Communication Change Plan

Objective of Communication in Organisation

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Introduction to Communication Change Plan

The current case scenario mentions the working pattern of Jupiter, a multinational enterprise manufacturing confectionery. The factories based in UK now are facing the increase in cost of production due to rise in cost of raw material (Riddle, 2013). The management is planning to improve the production volume in order to manage the cost. Employee communication is considered to be a very crucial factor for the same as the company believes that, in order to implement the change within the organization the mode of communication and the understanding within the management and the employees have to be strong (Robson and Tourish, 2005). 


Communication is the process of exchanging information between people through various sources in order to deliver the message with clear and appropriate understanding. Business communication is the very crucial component of the organizational success because it helps in developing an effective mode of information exchange crossing the hurdles of geographical disparity, physical presence etc. (Kent, 2007). The objective of communication is to deliver the message with effective information in order to ensure the proper understanding by the receiver. 

The present case scenario focuses on developing the production level of the company in order to manage the cost of production. It has a strong and committed team of workers. The turnover rate is low within the organization (Blythe, 2010). The communication objective for the company is:

  • To develop a new plan of communication within the unit
  • To specify the problems and issues of the employees
  • To develop a specific platform to identify and implement the cost effective ideas by means of the employees
  • To make effective conclusions and recommendations
  • To develop a new plan of communication within the unit

This objective seeks to provide the effective and efficient means of communication method to the company. It will focus on developing the strong medium of interaction in order to enrich the process of interaction within the employees of the entity. It will help the management of the organization in implementing the changes and passing on the information in an effective manner. 

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To specify the problems and issues of the employees

his objective seeks to develop an effective understanding about the problems and issues that are faced by the employees of the company. This objective will analyze the current problems in the system of communication and will try to improve the same in order to attain the desired results. To develop a specific platform to identify and implement the cost effective ideas by means of the employees

This object focuses on developing the specific plan while analyzing the prevailing communication issues of the company. It will help it in developing a strong network of exchange of information within the employees and management.

To make effective conclusions and recommendations 

This will seek to deliver the effective understanding of the study and draw the effective conclusions for the same. It will focus on recommending the measures to improve the current methods and implementing the company specific measures.

In order to achieve the objectives the proposed plan, Jupiter will have to undergo some major changes in its structure and policies. This will help the company in developing the effective environment for change, development and improvement. This will also help the firm in acquiring the specific results to achieve the central objective of the plan. The company first aims to identify the major stakeholders who may directly affect the organizational functions (Coombs, 2011). The top management, line manages and operational management, all has their own contribution for the process.  The methods that will be used for the same includes:


This step focuses on creating the awareness and need of the change within the company.  The operational level employees and administration staff of the company will be targeted at this stage as their involvement in the company operation is limited thus the effect of change on them will be limited too (Kenneth, 2007). These are the people who help the leaders and managers of the company in development an effective and efficient means of communication. Jupiter has adopted the Autocratic style of management. This creates a rigid means of working thus minimizes the scope of communication within the organization and among fellow employees. This leads in monotony and low productivity.

To overcome this issue the company will now change its management style in democratic means. This will help in developing the work effectiveness while developing the effective employee employer relationship. Furthermore, this will also facilitate the easy flow of information within the entity (Ilonen and, 2011). The discussion of the problems will give the employee sense of belonging thus will incur motivation within them. This strategy will develop the effective and efficient understanding within its employees


In order to implement this strategy in the management will take the measure of one way communication. The employees will first be made aware about the changes that are about to develop in the organization. This information will be spread through:

  • Newsletters
  • Emails
  • Announcements

The company will develop the effective newsletters in order to spread the news about the upcoming changes in the company. This will aware the employees about what is happening, why it is happening and what is expected by them in return.


The second step of the company will be to impart the additional information about the process in order to make the implementation easy and uninterrupted. The stakeholders who are targeted at this step of the process will be the on-roll and permanent employees who are working at the basic level of management (Leeuwis, Leeuwis and Ban, 2004). The effective development of role and responsibilities will help in analyzing the concerned parties for the issue. Jupiter has adopted the power culture within the company which makes managers as the major source of information distribution. The flow of information in mostly one way, this leads to a kind of bureaucracy within the organization. The firm thus, has decided to change the organizational culture to role culture in order to define the specific role and responsibilities of the employee and develop the efficient means of communication within the company (Rizvi, 2010). This will also help in defining the definite code of conduct and employee behavior. The role culture will help the organization in developing the effective leaders for the same.  Moreover, this will help the company n developing the better and effective understanding about the current scenario (Kim, Song and Kim, 2009). The leader’s organizational culture will develop the effective and deep understanding about the event and its significance. 


To achieve this step of organizational change the company may use the one way communication but this would be the authentic and better sources. The sources of information at this stage will be:

  • Video conferencing
  • FM radio system
  • Presentations
  • Stakeholder forum

These will help the company in awarding the targeted stakeholders about what is happening and how this will be done and adopted within the company. Moreover, the employees will be asked for the feedback too. However, the targeted employees have low involvement thus company will expect low feedback for the process.


