to bother about the legal issues to do their business in Australia. The presence of one of the biggest parliament and constitutions has made the country democratic, and because of the presence of democracy in that country, the home country United Kingdom has never get troubled to do their business in the foreign country like Australia.
In fact, the judiciary system of Australia provides hope to the foreign traders that they have the independence to expand their business in the country with their good behavior. It also states that if the foreign companies get any problem, then the companies will get justices in this field of business.

Political Distance

The political system of Australia shows that the country has the quite good administrative function to hold the country's reputation well to all the foreign countries. The political feature of Australia as the host country are discussed as follows –

1). Foreign Relations

The relationship of the host country Australia with the United Kingdom is too good to do business there. The Australian administration has not yet banned any European country like the United Kingdom from exploring their business world. On the other hand, the United Kingdom government has also provided some great offerings, and the human resource of both countries has never faced any problem which can cast an impact in the matter of doing business.

2). Time requirement in registering property

The Australian government has the problem that the government of this country sometimes brings trouble in the matter of assets. The authority regarding the land revenue system use to take more time than the United Kingdom to register ownership of someone. So for this very reason, the foreign traders have to face trouble to record a land to establish their business in the country.

3). Political parties

The political parties of both the countries are quite gentle than the political parties of other nations. Particularly in the United Kingdom, the political parties have not yet created any chaotic in their parliament, and for this reason, the British Parliament is known as the greatest parliament of the world. The unity among the various political parties has helped the country to conquer many nations of the world. The political parties of the United Kingdom are Conservative Party, Co-Operative Party, Democratic Unionist Party, Green Party, Labour Party, and Liberal Democrats.

On the other hand, the political parties of Australia are Liberal Party of Australia, Australian Labor Party, Australian Greens, Katter's Australian Party and Liberal Democratic Party, etc.

Developmental Distance

The developmental distances of the host country are not entirely equivalent to the condition of the home country. This dimension is one of the most important factors for trading in anywhere of the world. The developmental distances of the host country are not familiar. So the countries of origin have to stable their strengths to do the business in Australia. The developmental distances are –

1). Infrastructure

The foundation of Australia is quite good but not good enough for doing marvellous business. The construction of the Australian buildings is poor than the United Kingdom. But there are few cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth is highly developed. On the other hand, the whole United Kingdom is highly developed. The masterpiece in the construction has made London as one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world. So going to the less developed area from the highly developed area is not quite comfortable. So the Dams Furniture Ltd will have to prepare well to invest in the host country Australia.

2). Education

It is known to all that both the home country and the host country is highly developed countries regarding education all over the world. But as per the institutional distances has been asked in the assignment so the comparison among the two countries must be placed. The infrastructure in the field is highly developed in the United Kingdom. There are so many recognised universities present in the home country. As a result the excellent students from the universities like Oxford, Cambridge are highly demanded in the matter of joining a business firm. The merit of the students will help the company to achieve the success by going abroad host country Australia. So in the matter of recruitment, the Dams Furniture Ltd will not get any trouble in the host country.

3). Investment and Sponsorship

Dams Furniture Ltd is doing decent business in the United Kingdom. But apart from doing a great marketing in the own country, the organisation has to expand their business in the host country Australia. There are many investors in Australia to build up a strong business in the nation. But the Dams Furniture Ltd has to make their products trustworthy enough to get some investments. Apart from the investments, the furniture company has to deal with the media who can sponsor the organisation.


Sydney has a very well established telecommunication companies and their infrastructure. The networks of Australia are made of a highly developed wireless system, and the cables are made of optic fibre. As a result, the matter of data handling use to take place softly, and this helps in the communication system to make the business stable and strong.


Sydney is well prepared with community transportation, and it is not just strongly held in a single segment. The railway, airway, and roadway are highly developed. So the import and export use to take place in a swift way. There are many docks in Sydney, and for this reason, the people use to come close to the Sydney Harbour. Apart from this, the roadway is highly developed, and the airports are too near to the central city.

6). The relationship between employer and employee

A bond between the employer and the working staffs has been attached to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission, which covers deal with the working people regarding the payment and the situation of the debt. The deal has been created thinking about any corruption or problem between an employer and the person who use to work for him or her.

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Environmental Distance

There are many issues regarding the erosion of soil, the development of the industrial sector, animal farming and many more things in Australia.

The cost of living in Australia is far better than the Asian countries. In the matter of monthly earning Australia is more progressive than the United Kingdom. The people of Australia need not suffer a lot because the livelihood things are quite comfortable. As a result, the employee of the Dams Furniture Ltd will not face any trouble in the matter to settle their business in the host country. But there is a problem regarding the cost of transportation. The prices of automobile items like a car, good carrier vehicles are not easily affordable. So it can be mentioned that the cost of shipping in Australia is higher than the United Kingdom. So the company has to bear more funds in this part of marketing.

The population of Australia is lower than the United Kingdom. So according to the marketing theories, this kind of situation is familiar to effective marketing. The cheap trafficking may help the business of Dams Furniture Ltd to make a quality communication system which is better for business.

