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Introduction to Event Operations Management

Event operations management can be defined as an administration of business practice to create and develop the highest level of efficiency possible within the organization. Event management is a continuous process which revolves around the utilization. Events are the part of individual’s daily life activities. The importance of these events to its stakeholders develops a need to achieve a smooth planning and execution from start to end. There are different stakeholders such as participants as well as sponsors. They are the most important part of managing any event (Harner, 2010). The present report is based on the events operations management in which event manager of ABC London Events Co need to plan an indoor or an outdoors event. By starting indoor and outdoor events ABC Company can easily participate in the local community and generate new customer interest as well. The best event plan will be proposed in the conclusion part of the present study. 


For the purpose of conducting the indoor events, it is required to select the best premises that can offer varied facilities to the organiser. Since, present event is a musical concert that is planning to conduct at Chelsea old town hall for the charitable purpose. For this event, total of 120 guests are expected from different cities and hence it is required to make arrangements for them (Baker and Baker 2000). For this purpose, Chelsea is selected as it is ideal place in different context. It can easily accommodate 250 people which are higher than that of expected guest. Also, there is appropriate parking facility that will offer high convenience to guests. There are around 47 spaces available for the parking which is sufficient for the incoming guests. In addition to it, hall is located at central places of London and is of walking distances from King’s road. Also, bus from route number 49, 11, 19, 22, 211 and 311 pass by the hall which is another favourable factor for conducting event. In addition to it, advertising is another key activity that been arranged by the event organiser of mentioned hall (Ladhari, 2008). Through this, awareness gets increased among the society that aids in collecting more funds from the charity. 

However, it is required to assess the operational issues and risk also that are associated with conducting concert in the Chelsea Old Town Hall so that effectual decision can be taken. By reviewing the guide for organizing event in the mentioned hall, varied loopholes and issues have been addressed. It is found that loading and unloading facilities is extremely difficult as hall is surrounded with residents (Wale, Robinson and Dickson, 2010). Also, there are no free or open area where loading and unloading of good can be done, due to this constrains, heavy goods such as speakers, equipment, light arrangement and other related cannot be unloaded. This will certainly affect the conducting of the event and hence it gets deviates from the path. Also, it will not result into success from which whole motive of conducting the event gets affected. However, loading and unloading can be done in the resident’s parking bay but here whole risk is need to be bear by the event organiser (Tinsley, 2012). This may be lead to losses due to breakage of equipment’s or any other mishap. Beside this, there is no loading lift also which also affects the conducting of the event at the mentioned hall.

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Apart from this, sound system installed in the hall is only for public speaking and is not at all suitable for concert or musical event. It is one of the key operational issues that can affect the conducting of the event at this workplace. However, speakers can be brought from outside but it also possess risk due to no open space for loading the same. Another issue is related to turning of the music by 11pm as it is located within residential area. This is the constraints that makes Chelsea hall inappropriate for organizing the musical event (Yang, 2008). There might be some space restrictions as hall is quite small. Advertising also becomes a major issue as council will allow the posters to be displayed on the notice board in the library of Chelsea. It is essential to contact the sales and marketing officer in order to advertise the event and keep any banner over there. It is also define as a biggest problem which might face as sometimes it requires additional charges for marketing. In order to select the caterers it is also essential to inform the Conference and Events office about the list of caterers. Further, it is also essential to left the kitchen in clean and safe environment. In case of not doing so, fine might impose at the event organizers. 

 In addition to this, there are various risk assessments that should be taken into consideration at the time of indoor event plan (Duijm, 2009). There must be a fire safety for Indoor events. In this, it is quite essential for event planner to assign an on-site person who will call at the same time of emergency. It is essential to make sure that all exists are maintained clear and unobstructed. No smoke machined may be used for special effects as it helps in maintaining appropriate safe environment. There are various ways of decoration for Indoor events which shall obstruct the exists or fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire alarm pull stations, fire hose stations etc. These are some of the most common ways of decorating the hall. 


