Impacts of Obesity on Community

Sample Report on health Condition of communities

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In the present era, there are several people who are suffering from chronic diseases like heart attacks, diabetes, obesity etc. All such diseases place negative impact on the health aspect of the individual. The present report is based on the issue of obesity which is highly suffered by the people of both Australia and US. Further, report will discuss the ways through which nurses and physical therapist can prevent the problem of obesity. Besides this, it will also shed light on the impact which the problem of obesity places on the people of community.

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Define and describe the health condition

Overweight and obesity refers to abnormal or excessive fat accumulation which presents health risks (Australian institute of health and welfare [AIHW], 2016, pg.149).The most common caused by obesity such as lack of physical activities, energy imbalances, environmental concerns of obesity (Ali, 2012). Overweight or obesity normally starts from imbalance in sustained energy which occurs due to excessive intake of eating and drinking pattern which exceeds energy (AIHW, 2016). Individuals taking high calories in the fast food, less participation in the physical activity because of heavy workloads and busy lifestyles which further leads to obesity (Ali, 2012). Moreover, obesity has some serious health risks with life-threatening medical conditions and symptoms including high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular diseases, gallstones, sleep apnoea and type 2 diabetes (Ali, 2012).

Prevalence/Incidence of obesity in Australia

The prevalence of obesity has been increased among Australian individuals about 56.3% in 1995 and 62.8% between 2011 -2012(Australian Bureau of statistics, 2015). The trend of this disease was higher among males about 70.8% than females (56.31%) in the year 2014 and 2015(Australian bureau of statistics, 2015).The Prevalence of overweight and obesity increases with increasing age(Australian bureau of statistics, 2015). The prevalence of this disease vary according to the living area of an individual (Australian bureau of statistics, 2015). For instance, the rate of disease was 61.1% who lived in major cities, 69.2% who lived in inner regional areas and 62.2% who lived in outer regions in Australia between 2014 and2015(Australian bureau of statistics, 2015).

Prevalence/Incidence of obesity in United States

The obesity rate was rising in the year 1980 to 2000 (Alver, 2016). In the year 1988, the rate of obesity was increased from 23% to 35% in women and the rate of this disease was increased around 36% in males (Alver, 2016). But, in the 2012 the prevalence of this condition was still increased and the rate of obesity was around 34.9% in adults and 16.9% in young generation (Alver, 2016).

Treatment of obesity

National medical association and public service groups prescribing medical treatment such as pharmacotherapy medication (Kissane & Pratt, 2011).Pharmacotherapy has been shown to encourage weight reduction from 2 to 10% in 1 year (Kissane &Pratt, 2011).As similar to weight loss surgery, there are some body mass index criteria important to recommend pharmacotherapy to overweight patients (Kissane & Pratt, 2011).The patients must have BMI more prominent than 30kg/m or less than 27kg/m with weight related co-morbidities (Kissane & Pratt, 2011). The same number of patients regain the weight when they are give up from the medications (Kissane & Pratt, 2011).Also, taking everyday prescriptions is of concern for the patients (Kissane & Pratt,2011). Particularly, in light of cost, possible side effects and potential absence of protection scope (Kissane & Pratt, 2011). There are some common pharmacotherapies such as sibutramine, phentermine and orlistat (Kissane & Pratt, 2011) Medical tratments requires a long term attention from the patient (Kissane & Pratt, 2011).

Describing the role of two health professionals in providing the treatments

In the present era, obesity is one of the main problems from which can be found in children and young people. It is a very serious problem which may cause of diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure etc. Hence, government, nurses and physical therapists etc. has taken several initiatives to cope up with the situation of obesity (Wright &, 2016). In this regard, nurses and physical therapists are the one who plays a vital role in the preventive of diseases like obesity in the following manner:

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Role of nurses

In order to deal with the disease of obesity nurses primarily makes focus on assessing the current behavior of patients before giving any kind of suggestion. Thus, in this way by understanding the behavioural aspects nurse makes plan to motivate the patient by taking the assistance of current examples. Besides this, nurse also encourages patient to make focus on eating less and do regular exercises (Sack &, 2009). Moreover, physical activities in the form of exercise also may result into the loss of weight. Nurse also provides assistance to the patient in doing regular exercises. Further, nurse also prepares diet chart or plan for the patient by including all the nutritional food aspect on it.

Role of physical therapists

Physical therapists is another health professional which plays an important role in the preventing the disease of obesity. Moreover, such therapist provides guidance to the patients through which they can do exercise in a joyful manner without any pain. Further, physical therapists also organizes the aerobic program to burn the calories. Besides this, therapists also communicates the ways through which patients suffering from obesity can strengthen their muscles and make the body more flexible (Physical Therapist's Guide to Obesity, 2016). Hence, physical therapists makes remarkable contribution in the prevention of obesity by persuading patients about the safest, fastest and highly effectual ways of practising exercise.

Assessing the impact of obesity on community

Obesity is one of the main diseases which place high level of impact on community. In the present time, people give more priority to their looks and want to become slim and fit. Along with the problem of obesity among the people specifically among children and young people is growing with the very high pace. Due to this aspect, now people who are suffering from the problem of obesity takes services from the physical therapist and nurses etc. (Black &, 2015). In this way, all such services impose high level of financial cost in front of the patient facing the problem of obese. '

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In addition to this, now government also organizes the campaign to develop awareness among the people about the nutritional diets. In such campaigns, government appoints highly experienced health professionals to provide information to the patient about the ways through which they can deal with the problem of obesity (Williams &, 2015). Besides this, health professional also give diet chart to the patient which in turn helps them in losing the weight to the large extent.


From the above report, it has been concluded that now large number of people are suffering from obesity. It is one of the serious issue which closely influence the health aspect of the people in a negative manner. Besides this, it can be revealed from the report that lack of physical activities and environmental concerns are the main factors due to which the problem of obesity increases. It can be summarized from the report that in Australia and US percentage of males are higher who suffer from the disease of obesity as compared to females. Further, it can be inferred that physical therapists performs a significant role in reducing the level of obesity. Moreover, therapists help in improving the cardiovascular fitness of the patient.

It can be seen in the report that such professional authority helps in improving the flexibility, movement and muscle strength by reducing the level of pain. It also has been articulated that strategies which are employed by the nurses to overcome the problem of obesity are competent in nature. Moreover, nurses give guidance to the patient about diet, exercise etc. Besides this, it can be inferred that problem of obesity closely influence the actions of the people of community. In addition to this, now a days Australian government has also taken several initiatives to develop awareness among the people about the issue of obesity and its consequences.


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