Cultural Distance

The culture of the United Kingdom can be compared to the culture of Australian people. There are many cultural heritage sites in the United Kingdom. According to a source, the United Kingdom has ranked approximately 20 which are eight times than Australia.
The products of Dams Furniture Ltd should be produced in such a way that the goods can relate to the culture of Australia.


Economic position in home country (UK)

UK is the fifth-largest nationalised nation in the world calculated by ostensible GDP and ninth-largest in the earth calculated by PPP, containing 4.03% of global GDP. It is the second-largest country in the EU in both ways. The UK is one of the largest EU nations in regards to GDP expansion, job construction and redundancy.

Economic position in the host country (Australia)

The market of Australia is one of the biggest different market countries on the planet. It was the 12th leading national market by supposed GDP and the 17th-largest calculated by PPP in 2012. Australia is the 19th-largest trade in and 19th-largest seller.

Effect of economic position in business

  • Interest Tax — Interest tax might materialise in a variety of different places, forced by a variety of unique people. It is apparent that the rank for interest tariff is of large interest to stocking associations, but it may also influence companies whose approaches depend on intriguing out large mortgages (Wessner, 2012).
  • Exchange tariff — Exchange tax are a difficult subject, but they obviously have to relate to those who agrees with export or trading. Changing substitute rates may influence how much a corporation has to reimburse to its global supplier to persuade them, which can shape profit boundaries, as well as seize a lot of possessions to settle on the peak point (Hugos and Hulitzky, 2011).
  • Recession — A financial downturn has the perspective to modify the obtaining attitude of clients, which may force corporations to plunge their costs or clear lesser volumes.
  • Another huge way to find out about how economic factors influence industry is to look at PEST investigations which comprise them. For instance:

Economic issues influencing the UK

  • The UK possesses one of the maximum GDPs in the earth, rambling after only Germany inside Europe
  • The United Kingdom has a continuously growing quantity of straight overseas speculation
  • The region is still sensing the consequences of the 2008/2009 financial downturn, as well as the Brexit monetary setback

Political position in home country (UK)

The UK political scheme is a cooperative structure. Ever since the 1920s, the two major political membership have been the prevailing party and the Labour party. Earlier than the labour party grows in the British government, the moderate party was the other main opinionated party alongside with the conventionals. While alliance and limited governments have been a rare trait of governmental policy, the conqueror electoral scheme used for broad selections tends to preserve the supremacy of these two parties, although each has in the precedent time depended upon another party like the ‘Liberal Democrats’ to convey a working preponderance in the Senate.

Political position in the host country (Australia)

The legislative body of Australia, also recognised as the Commonwealth legislative body or central Senate, is the legislative branch of the management of Australia. It is bicameral and has been prejudiced equally by the Westminster scheme and US federalism.

Effect of political position in business

The political environment can impact business organisations in many ways. It could add a risk factor and lead to a major loss. Changes in the government policy make up the political factors. The change can be economic, legal or social. It could also be a mix of these factors. Below, is a list of political factors affecting business:

  • Bureaucracy
  • Corruption level
  • Freedom of the press
  • Tariffs
  • Trade control
  • Competition regulation
  • Tax policy (tax rates and incentives)
  • Government stability and related changes
  • Government involvement in trade unions and agreements
  • Import restrictions on quality and quantity of product
  • Consumer protection
  • Laws that regulate environment pollution
  • Education commandment
  • Anti-trust regulation
  • Employment commandment
  • Discrimination regulation
  • Data defence decree
  • Environmental commandment
  • Health and security regulation

There are four major consequences of these political issues on business associations. They are...

  • Impact on financial system: The political circumstances of a nation affects its commercial setting. The financial surroundings affect the company performance.
  • Changes in law: Governments might change their regulations and rules. This could have an outcome on a company.
  • Political steadiness: Lack of political steadiness in a nation influences business procedures.
  • Mitigation of threat: Trading political threat indemnity is a way to supervise political threat. Companies that have global processes use such assurance to decrease their risk experience.


To expand business in another country (Australia) some recommendations are given below:

1. Perform a profound submerge due meticulousness

  • Prepare a advertise segmentation study to conclude if the artefact will put up for sale in the nearby market.
  • Perform a SWOT study against opposition.
  • Consider selling prospect.

2. Develop a plan and industry diagram

  • Define small average and long-standing approach. Set reasonable goals to calculate development and price/reimbursement.
  • Define objectives, goals, and victory metrics.
  • Complete the selling representation and construction.

3. Legal inclination

  • Create contained profitable agreements.
  • Review business-specific rules to ensure fulfilment and certifications are attained if required.
  • Perform common commercial services such as disagreement declaration, migration, customs, and delivery.

4. Tax and investment inclination

  • Consider outsourcing secretarial, payroll, and levy.
  • Establish neighbouring banking affairs.
  • Develop a threat managing arrangement.


This assignment covers all the dimensions and aspects of UK and Australia to expand a business and create a relation between a home country and a host country. Some recommendations are suggested above, with the help of which the firm can decide their strategies about how to expand their business in Australia. Apart from that, there are some methods and strategies that are also elaborated in this assignment. The concept about institutional distances between the host country Australia and the United Kingdom can be achieved by going through the theory, methods, analysis of Political distance, Economical distance, Environmental distance, Legal and Developmental distances.


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