After going through the Indoor event planning a best outdoor event plan is also going to be organized for charity purpose. For this, it is required to select the best venue that can offer varied facilities to the organiser. In the present study a rock musical concert is planned to conduct at Victoria Park for the charitable purpose. For this, they are targeting almost 5 to 700 people at the same time (Tinsley, 2012). It requires huge and best planning for the event. By raising high amount of fund ABC Event Company can through help out the poor people and make various services available for them. 

In order to plan an outdoor event, one of the main targets of ABC London events co is to choose a best event planner for this. It is the best way through which they can develop and start a best event for their company. An event manager of this company is planning an event which will be for charitable purpose (Aven, 2008).  It will help them in creating positive brand image in the mindset of all the customers. They can help the poor people by collected charity and providing them with various benefits. In this concern, there are various requirements of managing an event as well as several operational risks.

All the components of any events must be planned properly in terms of quality. In this, various aspects ranges from decorating the guest’s rooms to sitting arrangements will be planned and executed in a detail manner. The event manager is planning for a charity and fundraising event which is organized during the year in different place in the world such as UK, New York and Paris (Eve, 2007). Many Charity and Fundraising Events are held around the world especially in UK, these types of Events are very popular. Most of the people of this country enjoy participating and contributes in society by this way. Social responsibility is the focal point of British and International companies which actively organise and support such events.  

Event manager of ABC London Events Co is planning for charity event by safeguarding all exhibits from the sun, rain, wind and various other elements. For this, they are planning for a classical music concert at Victoria Park. This is very famous tourist destinations of UK. It is a large park with canals, ponds, pavilion, tennis court as well as a sport ground (Wale, Robinson and Dickson, 2010). There are various rock concerts which are held in the park during different seasons. Further, it is being stated that event manager can organize a rock music concert in order to raise high amount of fund. It is the best way through which they can help the poor people and make various services available for them.

There are various methods used by companies to plan such charitable events. However, without adequate planning the running of such activities can lead to accidents and injuries. For this, a fashion event is planned by ABC company in which all the collected amount and money is donated. There are some of the most important and major concerns of risks assessments which should be followed by company at the time of planning such as:

License and Legislations: There are various entertainment events which are classified as work activities and it is essential for companies to pass the different regulations. Event manager of ABC Company cannot plan a charitable fundraising event without passing various regulations related to the health and safety as well as Welfare at Work Act. In addition to this, licensing act can also apply in which event manager need to make sure that, the premises chosen by them is safe and without risks to the health of any employees, volunteers or visitors (Santos-Lewis and Moital, 2013). All the equipments and substances are safe. By Health and Safety Authority same level of training as well as information and protection must be provided to both employees as well as visitors.

Communication: There should be a proper communication between all those people who are involved in organizing an event. All the individuals should be clearly defined their area of responsibilities. In this way, there should be a proper communication so that, event can be planned in a better manner. If an event is organized on a large basis and covers broad area, than there should be proper communication between all the parties. In order to plan a rock concert in a Victoria park, fully charged mobile phones need to be provided to all the organizers (Moran, 2010).

Planning the venue:  Event manager need to consider the suitability of the proposed venue. Owner of that building and land are responsible to ensure that, their property is safe. Organizers are responsible for initially selecting the venue which is suitable in terms of size and access. They need to solve out different questions in which people event manager are required to decide whether the park is sufficient to gather the targeted public or not. There must be appropriate parking space so that, people can comfortably park their vehicles (Musgrave, 2011).

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There must be appropriate parking space so that people can comfortably park their vehicles there. Victoria Park is the property of government of UK and event planner can take previous permission and follow all the legislations in order to make concert more successful. 

Crowd control: At the time of planning of outdoor activity or event crowd control it is one of the most important and essential factor (Ratten and Ratten, 2011). It helps in accident prevention so that; event will be carried out in a smooth way. For this, various measures are taken into consideration such as: 

  • Parking facility for both visitors and entertainers
  • One way system, queues etc
  • Provisions of adequately trained marshals
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

First Aid facility (Emergency procedures): A risk assessment must be undertaken as there various problems which might take place. Under this, First Aid provision is required which is based on the number of people attending the activity. Initially at the time of planning any charity function or event, organizers need heavy crowd so that high amount of fund can be raised. At the time of planning musical event and rock concert it is quite essential to maintain a number of first aid boxes (Wale, Robinson and Dickson, 2010). In this, emergency plan can be set at the time or the place of the event and it helps in providing emergency treatment to any person. There are various emergency services should be available at the venue of event such as police, fire brigade, medical services etc. All these are essential services which might be required at the time of emergency. 

