Sample report on Analyzing Employability Skills

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Introduction to Employability Skills

Employability skills are usually the non-technical skills and knowledge which is necessary for an individual to gain employment and participate efficiently and effectively in an organization. Moreover, these skills are necessary for employees to get along with their colleagues, to make effective decision and solve various problems of the corporate. These are often considered as soft skills which include communication, planning and decision making (Hacklin and Wallnöfer, 2012). In this context, present report focuses on developing a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives for Audi which is a German car manufacturer Company and corporate is making its presence in luxury automobile sector through their innovative designs as well as engineering. This report also focuses on various styles of communication used for communicating with employees at different levels.

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1.1 Developing a set of own responsibility and performance objectives

As appointed as a Human Resource Coordinator at Audi, I will first inspect all the standards and infrastructure which business corporate is providing to their employees. As stated above, being a HR coordinator my responsibility and objective will be related with the management and administration. In an automobile sector, corporate goodwill and sales plays a crucial role as they are the backbone for the company to produce effective result (Bojeun, 2013). To accomplish this, it is my prior responsibility to take care of them by providing them with daily refreshments so that, they can feel fresh and work with full potential. Refreshment constitutes tea, coffee, at times snacks etc. Health also plays a major role in growth of corporate (Theriou and Chatzoglou, 2008). Therefore, it is my prior responsibility to look towards the health of the workers and compliment them with motivational factors like incentives and bonuses. Some own responsibility and performance objectives are as follows:

  • Focus on conducting a training and development session which will increase the knowledge of employees.
  • Conducting a recruitment and selection program
  • Developing communication skills for effective communication

1.2 Evaluating own effectiveness

The main aim and objective of Audi is to lead in both design and technology. Company focuses on offering their customers sports vehicle, high quality and innovative products as compared to their competitors (Jackson, 2014). I as an HR coordinator will work on below mentioned responsibilities.

Training and development session

Training and development session will help me in developing new skills so that it will help me in organization to complete a particular task more efficiently and effectively. This program will help me to get sufficient amount of knowledge which will make my job profile more productive and qualitative.

Recruitment and selection program

Recruitment and selection program will help me in choosing best the talent from the pool of candidates; it is only possible for me by preparing a job description and job specification statement (Casakin and et. al., 2015).

Developing communication skills for effective communication

Communication skills will help me to have a precise and clear communication with customers as well as with employee's. This will help in developing a strong bond with a large customer base.

1.3 Recommendations for improvement

Acting as a HR coordinator at Audi, I will focus on corporate issues like cost minimization, developing a healthy corporate goodwill and providing excellent services to large customer base (Messum, Wilkes and Jackson, 2011). I will implement various theories, models and principles in order to improve the performance of employee's. Some areas for improvement are:

Communication and Feedback

I will focus on having a proper and effective communication within corporate as it will lead to effective flow of information to complete a requisite task. This is because if information is wrongly anticipated by employees then it will affect a particular work and lead to hindrance among employees. Further, I will focus on feedback of employees as it will develop an internal hope in them as HR coordinator cares for them. Feedback will help in developing a strong bond between superiors and subordinates (Hilderbrand, 2011).

Opportunity of Evaluation

Employee's within Audi must come to know about the conditions of organization. This process will help me in generating new ideas in order to develop firm in the competitive market.

Engagement of employee’s

I will focus on developing strong interpersonal relationship between superiors and subordinates. This process will help them to know each other needs and experiences. Further, it will lead to new and innovative thought sharing process.

1.4 Motivational techniques to improve performance

Motivational aspect will help employees to work with best of the efficiency and capacity to achieve individual as well as organizational goals. As a HR coordinator of Audi, I will focus on implementing Herzberg theory of motivation as it is considered as one of the best theory to improve efficiency and further it assist in measuring effectiveness of employees (Spence and Hyams-Ssekasi, 2014). This theory will help me to understand workers attitude and also their different human needs. There is always a physiological need of individuals which is fulfilled only through monetary terms. Other needs are based on hygiene activities which help employee's to grow with responsibility, achievement and promotions. This will lead to the satisfaction of employees. I will focus on this theory as it leads maximum satisfaction of individual’s needs and wants.


2.1 Time management strategies

Time management strategies within the mentioned company will help me in completing my work in due time from which organizational goals can be attained. Considering this, factors which will be included in the time management strategies are as follows:


By using this method, I will prioritize all the works according to their importance. I will prioritize my work according to the tasks which are more important than the least important ones (Tymon, 2013). The tasks which are prioritized will become a plan for Audi corporate and whenever required I can reach back to the plan and make some relevant adjustments accordingly.

Work time

I can record as how much time a particular task consumes within corporate and how much energy it requires for accomplishing it successfully.

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Exercise have its own importance for individuals performance as being HR coordinator in Audi I have to analyse that as which employee is completely fit to perform a particular activity (Time management skill, 2014).


For proper time management, I have to plan some extra time for some emergency which can arise anytime within business.


During the ending year and peak season for Audi, I will work for longer in order to sum up all the pending work and activities for effective result and performance (Sung and et. al., 2013


3.1 Roles people play in a team to achieve goals

Belbin Theory

This theory says that, a team is not only a group of individuals with job titles, it is an accumulation of employee's who have a role to perform and same is easily understood by other members as well. This theory helps in identifying workers behavioural strength and their weakness at workplace (McGurk, 2010). Roles which employee's play in a team at Audi corporate are:


These are highly creative and are good in solving problems. They present new ideas and approaches to corporate.


These are the individuals who challenge team to improve performance. Shapers see problems as exciting and new challenges where other feels like quitting the situation.


These are the people who get things done and turn up the team ideas and concepts into practical actions and plans (Time management skill. 2014).

