Contemporary Issues in Primary Education

A Case Study about Contemporary Issues with Young Children and Babies

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Introduction to Contemporary Issues

Health care services plays crucial role in enhancing the value of service dimension as numerous health dimensions and facets are included for the specific care. The present research study has been emphasizing on special needs of disabled children; thus in this respect discussion has been made regarding contemporary issues in the field of early years of teaching and learning. Further, discussion has been made regarding impact of contemporary issues on young children and babies. Along with such discussion, description has been included regarding researcher’s own area of practice and his contribution in developing the present research work.

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Critically analyze contemporary issues of concern and interest to those working in the field of early years of teaching and learning

Care practitioners working for young children and babies have to consider a lot of things while delivering care services to them and this is yet another facet through which effectiveness of the service provision could be enhanced. Working in the field of early years of teaching and learning is a difficult job and that requires much efforts and patience to handle the targeted care users. The needs and demands of babies are hard to find out as they are unable to express what they require specifically; thus in such situation, it becomes difficult for the health care practitioner to deliver health care services. In the below section, several concerns and interest are being discussed that usually arise in the field of early years of teaching and learning.

Communication and language problem

At the time of dealing with the young children and babies, it is essential for the care practitioners to consider the use of proper language so that to enhance the effectiveness of communication procedure. Care practitioners have to ensure that suitable language is being used to communicate things suitably among the children. This is an area of concern since practitioners sometimes uses complex language which is not understood by the children and as a result, it creates communication barriers. Communication is the most important aspect through which learning and teaching related aspects of children could be managed. For better communication, right use of language is required.

Improper understanding of needs of children and babies

Children as well as babies are unable to express what they want; hence this becomes difficult for the care practitioners to deliver suitable services. This not only creates problem in comprehending health care needs; but it also changes the relationship between care provider and care user. Health care practitioners must showcase appropriate care and concern towards the requirements of young children and babies because that could build up positive attitude in them. However, this has been observed that children and babies are sometimes delivered inappropriate care which creates other health dimensions. At the same time, in the early years of learning and teaching, it becomes difficult for the practitioners to meet health and specific needs of children and babies.

Improper use of tools in teaching

It is an apparent fact that children learn properly when they are imparted education through optimum use of training tools. This showcases that children learn more by doing things practically. Thus, while teaching the children, it is crucial for the care practitioners to make use of suitable training tools. Nonetheless, it is also observed that during teaching, learners most often do not quote examples and practical instances which affects the entire learning procedure. According to the type of teaching, suitable methods and tools should be used so that to give proper information to the children regarding their education.

Learning difficulties in children

Some children have problems related to learning disabilities; thus teaching such children is a difficult task as they did not understand things immediately. This is an area of concern to be considered in the field of early years of teaching and learning because that could hamper the interest of the children and babies. As per the learning disabilities, proper guidance should be given to the students so that they can manage their education process in the best way. Disable children usually face many issues due to learning disability and that also hampers their work aspects.

Lack of interest in classroom activities

At the same time, it is also observed that due to lack of interest in classroom activities, sometimes children do not take interest in learning. At the time of teaching the children, it is crucial for the service provider to ensure that proper tools are being used to enhance the learning of the children. Students sometimes have lack of interest in classroom activities; hence they do not attend the classes on regular basis and as a result, it hampers the overall knowledge level. Specific needs of children keeps on changing and that leads the children to undergo with diverse activities. Henceforth, in order to meet all the requirements, learners and teachers are required to focus on all the requirements of young children and babies.

Critically appraise the impact of selected contemporary issues on young children and babies

In the above mentioned section, the areas of concern and issues are being discussed that needs proper attention as that may affect the young children and babies. In current scenario, parents do not get much time to guide the children and as a consequence, it brings difference in relationship among parents and children. Young children need proper care and concern as they are more curious to know about diverse aspects; hence there should be proper attention and care for such people. For instance- having any sort of disability and disorder in the young children not only affects the mind-set; but also it changes the level of learning. Further, it is also analysed that when a children becomes unable to deal with things; then in this situation this changes the state of mind.

Improper use of language and communication could create negativity in the children and this can also affect the learning and development aspects. Improper use of language will not only change the state of learning; but also it will affect the way of considering things. For instance- if needs of children are not fulfilled; then they might turn aggressive which is not a good sign in early stages of learning. Children usually learn from their guardians and care providers; hence such people need to ensure that proper care is being delivered to those children. Another instance is lack of financial stability in the family; this affects the child care aspects. Further, it also restricts the parents in delivering prominent care services to children and babies.

