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Case studies constitute a significant part of professional education system. Subjects like Management, Medical, and Law use case study assignments as primary tool for education imparting. But regardless of the subject, one thing remains constant with case study writing, that is the level of complexity. Many students are of the view that writing a case study is one of the most deliberative and difficult academic tasks that requires consistent guidance from experts. And when it comes to expert assistance nothing beats the Instant Essay Writing’s Case study help service. Writing a case study can never be easier than with the assistance of our writers, who possess preeminent knowledge about case study format, case study method and methodologies, etc. And have written many management, nursing, legal, and business case studies.

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Types Of Case Study Assignments Students Need To Write!

Though there could be numerous types of case study format assignments based on the subject or the question of the paper, the case study experts of our team have distinguished the case study method in four major categories-

Theory-Generating Case Studies:

These are rare kinds of case studies that have overlapping objectives with Research papers. The aim is to develop a generic hypothesis for a wider subject, by applying research methods on limited case. As is clear from the name, the observations would be used to create a generic theory. In such a case using atypical sample may disturb the whole exercise with the wrong conclusion. So, while writing such case study assignments, a student, or for that matter any researcher, is required to select the object or the ‘case’ only after due diligence.

Evaluative Case Studies:

It is the most simplistic type of case study assignment, the aim of which is linear evaluation of the entity or the problem of the case. The case could be anything from a person to a group of people as a whole, to even a company. It could also be about some specific issue faced by an entity. All in all, it signifies a simple analytical description of the case without much ado for either solution, or generalized hypothesis creation.

Problem-oriented Case Studies:

If considered comparatively with the other two types of case study research assignments then this category would have more similarities with the later kind, i.e. evaluative case studies. However, there is one difference between the two categories that changes the whole paradigm of case study method of writing it- the problem-solving approach. These case studies are written with the sole purpose of finding out the solution of the mentioned problem, and this changes the whole of the structure and flow of the paper.

Testing Case Studies:

Such case study assignments use analytical approach from the very beginning till the end. The aim of such academic papers is to formulate a comparative analysis of a hypothesis, technology, technique, or policy. Questionnaires, observation, and interviews are the most common prominent data collection methods for these case study assignments.


So, whether your case study research is about solving a legal situation, or evaluating a new marketing policy, it can always be categorized using the implications of the motive of the paper. Though a more focused study may provide better assistance for case study method, but for that you have to take custom case study writing help from the experts of the field, and who can be called a better expert than the ones who are providing the said assistance for years? Our case study writers have years of experience to offer you the most suitable help.

What Do Our Experts Say About Case Study Format?

Evidently, the course of case study format writing varies for all subjects, and there can not be a specific structure of the same. However, there are a few points that remain almost identical to all the case study assignments, regardless of the complexity of the subject or the type of academic paper. Such points constitute a generalized case study format.

  • Introduction: No academic paper can be said complete without an ‘Introduction’ section, be it an essay, thesis, or case study. However, our case study writers are of the mind that the introductory part of case study is a lot different that of any other write up. In this section little or no mention should be made of the ‘case’, and should be wholly about the question or the paper itself.
  • Background Study: It is in this part of a case study format the introduction of the case should be presented. Apparently, a small description is necessary about the background of the case study research, since it is about a particular case(s), and not a wide subject. However, one should not add that description in the introductory paragraph; it will tend to ruin the flow of the paper. A separate section (with or without a sub-heading) should be written out.
  • Pick out the key problem: That is, if there is a problem. If your case study format is more like an analysis of a recently developed technique, then you can hardly apply the problem-solution approach. Nevertheless, if there is an issue that requires investigative approach of case study research, then your first step would be to pick out the central complication and describe its nature, and perhaps even the issues that have led to it.
  • Methodology: Having explained the main problem, you should move towards the explanation of the tools or measures that you might be using to formulate the solution, or generally called case study methodology. Though this section would be closely related to the ‘Key problem’ part, you should add it to your case study format even if your paper is of evaluative or theory-generating nature. In fact, it is one of the formal section of the academic write-ups that includes even meagre research work.
  • Findings: Another one of the formal sections that must be included in a case study assignment right after case study methodology. This section must be all about the findings of the research work, and not even a shadow of your perspective should modify, or emphasize them. It is also suggested to add concrete numbers to support your research. That way it will appear more authentic, and praiseworthy.
  • Conclusion: In this section you can add all your conclusions about the finding and the nature of the problem or case. This section will be completely based on the outlook criterion, and requires only a little citations (that is if you want to add any). So whether it is business case studies or management case studies, you need to know the difference between Findings and conclusions, before writing either one.
  • Bibliography: References is yet another formal section without which your case study format can not be stated as complete. You may or may not add other appendices, based on the requirement of your subject, but no negligence should be made about this section. You need to add proper citations for all the facts you have included in your paper, and there is no way around it, not unless you are willing to lose those precious scores.

This is the common layout of case study format that can be easily implemented (with a few modifications) to all the subjects. However, for the best results and grades, it is always recommended to avail the writing service of our case study help team. You ask why us? Well for that, acquaint yourself with the exclusive features of Essay Writing case study writing service.

Why Choose Instant Essay Writing for Case Study Help?

We have an in-house team of experienced case study writers and researchers who are responsible for providing authentic case study research content for every order we undertake. The stringent checks performed by our QA team is yet another deliberate approach from our end to ensure that the document you receive is 100% plagiarism-free and contains only high-quality data. Our privacy policy along with the unlimited free revisions guarantee assures absolute after-sale services. So do you still need more reason for picking us? Didn’t thought so. Still you can anytime check our guarantees page or contact our student support team; that is available 24/7 hours for your convenience.

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