Fire and safety for outdoor events: For all the outdoor events health and safety is one of the top most concern. It is essential to carry out various health and safety policies for all the staff members as well as visitors. In order to place any type of tent or canopies on the event site it is essential to take prior approval from the Stanford fire marshal.  For this, it is essential to provide appropriate site plan in order to verify the proper clearances and fire Depart. Access is maintained. For overall security it is essential to provide fire extinguishers throughout the site i.e. Victoria park. Different types of outdoors events come under the scope of the licensing of outdoor events (Event, 2014). It serves under the Planning and Development Regulations 2001. Event manager of the ABC Company need to make sure that fire risk assessments are carried out in an appropriate manner. For this, all the different safety and fire measures need to put into place. 

Working as a team: It is a most important concern for planning any charity event. At the time of planning for rock music concerts it is essential for all the organizers to work as a team. It helps them in sharing different ideas about making their event more popular. Working as a team somehow helps in making the whole show more popular and attracting huge number of public towards. By working as a team there should not be any type of conflicts among team members. There are different responsibilities of different team members which should be fulfilled more appropriately by them. It helps in making that concert more successful (Aven, 2008). 

Waste management: Events are the major consideration due to which tremendous amount of waste has to be collected, disposed of and recycled as appropriate. The overall environment is affected due to the high waste and dispose of material which might be related to the food and drinks etc. Event manager of ABC London Event Co need to ensure that waste is disposed in correct manner. In order to assign some waste management contractor it is essential to supply with method statements. For this, event manager can create a waste management plan before starting an event (Ratten and Ratten, 2011). After this, all the issues are identified under this plan which also needs to covers: 

  • Waste generators and capacity
  • Waste type such as: food remnants, papers, plastics etc.
  • Waste management activities
  • Waste management promotion in which it is essential to consider that how waste and disposed items can be minimised.

Medical provisions: There are various medical provisions are required which depends on the size as well as nature and location of the event. Such type of provisions must be available to everyone working on and attending the event. There are various factors which might influence the provisions which are required such as: the nature of event, location, venue, weather condition etc. 

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Some of the most common operational issues that occurs at the time of music concert is related to the over crowd as well as weather conditions. Due to the bad weather condition overall concert might spoil out. ABC Company needs to previously plan out the various ways through which they can control. After reviewing the guide for organizing event there are various issues and loopholes have been identified. There is no entry or exit procedure as it is a charitable function (Duijm, 2009). Due to this, event might be overcrowded and it might create various problems. However, there are full emergency arrangements such as police, fire brigade etc. It is the best part through all the public feels safe and secure. But, it creates exhausted condition for all the people and it creates negative brand image of the event company in the mindset of customers. Due to the poor weather conditions also whole process get influenced. In order to keep the whole setting appropriately it is essential to ensure that any temporary seating, staging, stalls, attractions etc are acquired from reputable companies.


After going through the overall above discussion on the indoor and outdoor event it has been founded that a rock music concert should be planned at Victoria Park. It is an open space for all gather huge number of public. It is one of the best concerts of fundraising. Event manager of ABC London Event Company is successfully plan an outdoor event as there are no restrictions regarding public. Various risk assessments are implemented previously which helps in making overall concert more successful. From the overall discussion it has been founded that at the time of Indoor event at Chelsea old town hall there are various problems faced by event planner. 

Due to all such issues they cannot gather more than 250 people and it might leads to gather some sort of amount for charity purpose. After comparing both the events it has been concluded that outdoor events are one of the best events as there are no restrictions for people. In case of overcrowded there are various facilities which are previously available such as fire brigade, police etc. By organizing event in such park there is a huge parking so that people will feel safe and comfortable. They can easily park their vehicles outside the park. With the help of organizing this rock concert ABC Company can easily raise fund. Due to the various restrictions, outdoor events are considered to be best as they consider all the safe working practices. 


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