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Introduction to Employability Skills

High society events Inc is operating in a hospitality industry and by considering this firm report on employability skills is prepared. In first part of the report, set of responsibilities and performance objectives are presented in systematic manner. After that own effectiveness is compared with predetermined goals. Further, recommendation is also made that will help in improving performance. In second part of the report, solutions to work based problems are discussed in detail. Along with this, time management strategies are also discussed in detail in this report. Further, team dynamics is also discussed and its impact on an organization is also discussed in detail. Apart from this, information about tools are also presented that can be used in order to solve business problems. At the end of the report, strategy to solve a problem is presented and its impact on an organization is also discussed in detail.


Set of responsibilities and performance objectives

High society events Inc is been contacted for conducting high quality dinner and entertainment event. Thus, it is going to conduct high quality event in which dinner will be organized for its clients on occasion of distribution of awards through “Top companies’ award ceremony”. In order to perform such kind of ceremony in legitimate manner for celebrities operating in the hospitality industry it is necessary to fix and communicate responsibility of each and every team member. The main thing on which High society events Inc will focus is that before organizing an event it will prepare a plan. In this plan the way in which event will be organized is determined. Along with this resources required for conducting training program will also be determined by the top management. In order to conduct a program in proper manner training will be given to the employees. This will improve their efficiency level. For conducting program in systematic way and make feel clients comfort a checklist will be distributed by High society events Inc in which responsibilities of each and every team member will be clearly defined. In order to ensure that event will be implemented effectively checklists will be given to the employees in whom they will answer activities they have performed in time specific manner (Boselie, Dietz and Boon, 2005).  This will assure that team member is working in right direction. If in checklist something wrong is done then management will be in position to take an action in order to bring efforts on right direction. These checklists will be given time to time to the employees and immediately they will be checked in order to monitor performance of the employees time to time. In order to organize an event successfully a team will be formed and for this goal setting approach will be followed. Under this approach there will be single goal for a team and all team members will make an effort to achieve that objective. For each group set of responsibilities will be determined and manager will be made responsible for mistakes that team members will made in performance of the task. These responsibilities will be performed in sequence and timing of performance of these tasks will be predefined.  In this way team manager will ensure that that everything is performed in a proper manner. Along with this, for future events it will be ensure that all team members are performing their task in proper manner. Hence, clients’ satisfaction level with High society events Inc will be increased.

Set of responsibilities

Manager - 

To coordinate activities of team members.

Servers –

  • To provide service on time.
  • To provide supplementary services immediately.
  • Performing self duty at own level instead of allotting it to another person.
  • Performance objectives


To maintain consistency in services.


  • Determining a time when server must initiate delivery his service and end the service by providing it to end users (Li, Zhao and Liu, 2006).
  • Number of times when a person service is performed by another entity

By following these objectives firm can align performance of its employees to expected outcomes.

Evaluating own effectiveness against defined goals

Measurement of effectiveness is very difficult task without employing objectives. During, party I makes sure that there is consistency in service which was also my objective.  In respect to this, I time to time send my team members to respective clients for identifying their requirements at the time of diner. I also make sure that their requirements or demand fulfill on time.  As I mentioned above that timing for initiation and end of service will be determined clearly. I follow this thing very strictly and ensure that all activities completed on time and demands of customers fulfilled as soon as possible. When employees deliver their task to any other person, many times coordination among them get broken and they failed to deliver quality service to their customers. So, it was my objective to ensure that employees perform their task at own level. Hence, I ensure that all team members are performing their task on their own level and on time. In this way, I perform effective by strictly sticking to predetermined objectives.

Ways in which motivational techniques can be used to improve quality performance

There are many ways in which motivational techniques can be used to improve quality performance of an employee. In respect to this, financial and non financial incentives can be used by the company. Financial incentives are those in which cash amount is given to the employees when they deliver performance above predetermined standards. Whereas, non financial incentives are those in which instead of giving a money non cash item or gifts are given to the employees (Subramony, 2009). In respect to this, promotions can also be given to the employees under career planning function of human resource management. If High society events Inc will declare financial incentives the employees will get motivated and they will give their best in delivering service to the clients. Hence, clients will get satisfied and organization will grow. Under, non financial motivation techniques specific number of employees can be promoted to the higher posts in an organization. Due to promotion employees responsibility will get increased and their salary will also enhance (Paauwe and Boselie, 2005). Thus, employees will certainly give their hundred percent in order to get them promoted to higher post at High society events Inc. In this way, motivational techniques will certainly helps in improving quality performance of the employees in an organization.


Time management strategies

Time management is integral part of today management practice. By adopting time management practices employees perform huge amount of work in short span of time. There are many strategies that an employee can use to follow time management practice without any problem.

Giving priority to activity- Employee has to perform many activities in specific time period and it is difficult to do so. By giving priority ranking to each and every activity of a day manager can allocate duration for initiation and completion of an activity (Datta, Guthrie and Wright, 2005). In this way, all activities will get completed on time.

Flexibility- Under this manage will determine start and end time of each and every activity. He will try to complete activity in determined duration. But if work gets completed before time he will use remaining portion for performance of next activity. In this way, by adjusting time an employee will complete his task on time.

Extra time- Many times work does not get completed on time and remaining work are passed on next day schedule. Hence, performance of next day activity will get delayed (Dowling, Festing and Engle, 2008). Thus, activity must be completed on same day, which was decided to complete an activity. Manager, even if needed must give extra time to complete activity on predetermined day.


Team dynamics

Team dynamics refers to psychological forces that affect team behavior at the workplace. Hence, team leader must have good knowledge of his team members’ behavior. If there is any employee that is very angry in nature and if someone makes a mistake working under him, he will be certainly offensive towards that employee (Wall and Wood, 2005). This scenario will happen even employee working under him make a little bit mistake in performance of task. Such an event will certainly affects team behavior and may broke unity among the team members. Thus, understanding of team behavior plays a key role in maintaining unity among team members. Personality and perception are two factors that to large extent affect members’ behavior in a team. Perception refers to a way in which a person understands a specific situation. Many times, an individual makes a wrong perception about a surrounding situation. On basis of such a wrong perception he will certainly treat his other team members (Definition of team dynamics, 2015). Hence, group solidarity will come in danger. Thus, team leader is required to play a very crucial role in unifying its team members by understanding personality and perception of the team members.

Alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals

There is a buzzing word “Smart' among management professionals on which discussion is carried out in meetings with their subordinates. In order to complete activity on time employees cannot fully depend on time management strategies. They need to smartly perform activities, so that task gets completed on or before time. In other words, employees are required to identify alternative ways for completing task on time (Grobler, 2005). There cannot be a specific alternative way to perform any task. This is because each and every activity is different from each other because they are performed in different departments. For identifying alternative ways manager and subordinates requires to identify steps that are performed to complete any task that is taking too much time in execution. After that, one needs to identify factors that are responsible for such a longer time in execution of an activity. Finally, in last step one will identify a way or alternative method that can be adopted in order to complete activity in shorter time period (Chelladurai, 2006).  By performing task in short time period organization goals can be achieved on time.


On the basis of report it is concluded that companies must try to make their relationship better with their employees. Team play a vital role in achievement of an organization objective and team leader must makes an attempt to unify a team. In respect to this, he needs to understand personality and perception of those working under him. Such kind of effort will help him in giving good leadership to his team members. Problems frequently occur in an organization. Thus, manager is required to formulate strategy in order to solve such kind of problems on time. Hence, tasks will be performed in efficient and effective manner in an organization.


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