Completer finisher

These individuals focuses on completed a project or task thoroughly. They also ensure that, work is been done without any errors and omissions.


Coordinator acts as a guide who led the team to achieve corporate objectives. They are considered as a good listener and consider all the valuable suggestions which are given my team member within Audi.

Team worker

These individuals provide their valuable support and ensure that individuals are working effectively to achieve self and corporate objectives.

Resource investigator

These are the people who explore options which are available to them. They focus on developing new contacts and negotiate resources on behalf of team (Rosenberg, Heimler and Morote, 2012).

Monitor- Evaluator

These people are best in analysing and evaluating ideas. They are also considered as a critical thinker and are strategic with organization approach.


These employees in a team have some special knowledge to complete the job. These skills and capabilities help them to maintain their professional status.

3.2 Analyzing Team Dynamics

Team dynamics is treated as a psychological force which affects and influences the direction of team behavior and performance within the cited company. In this respect, this team dynamics are usually developed by different individual traits working in a team, their working relationship and environment in which team is performing their activities. As a HR coordinator of Audi for recruiting and selecting best individuals I will make a team which will help me in getting suitable candidate for the job. I will prepare a job description and specification which will help me to get most suitable candidate for the job (Zuo and et. al., 2012). The role which I will be playing will be of coordinator as I will guide my staff to work with best for their efficiency to achieve their individuals and corporate goals. The candidates who are selected might possess many roles. Some are planter as well as shaper and other possesses different roles in a team.

3.3 Recommendation to complete task and achieve team goals

Audi can achieve their team goals when people in a team have a proper and stronger coordination with their team members and team leaders. Proper and satisfactory commitment to each goal is developed when all the team members get satisfied on specific objective of corporate (Hind and Moss, 2005). Moreover, when whole of the team shares success of a particular project than it is clearly evident that team has become more responsible, reliable and Audi customers will be receiving best of possible services. Further, effective leadership and communication strategies will help me in developing an effective team as with them I will be able to achieve objectives of the corporate (Messum, Wilkes and Jackson2011). With effective communication strategies, I have assigned task and responsibilities for all the members of team which will help in developing healthy satisfaction level among them.

3.4 Solution to work based problems

di being an automobile organization requires sales person who can have effective communication with their customers. Further due to lack in communication, corporate face hindrance and disputes between customers and employees. Being a HR coordinator, it is my responsibility to solve problem as it can again lead to customer dissatisfaction (Eisele and et. al., 2013). For solving this, I am implementing few points:

Processing individual skills

I will focus on developing a training program for those employees who are not effective in communication skills.

Relationship needs

This will help me to identify that what employee require from corporate and what organization is expecting from them. I have to develop a situation where both personal and organizational goals are fulfilled.

3.5 Various approaches and styles to communicate problems

Better communication leads to healthy employer employee relationship and less confusion within business corporate. Employees who have better and strong interpersonal skills are more successful in their personal and professional life. As a HR coordinator, I will conduct a meeting in which I will invite all the employee of Audi. I will convey all the problems which organization is facing through an oral communication process. Moreover, I will consider their suggestion in order to make effective decision for the corporate. I will also communicate a brief message to develop a healthy relationship with workforce (Tymon, 2013). Moreover, I will set a proper communication channel to make an effective flow of communication between employees. I will implement Intercom facility so that, employees can get connected with each other and can share their doubts if they are possessing. E-mail will help them to get connected so that they can share their views and analysis and doubts with the attachment of file.


4.1 Developing solutions to problems

By working as an HR coordinator, I have felt that employees of Audi are quite dissatisfied with work pressure. To accomplish and resolve it, I will undertake various tools and methods which will help me in analysing cause of this problem. I will use benchmarking as a tool which will help me in measuring performance standards against predetermined standards of the corporate (Theriou and Chatzoglou, 2008). With this technique, I will compare sales and productivity of the mentioned company with previous few years and this will show a vivid statement that there is a huge reduction in sales and profitability of Audi.I will also evaluate employee database which provide more information regarding their turnover and absenteeism. By analysing employee performance register, I found that employees of Audi are not performing well as compared to previous years.

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4.2 Appropriate strategy for solving problem

To resolve the given problem above, I will organize motivational session for human resource base which develops positive attitude among employees of Audi. I will also organize management games which helps in reducing the work stress of the employees and keep them happier and energetic (Brewer, 2013). It provides assistance to me in retaining and sustaining employees for longer duration. If employees are motivated, then their morale gets boosted and they will work with high efficiency and capability. Therefore, I come to know that, monetary and non- monetary factors will help me in reducing high turnover rate and absenteeism of employees (Devambatla and Nalla, 2015). Monetary benefit such as bonuses, incentives, conveyance allowance as well as other monetary benefits develops job satisfaction among the sales personnel.

4.3 Potential impact of implementing strategy

By implementing above mentioned strategies, company can gain positive impact in terms of boosting employee morale. By motivating employee, corporate will be able to provide quality and cost effective services to their large customer base. It helps the company in increasing sales and revenue as well. In context to this, monetary and non-monetary benefits motivate employees to come up with best of their efforts. Games and activities which are so conducted help in distracting their mind from routine work load so that, they become more energetic when next time they perform a task (McGurk, 2010). Moreover, it leads to building a team of effective employee which will help corporate in raising their efficiency and productivity.


From the above report it is clearly evident that, employability skills play a crucial role in achieving goals and objectives of Audi corporate. HR manager of the mentioned company considers organizational goals and objectives while setting its own role and responsibilities. It also has been concluded that, time management strategies enables Audi to build and sustain competitive advantage over others. Further, this report concludes that effective communication and leadership are more effectual alternative to work as a team.


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