Developing Successful Business Teams

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Introduction to Business Teams

Team spirit in among employees in any organization plays a significant role as without their coordination the ultimate goal of the firm cannot be achieved. In order to build successful teams in an organization, effective leadership is required (Fink and Longenecker, 2013). They are the people who make employees understand the important to work collectively. For this purpose, many programs are being organized so as to provide them opportunity to understand each other.

In this report, to understand the role and importance of business teams with some of its important features will be discussed. Various stages of team development will be studied with appropriate planning for motivating employees. In order to fulfill this purpose, Hotel Hilton is being taken with the help of which the importance of open communication along with monitoring of performance will also be in focus.


1.1 Characteristics of successful business team

For getting success in business, team plays a very significant role in case of firms such as Hilton hotels (Soriano and Sánchez, 2011).  The successful team has following characteristics which are:

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Collaborate rather than compete: Hilton employees support each other without any hesitation and give their ideas as well feedback for team progress. They believe in working as a team rather than carrying out individual task. The members always celebrate their success which motivates them towards their work.

Use of good communication techniques: Communication is said to be good when all sender and receiver of message understand the purpose. In a team when all the members speak clearly and in brief, there is no confusion followed by easy achievement of the assigned target (Panagiotakopoulos, 2013.). 

Agreement on procedure: In Hilton hotel all team members make the procedure to distribute their roles and task between each other to complete their objectives. They generally keep checking the procedure to make sure that they are on right track to accomplish the goals for being profitable in industry.

Effective leader: Leader of Hilton are so effective that they make all members work together to handle their conflict and help in making success to business.

1.2 Assess importance of team roles in successful business team

In Hilton the team plays a different role in making their business successful. They work as shaper, implementer and completer-finisher (Yeo and Li, 2011). Shapers are workers who challenge the team to improve. They are dynamic, extroverted employees who find the best approaches for solving problems. Shapers are argumentative and less worried about members feeling and try to make possibilities to complete target. Implementer turns the team ideas and concept into practical actions and plans. That kind of staff members are conservative, disciplined who work systematically and efficiently in a well organized way. Hilton hotel completer-finisher is one who sees that projects are completed on time or not. The employees ensure towards absence of error in work. This is followed by paying attention on smallest details thereby increasing overall effectiveness of teams. They are very much concerned about deadline and push team to complete work on time and described as perfectionists

1.3 Analyze the value of using theoretical models when building successful business team

Hilton uses forming, storming, norming and performing model for building successful business teams. These theories are elegant and helpful in explanation of team development and behavior (Sorge, 2005). They make the leader prepare to answers lot of questions of members and help in making clarity of purpose for teams. While using these roles and responsibilities of each person become clear and accepted by individuals. This makes team more strategically aware about their work. If the members disagree with any point then these models help team in solving them and divert to achieve goals.


2.1 Explain stages of team development

In Hilton for development of team they include four stages that are forming, storming, norming and performing. The explanation of these stages is as follows:

Forming stage: Mostly members in this stage are positive and polite. Leader has to play a dominant role because staff is unaware about their roles and responsibilities (Gibb, 2006). This is of very short period as the colleagues start working together and begin to know each other. In this initial stage leader also has to face problems regarding his team members because all are new to each other, unaware about the behavior.

Storming stage: In Hilton at this stage the conflict between members arises because all have different style of working. Team members experience stress due to less relationship with their colleagues.

Norming stage: As the team in Hilton move into norming stage the people resolve their differences, appreciate strength and respect. They ask each other for help and provide them feedback of work for achieving goals.

Performing stage: At the final stage staff members of Hilton shows their hard work and without problem they try to achieve the team goals. Leader assigns much of work to employee and can concentrate on developing team members. 

2.2 Plan how to motivate team members to achieve given objectives.

For achieving given objectives Hilton uses various modes to motivate team members. The motivational methods used by them are as follows:

Provide productive and challenging work: To make members highly motivated they give work according to their interest. Motivators understand the work design to have a strong positive impact on performance. When a worker found his job unsatisfactory that time he needs more motivation to understand his work.

Understanding individual differences: Hilton uses those motivational techniques which increase individual strength and minimizing weaknesses (Han and, 2013). By identifying personnel needs work are assigned to them for accomplishing given objectives. Individual can be motivated by providing him fair decent working condition, coordination with coworkers, and relationship with supervisor.