This step of the process targets the line managers and supervisors who play the very crucial part in managing the work of the company. They have high level of involvement in the company's operation thus the changes will impact them efficiently. The effective discussion and understanding about the event will help the company in seeking their support for the same (Napier and McDaniel, 2006).  Moreover, working culture is the major focus of the proposed plan. The culture of the company at present may be defined as tiring, monotonous and constant. Though management has implemented various strategies of job rotations etc. to overcome this issue, yet the employees has the constant rate of productivity. This leads to boredom for the workforce. To overcome this situation the company will implement the team building strategy in order to achieve the better and desired results (Robson and Tourish, 2005). Moreover, the team may help in better communication among the employees. This will help in initiating the motivators for target achievement for the employees. This will help the company in making work as fun and competitive targets will result in better productivity. Above all the mode of interaction will strengthen by implementing this method. 


In order to seek the support of line managers and key staff of the company, it will have to develop the effective and efficient means of two way communication which will help the company in initiating an active interaction with the employees. Moreover, this will help the company in developing the effective and cooperative means of implementing the changes. The sources of communication for the same will include:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Training programs
  • Development programs

All of the above measures will help the company in developing the effective and efficient means of communication with the concerned people (7 Tips to Improve Internal Communication with Mobile Tech. 2015). They are the major source of company's development thus the organization focuses on discussing the issue with them in oredr to gain their positive support and cooperation. 

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This step involves the crucial and most important part of the company. These include the functional heads, and mangers. Their involvement in the company is very high thus the impact of changes on them will be equally high (Sadri and Tran, 2002). Thus, the company officials will call the team meetings and interactive programs for the same. The company is technologically advanced and thus has developed the modern means of interaction. This will help in developing the mode of communication in all levels within the company. The employees will be entitled to the information that is revolved round the enterprise. This may leave a positive impact on the performance of the functional level. Moreover, better access to information will help them in delivering the better and effective results.


The functional heads of the company are the people which manage the whole department of the organizational working. The lack of communication with these key people may lead to the adverse effect on the performance of the organization (Jones, 2009). To achieve the cooperation of the functional heads the company arranges the following source of crucial communication:

  • Team meetings
  • Speak up programs
  • Conferences
  • Meeting in person

All the above media will help the company in developing the effective and efficient means of interactive communication. This will help the organization in developing the small interactive sessions where the process will be explained to the employees with its outcomes and impact of the organizational working. 


The top management and the investors are the crucial part f the company. They are the people who are efficiently involved with the company operation and its profitability. To implement the changes within the company, management seeks the effective support and commitment of them. Jupiter has adopted the rigid hierarchical means of organizational structure. This incorporates the inflexible and rigid mode of communication (Waldron and Kassing, 2010). Employees have adopted the downward flow of information which makes the mutual interaction tough. Vertical and horizontal integration is crucial to achieve the purpose of the communication plan. This will help the employees in understanding their role specification and responsibility associated with the same. The current flow of information represents the autocratic mode of communication where superiors tell the subordinates what is to be dine and how the task have to be completed (Manufacturing Executives Must Communicate with Millennials to Engage Them at Work - Press Release - Digital Journal. 2015). The current communication plan seeks to build a strong two way communication where there the instructions are passed and feedback is received. This will help the company in developing the effectiveness of employee performance while increasing their level of satisfaction and productivity. 


The key source of media in order to achieve the commitment and support of top management, the organization develop the effective problem solving attitude within the company. This helps in achieving the cooperative results of the crucial and prominent problems prevailing in the company (Huber and Pallas, 2006).  Morever talkback sessions are also the very effective parts of this process. This helps in developing the effective commitment and support from the people involved in the same. 


The above strategy will help the company in developing the effective and efficient support of its stakeholders. The organizational change is focused in reducing the cost of production and developing the efficiency of the employee performance. For this purpose, the company has implemented the Quirke model. This model is effective in analyzing the key stakeholders of the company and helps the company in gaining the effective support for the same. 

To achieve the purpose of the current issue of Jupiter, this model will highly help the company. It will help the organization and its staff in analyzing work is the crucial parties for the company and what modes of communication the company must use to reach them. The study was focused on developing the communication within the company and the above technique helps the company in developing the cost effective and time saving measure for the purpose. Moreover, the time analysis helped the company in keeping the effective track of the process. In order to measure the impact of changes the management of the company may use the effective measure of performance evaluation. Moreover the employee performance and sales turnover will reflect the same in the course of time.

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In order to ensure the success of the plan the company must develop the positive attitude among the employees of the company. Resistance to change must be positively taken and effective measure should be taken in order to minimize the same. The leadership style in the company is rigid which makes the employees disconcerted with the company. The company must focus on developing the same. Moreover the power culture is not delivering the effective results in the organization thus the company must do the same in favor of the workforce. The two ways communication is the most crucial need of the organizational success thus management must make all effective arrangements for the same. The implementation of the process will not be successful if employee support is not won in the situation thus; the management of Jupiter company must focus on the same. 


The study of the above report and problem was focused on the current and crucial issue of the increase in cost of production in Jupiter. The study focused on the problem and proposed the effective means of resolving the same by involvement active cooperation of the employees and key stakeholders of the company. To achieve the set target the employees of various organizational level were informed about the happening of the event and the possible impact of the same. This helped the company in developing the effective support of the employee by means of effective communication.


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