Effect of Mentoring and Coaching in an Organization

Effective Grooming Skills for an organization

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Business psychology, coaching and mentoring are three different terms which describe the quality of the particular person or business to perform their particular task and activity in a effective manner. Basically every organization either small or large requires a mentor and coach to enhance their employees capability so that they can attain their personal and professional objectives(Peltier,  2011). Apart from this, this report  written by our experts of instant essay writing is all about XYZ plc which was listed in the Australian stock exchange with the motive of maximizing their profit in coming year. In fact a cited company operates in a media industry and emerges as largest television company by understanding their business psychology by grooming their employees with the help of various effective techniques.

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Mentors are available at every venue but they all different from each other due to their capability, talents, knowledge, skills and ideas which means all the mentors have their own personality. In fact background of a mentor dictates their characteristics and overall personality of performing their roles as a team leaders by maintaining their positive relationship with their men- tees. Basically mentoring is the term which means leading a team by performing all the functions of the team by motivating them towards their personal and professional goals with the help of effective techniques(Law, 2013). A cited company wants to appoint a specialised or skilled mentors to groom their employees by encouraging them to learn more and more things so that they can manage their work independently. Apart from this experiences of a mentors plays a very eminent role in executing all the programmes of providing coaching to their employees because of their extra knowledge gained due to the experiences.

Business psychology, coaching and mentoring are three different terms which describe the quality of the particular person or business to perform their particular task and activity in a effective manner. Basically every organization either small or large requires a mentor and coach to enhance their employees capability so that they can attain their personal and professional objectives(Peltier,  2011). Apmentors are changes due to their ancestor habit and some of the activities are due to their past experiences gained by them. Last but not the least background and experiences of all the mentors influences their way of working and performing all the activities(Joo, 2012).

Efficacy of mentoring programs

Current academic research is conducted by the CEO of cited company to get aware about the capacity and work performance of their employees working in their company. With the help of this academic research she has come to know about the need of mentoring or coaching to groom their employees or to enhance their knowledge and skills. In fact due to the academic research CEO of the cited company wants to uplift their employees with the help of various growing techniques and methods(Sushko, 2012). Some of the useful grooming methods are mentoring programs and coaching which plays a very effective role in the growth of the employees.

Mentoring programmes plays a very vital role due to their broad concept and effective nature whose main motive is to enhance the knowledge of their candidates with the help of useful programs(McLean, 2012). Apart from this mentoring programs are very much effective and useful due to their positive result and it helps in motivating the employees towards their objectives. In other words mentoring programs consider as effective due to many more reasons for example-

  • Helps in raising the standard of the employees with the help of useful methods and techniques.  
  • Encourage employees to take part in a decision making process

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Mentoring needs of XYZ Plc

After research process a cited organization understand the need of mentoring and get aware about their employees weakness so to overcome their weakness they need to implement various types of coaching programmes. A cited organization is going to improve their employees existing working condition and try to enhance their knowledge and talent. Basically mentoring needs occurs due to the ineffective working of the employees and unskilled labours. In fact mentoring programmes a very much helpful in improving the present scenario of the organization  by grooming their labours. According to Passmore and Fillery-Travis, (2011) coaching is necessary as it helps the employees to get an proper idea and knowledge of the operations which they have to perform in organization. Coaching which will be provided to the people should be in good manner and very clear as that should be understood by all the employees properly without any of the confusion.  After knowing the requirement of mentoring programs CEO of the cited company is going to appoint many more mentors to provide accurate information and data with the help of various methods and tools. 

The main reason behind mentoring are-

  • Upliftment of a employees living standard.
  • Try to change the psychology of the employees towards organization by improving their mentality.   
  • Tries to improve the mentality of the employees from narrow minded to broad minded so that they can perform their work more effectively.
  • Try to create a healthy and peaceful environment by building cooperation between all the employees.

Apart from this mentoring needs occurs due to the emergence of many more advanced technologies and creative things so that every employees can learn how to deal with new and unique equipments.

Designing of mentoring scheme

CEO of the cited organization is going to appointed many more mentors and business psychologist to conduct a mentoring scheme for example matching and selection of skilled and unskilled employees. Basically to design a appropriate mentoring scheme an organization must  appoint a specialised and knowledgable persons to organize, control, coordinate, cooperate and staffing of all the activities of a particular programs. Basically mentoring scheme requires a accurate information and data to conduct a useful and result oriented programmes whose main motive is to select the best alternatives to groom their employees(Grant, and et. al., 2010).

Apart from this selection is a method or technique of choosing best and deserving candidates from various employees. In fact it also consider as a useful method of analysing the overall talent and skills of the employees and helpful in providing training according to the requirement. 

The other method of designing the mentoring schemes is a matching which helps in selecting the best match people according to the job and positions so that they can perform their work according to their talents and skills.   

In other words a cited organization need to design their mentoring schemes by considering all the internal and external factors for effective working of their programmes by achieving their objectives. Last but not least appropriate designing of a mentoring schemes act as very useful tool(Solansky, 2010).

Training of the mentors

Mentors are the team leader of the organization so it is very indispensable to train them appropriately so that they can guide their men- tees in a proper manner. In fact mentors plays a very eminent role in the organization because they are liable for performance of their employees and teammates. A cited organization need to conduct a training period for their employees to enhance their knowledge more and more so that they can increase their capability of teaching their employees. Mainly mentors need to learn more and more things by acquiring extra knowledge and information from their seniors and extra talented persons. The main reason behind training for mentors to enhance their learning quality and knowledge so that they can train their subordinates and employees in a best manner(Gray, 2011). Apart from this it is very indispensable for cited organization to achieve their targets and objectives as soon as possible to maximize their profit so that they can build their goodwill in the market.

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Plan for implementation includes cost and role of SBK elite

It is not easy to implement a appropriate plan for the training and mentoring programmes for the organization which includes cost and time frames to achieve their goals and objectives by fulfilling the demand of their employees. The main role of SBK elite is to prepare a appropriate plan and programs for all the above schemes of grooming and encouraging the employees of a cited organization. In fact SBK elite plays a very dominant role in the motivational programs for the employees by adopting various other techniques and methods to improve their employees talent and skills(Ekinci, 2012).

Apart from this effective plan requires sufficient capital and time for proper implementation of the plan to avoid any future errors and mistakes which may arise in the organization while preparing plans for above programmes(Goregaokar, 2011). In fact it requires a specialised and skilled person who has the ability to execute all the activities and task without any fear and mistakes. Last but not the least they must ready to face to all the upcoming challenges and risk with their effective decision making process by implementing advanced technology.


Through this report we can analyse that mentoring is an important element of developing the individuals who can help in better functioning at each and every level in the organization. Coaching helps them to develop a sense of responsibility towards a way of developing individual and organizational development. XYZ PLC Ltd. Being the Australian stock exchange  company helps the individuals the platform to grow and develop on the grounds of providing mentorship and coaching to the employees of the organization. The need of mentoring  is to get the employees to work foster and develop a sense of responsibility towards the organization and for this every organization should research on the problems which are being generated in the company and the alternative solutions that can be generated through mentoring and coaching programs that are evaluated and implemented at all levels. 


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