Setting effective goals: When worker are confident about the work provided to them then they have clear and attainable goals. The effectiveness of goal setting helps in motivating by recognizing facts. Specific target are measureable, definite and change their behavior as well as they play a significant role in motivating them.

Reward and recognition: Hilton properly recognition the member effort which makes them motivates (Amos and, 2009). They follow fairness in rewarding means the difference between peoples reward package should be clear and understandable. Leader understands the importance of challenges faced by his team and celebrates the team victory. Motivation is about encouraging and appreciation of employees. When the work of an employee is noted then it works as new opportunity provider.

2.3 Encourage open communication between team members to support team development

For development of team Hilton encourage open communication between members in following ways: 

Safe communication: They promote people to communicate regularly, honestly and openly. This make employees talk about their mistakes and any question without any punishment then the problems will be solves and work becomes effective, faster and easier (Sims, 2007).  

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Encourage and reward honest and open dialogues: Honest and open communication is an essential in maintaining success of a company. Employee can be given incentive on speaking. Reward can support them to communicate honestly.

Criticize constructively: Truthful criticism is an essential element for becoming successful for Hilton but make sure that should be constructively not destructively. The hotel listen to the views of people but implement that only which they feel necessary for their success.

Build team communication: Hilton organize the people in project to increase team mentality between them (Gary, 2011). When a new project is given to them the team building exercise make their personal interaction and opportunities build relationships before the project begins.

2.4 Evaluate ways of solving conflict between team members

In Hilton hotel if the conflict between team members arises then by using these ways they solve it and make them work together for common goal.

Be aware before conflict occurs: The first step to resolve it is to know before it happens. As the team member disagree with each other that can create conflict between them (Abrams and Abrams, 2003). These conflicts are generally created due to misunderstanding and if they are sort out then the project can be completed on time.

Set the ground rules: At the beginning of project leader make some ground rules which are to be followed by every member. They make it clear that everyone ideas are valid and should not be dismissed even if someone is not agree on it.

Get the whole story: As the conflict happen leader try to know the whole story before taking any decision because some time the conflict can be occur due to miscommunication and while discussing on this can only solve it.

Avoid lessening into groupthink: Groupthink happen when group is opposing the views of one member to create a harmony. But while working on a project it is good to maintain agreement on same viewpoint.


3.1 Monitor performance of team against given objectives

Following objectives can be set to improve performance of team members of Hilton hotel: 

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To ensure a proper coordination between team members:  In hotel if the coordination between members is proper then each employee will perform his task completely and accurately. This will help management in making success in business. It can stop conflict in company and everyone become ready to help each other.  

To reviews occurrence of conflict: If the conflicts in the team are reviewed then sometime they are due to miscommunication and by solving it the understanding between members can be increased as well as they help in achieving objectives.

To develop team efforts from every member: Hilton develops a method by which the team efforts can be noted and this can help them to detect the problem they are facing while working as a team. By noting team efforts whenever required leader can appreciate them and problems they are facing can be noted. If the small efforts are celebrated together than they feel motivated.

3.2 Recommend how to improve performance against given objectives

Hilton employee faces many problems regarding their performance. By improving those they can easily achieve their objectives as follows:

By handling conflicts: sometime due to conflict between two employees can decrease the performance. The conflicts mostly occur due to miscommunication and if that is clear then they can easily understand their work as well as better, faster way.

Recognition of efforts: if one employee in putting all his efforts in completing task then if his leader or senior recognize his efforts and appreciate him then it increases his performance.

By assigning work of his interest: when employee is assigned the work according to their interest then it motivates him and can be seen in his performance. If the work is given and worker is having no knowledge about it then he will face problems and his performance level will decreases.


From this report, it can be concluded that Hotel Hilton is taking various steps to develop successful business teams in its organization. It is taking all the stages to develop these people very seriously so as to make them understand the value to work with coordination (Han and, 2013). With open communication and by giving equal chance to everyone to interact freely, it is motivating its people. With this, they feel encouraged and hence they provide services as desired from them. All the efforts taken by Hotel Hilton are responsible to create positive environment in it along with the satisfaction of employees. 

This report also shows the reasons by which this hotel is getting huge success in market. By adopting all the measures to promote team spirit, it is able to encourage them and so as to retain these people for a long period of time. It creates stability in it and smoothness in many functions which it performs. Ultimately it helps the form in achieving its goal on time and in an efficient way.


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