Communication skills for an interview

Analyzing Barriers of Communication in Nursing Interview

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Communication is the process transfer the information between sender and receiver. In this report we are defined the element of the effective communication,tools and techniques used in the interview,barriers that affect the communication and guideline for the documents preparing before the interview of the nurse has been depicated.


1) Elements facilitating optimal communication

These are the elements that contribute to an effective communication

Clarity of thought and expression

In this element the communicator must have need to knowledge and clear information in his mind to communicate between the people. It should be always clear, and simple.

Correct and appropriate

The message should be correct in spelling ,grammar and content. It may be deliver in right time for correct medium.


It means the meaning of information has been delivered.


It is effective when receiver give the message as soon as possible. it is the critical process where the reaction or response of the receiver after interpreted message has been provided to the sender.

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2)Interview techniques


This is the technique depend on the position we apply the sales,training give the performance it may be depend on the some ideas -brainstorming our ideas it may be past as well as gain fresh prospective and present aspect of relate to the topic,we used the right technology ,clear structure,make the eye contact.(Berge, 2013)

Body language

This is the way the interviewer can judge the person before telling any question. it include the gesture,posture,when we sit,stand ,eye contact in the interview. the some clue for attract the interviewer like-always sit way back in the seat,not go for directly eye contact,nod your head listening this step show the attentiveness of the person in the interview.


The interviewer known the interest and creativity of the person who are appointed in the organisation for vacant seat. In this stage we give the answer our interest and future planning of the career example-we are registered the nurse field and give the answer for this question is that the helping nature and patience,temperament personality.

3) Potential barrier of communications


Its barrier affect when the different country people are communicate the each other .In this casethe Ms. Sayer understand the English language and the nurse understand the Spanish.

Physiological barrier

It include the health and difficulty of the person it may be include the listening problem,weak eyesight,and body pain.

Lack of experience

It is the better idea to explain the message making the story infront of the receivers.

Information burden

It disappoint the person for the important topic it takethe lot of time for recording the information (Aslakson,2012).


It include the poor equipment,noise poor structure of the place,and also affect the culture of the person.


It promote the development of the person,increase the confidence level and perception of the client,potential and helping nature of the person.

Lack of communication policy 

In this case the rules and regulation are not described the proper way to communicate the employees.

Semantic barriers

In this barrier include the tough languages,not proper listen the message of the person.

4) Ten guidelines for correctly completing nursing documentation.

  • The documents must include the characteristics goal ,objective which is simple,clear,free of misunderstanding and accurate for the legally.
  • The documents are completely determined the policy,rules of late coming and any modification related to the position(Berge,,2013).
  • Prepare the sheet according to the proper information and also highlight and described between the people in the organization.
  • The staff duty is the analysis the problem of patient for changing the treatment.
  • The policy was prevent action it determined the audit of the hospital with including the all charges of the clinic.
  • In the documents we used the safety and privacy issue for reflect the record of the information.
  • It is checked by the nurse for going the other treatment to the patient before taking the action.
  • The documents include the staff notification it include the data ,action and past research and the result of evaluation.
  • They do not say the general statement this is not a type of constructed form of documents.
  • The nurse have a duty to report to the doctor with in 30 minute the safety of the patient.


1) Action for nurse

According to the case, the nurse will appoint an interpreter who knows the language of Mrs. Singh. This is the person who are knowledge and they also understand the problem which affect the patient. First the nurse placed the patient according to the department of the problem and give the direction the Mrs. Singh and also start the first aid treatment when the doctor is coming(Aslakson,and et. al.,2012). This is the person who have equally influence the both languages. this is the benefit so that the nurse can understand the problem and communicate the doctor for starting the treatment of the patient. They can define the various aspect which related to the patient behaviour and aspect of the customers.

2) Interview

The nurse have responsibility to take the children in proper way they do the work for patiently and create the trust and listen the children and also take the time to the children for the describing the position of the parents. According to the case the parents are not in good English so that appoint the interpreter his 7 year child to the communicate(Berge,,2013) .In this case the nurse adopt the empathy and also used the body language style so that they can give the result according to the perception of the people. In the interview we are introduces the person background and then start the interview.

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1) Open Disclosure

It refers to an open discussion which is undertaken with a patient in respect to certain incidents which had caused harm to them, while receiving health care services. Hence, it is essentially a conversation which transmits relevant information to the patient and can be undertaken over a course of time. It is an entire process which commences from detection of adverse events and assessment of these incidents. Once the concerned patient is informed about such an incident, it shall be signalled that there is a requirement to conduct an open disclosure. It is essential to communicate in a healthy manner after completely preparing for the disclosure. While being engaged in the disclosure it is essential to express a sincere apology after explaining the facts of complete incident, accompanies with related information. Further, it shall be agreed that an effective future care shall be provided and clinicians shall be consulted if necessary. In addition, the patient and family members shall also be informed about the evaluation surveys and agreement shall be reached to complete the process. Lastly, all the relevant records shall be kept up to date and all the other documentation shall be maintained in an effective manner. The elements of open disclosure are:

  • Saying Sorry
  • Factual explanations
  • Personal effects of the incident
  • Plan agreed and recorded
  • pledge to feedback
  • Offer of support
  • support for patients and staff
  • other health service entities

2) Some of the ideas which can prove to be beneficial are

  • it is imperative to establish an effective and constant communication system so as to stay updated about all the happenings.
  • A learning attitude shall be maintained so as to keep learning different methods from other team members.
  • Patience and empathy

3) Principles for using electronic media

(a) Every personnel shall follow the professional principles and ethical principles by not making use of telephones during the working hours, especially while serving the patients. All the specific requirements of the organization in respect to disclosure of certain informations shall be abided with.

(b) Some of the ethical considerations in respect to healthcare professionals are not making a disclosure of confidential information of hospitals or patients on social media. Moreover, posting pictures clicked on duty with the patients is also not preferable.

(c) Email etiquette are:

  • usage of specific subject
  • content shall not be elaborative and be concise enough to provide specific information
  • the language shall be highly professional and shall not in any manner reflect sarcasm or jokes.
  • Emailing of critical and sensitive information shall be avoided
  • The responses shall be made on an instant basis and preferably within business hours.
  • Usage of common courtesies is always appreciated.

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4) Assertive Communication by nurses

It is a mode of communicating with others by expressing the opinion in a firm and honest manner, and at the same time without disrespecting the rights or opinions of the other person. It can also be characterized as confident declaration in a manner that there does not arise any need of proof. In order to exercise the role of a nurse in an effective manner it is highly imperative for them to stay confident in respect to their ways and words.

Further, this form of communication can be used for conflict resolution as well as negotiation to determine solutions as it shall not leave scope for any form of discrepancies or confusions leading to conflicts. Moreover, a firm and stern stand by one person enables the other to listen to such a person and avoid conflict situations.


Through this report, it is inferred that communications can be made smooth by overcoming barriers. Above the report tell the barrier of the communication and guideline for making the document in the interview. The effective communication also affect the transfer of the information may be depend the receiver understand the information in the right way. The communication may be include the verbal non verbal,body languages,expression movements.


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