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General Information

The ever increasing level of competition and complexity has made it imperative for students to hire the assistive services from Essay writers. We have a huge team of essay experts; that consists of professional academic writers, subject masters, proofreaders, and researchers. They are all efficient in performing their respective pragmatic responsibilities and hence the resultant papers are always of superior quality. As soon as an order is successfully placed, the task is segmented among these academicians. The subject experts create the outline of the essay and then send the same to the researchers. The researchers then, using tools and their expertise, starts collecting data for the paper. The accumulated data is then transferred to our professional writers crew, who with their unmatchable knowledge about structure, format and styling arrange the data in the most sophisticated order. Once the paper is completed, the same is then sent to our proofreaders and QA, who check the paper stringently in order to extricate any error, if found. This is how an order is processed in-house.

There are two ways to fill up the form. You may type in the details on the scaled-down form available on the homepage. When you submit that form, you are automatically redirected to the integrated ‘Order Now’ page. There you can provide the remaining required information like the type of quality, payment method, and your contact details. The second approach is to go directly to the aforementioned page, which is easily accessible through the navigation menu. Once you open that page, you can easily enter all the required data. If you’re still having any problems, simply contact our customer care representatives, they are always more than happy to be of help.

We are keen on providing ease to our valuable clients and hence have chosen only the most secured gateways for making the payment. You can pay us using either of the available options of payment and stay assured that no unfortunate consequence will ever occur. You can make the payment using Paypal, Credit/Debit card or through Direct Bank Transfer.

We understand that it is highly improbable that all the students require the full-fledged services of essay writing. Most of the students have specific concerns when it comes to essay writing. They may have decided the topic and might have even collected all the required data, and the only assistance they need is in the arrangement and proper presentation of the paper. Some scholars only require proofreading services, and some only need aid in the research work. In any of the above-mentioned cases, it is dissatisfactory and rather imprudent to pay for the complete service. And since, we have promised our customers 100% satisfaction, we give the unheard-of power to our potential customers so that they avail the specific service they needed help with, and make the payment for the same.

We have complete faith in our essayists and hence offer this rare-to-find guarantee. You can claim the whole of the submitted amount if the delivered paper does not meet with the requirements as provided by you while placing the order. We would refund your deposited amount, without any claim (if by a long shot) the required writer is not available at the time. The cash-back guarantees go hand-in-hand with other guarantees like that of satisfaction, plagiarism, and standards.

Queries related to Order

Our interactive user environment gives you the power of keeping track with the overall progress of your paper. You can, anytime sign in to check whether your essay is completed. Moreover, we will also send you an email as soon as your essays get completed. We will either send the prepared document through the mail, or will provide you with an exclusive link from where you can download the paper sans hassle.

The paper will be delivered to you before the stipulated deadline, as mentioned by you while filling in the order form. Our writers work overnight to prepare the paper in the littlest amount of time, without cutting on the quality of the paper. The developed paper has to pass through some stringent quality check procedures. During this phase, your paper is checked for language errors, styling and formatting standards, plagiarism, authenticity of data, and for the specific guidelines as provided by you. As soon as the paper gets qualified, it is dispatched to you without losing a moment. So you may receive the order before the mentioned deadline but never after it.

The developed essay is written specifically for you and would not be of any use for anyone else. Hence, we do not indulge ourselves in the risks as are generally included in COD payments. Our essayists are devoted to their task and it would be highly improper to create such a dicey environment for them.

Sending your feedback/suggestions is very easy. Simply go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and use either of the options available there. You can easily mail us or even call our customer care representatives, who are always glad to be of service. Your feedback is very important for us and we always look forward to hear from you. You can even use our live chat facility for the purpose. Your valuable feedback help us to develop our services in the way so that you can achieve optimal satisfaction.

It is a common, and reasonable, concern among students to be cautious about their personal information. However, with us you do not have to think twice about the issue. Your private data is treated as highly confidential information. We value the basic privacy of our customers and would not let anyone to have an unauthorized access over it. The personal data provided is used only for the purpose of communication, and would never get escaped from that area. We do not even let our writers be acknowledged about your private information.

Services Information

We offer a wide range of essay writing and related services. You can hire us for almost all sort of assistance that can be required while writing an academic paper. We have a complete arsenal of essay experts who are deft in providing services related to writing, proofreading, editing, researching to our clients. It is our fully developed service environment that has enabled us to shoulder all your academic worries. Once you hire any of our services, you will feel bound to thing that stressful academic life is just a delusion.

We have a staff of more than 150 experts. The subject experts have done either PhD or Masters in their respective courses. It is there presence that has enabled us to provide the essay writing services on a wide range of subjects. Our services cover all the subjects from science to arts, and hospitality to fashion. You name it and the subject-oriented service portfolio will be presented to you.

We have hired a team of professional proofreaders for the very purpose. The certified and experienced proofreading experts have various tools and software at their disposal to perform the task effectively. The procedure used by our experts of ensuring the originality of the data, is quite similar to the one that is used by most of the universities. Therefore, if a data is approved by our stringent checkers, it negates all the possibilities of getting disqualified on the count of plagiarism.

We are almost ironclad when it comes to the quality of the paper. And it is evident that there is a positive proportion between the two factors of time and quality. However, it is also understandable that one can not always devote the adequate amount of time on all the projects. In short, some projects are more urgent than others. You can easily complete such projects without breaking a sweat, simply by hiring us. We offer urgency level up to ----. You can select the appropriate urgency level, as per your requirement, while placing the order.

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