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Financial problem not only changes service delivery procedure; but also it affects the access of family members regarding health care amenities. Moreover, it could be said that this affects the accessibility of children in dealing with heath care dimensions. In young age, children usually adopts practices such as smoking, drinking and other acts have a negative impact on the mind-set of the children and family members. This usually starts at the time of primary care needs wherein children do not get proper attention from the family members. For instance- at the time of delivering specific care services to the children, it is crucial for the parents to spend some time with the children as well. This develops the feeling of affection and as a result positive bonding develops among children and parents.

Another instance is that- when a children has any specific health issue like obesity and overweight related problems, then this affects their mental state on higher extent. Obese children are a matter of fun for other children in the school; hence this affects their mental well-being. This not only encourages them to eat more; but also it leads to other health issues like as depression. Early stages of depression is much more impactful and that remains for many years. Therefore, it is evident that primary health care aspects have a long term consequence on children till they reach to other stages. Obesity is a major health problem that develops in the children due to several reasons; however because of lack of appropriate information people make fun of such health aspect. This brings a lot of negativity in the children.

On the other hand, as stated above lack of interest in classroom activities affect teachers as well as learners both; henceforth this consequently affects the educational needs of the children. Moreover, this can also impact child’s learning needs and since other children learn more due to attending continuous classroom activity; then it might also bring complex in other children as well. This can be one major issue for the children and for the entire family in various ways. Hence, from the discussion it can be said that contemporary issues could have a negative impact on children and that may brought negativity in the family environment. Further, improper training tools could also affect the learning directions of children and that may change the way children learn in different curriculum.

Reflect on the implication for their own practice

While working as a health care practitioner in child care department, I learned a lot of things that could also assist me to carry out my practices in appropriate manner. Working in this dimension not only helped in improving my skills and capabilities; but also it changed the way of considering diverse health care dimensions. The study seems to be beneficial for me as I came to realize how different needs of children and babies could be fulfilled. Thus, I can say that the present curriculum has a positive impact on my own learning and development facets. Conducting the present research study has helped me to realize how specific needs of children and babies can be fulfilled and what needs to do to acquire their attention for managing their learning aspects. This has brought a positive impact on my learning and development aspects and I am now also able to express my views about all the needs of children and babies.

While conducting the study, I have accessed wide range of sources so as to identify how teaching and learning needs of children can be fulfilled. Thus, in this respect I came to realize the impact of child obesity on children and how this health dilemma changes their mind wellbeing and mental status. I have seen that children usually make fun of obese and oversized children which changes the mental status and which also brings depression among the children. I have also accessed a few sources from which I came to realize that due to improper primary health care services, children suffers a lot and that brings major health changes in them.

The entire research work helped me to ascertain the ways through which children can be protected from contemporary issues. This is not only useful in enhancing learning and development aspects; but also it could change my work processes in future time period as well. Further, I can also say that disabled children have great potential; but they always show positive response to others; therefore there should be no matter of fun for such children. Along with this, it could be said that I have learned a lot of things in dealing with the children who are disable and who are also unable to express their feelings and requirements. As per the study, I could say that I came across with all such aspects that is essential not only for child development but for the overall development of the children in younger age.

Since, I work in the same department; hence I could say that I have dealt with disable children and I clearly know how to deal with such children in all the situations. The study has greater implications on my work profile and this also helped me to contribute a lot of things while playing different roles and responsibilities. Thus, I could say that my skills and learning level has improved a lot and this underpins my strengths and capabilities. This has also contributed in enhancing my professional terminologies and I can now work in different areas in the same field. Thus, concluding my experience I could say that I have developed a lot of capabilities which could assist me in delivering prominent amenities to the specific disabled children. Being a practitioner, I have contributed in the team development which also helped me to ascertain the importance of team work. I believe that following all such things could enhance the professional development in health care practitioners.


Summing up the entire research work, it can be said that it is essential for the care practitioner to adopt different provisions because the targeted care users are children and babies. As per the entire research work, it can be said that children and babies both needs to have proper support and care so that this can bring positivity in their nature and attitude. The study has also depicted that due to lack of education and learning facilities, children experience several issues in their growth age. Besides this, it is also ascertained that due to improper care from the parents, children feel isolated and this affects their relationship with the family members. Further, the overall environment of the family also get affected.


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