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Introduction to Business Event Management

The business event management is to formulate the practices for carrying out events by communicating and handling. It is managed by stakeholders through interactions with mangers and business concerns. They design, encourage program and project management. The current research report is based on a business event which focuses on career faire. Regarding this, study includes different aspects of event such as collection and appropriate documentation of event. In also includes different techniques and methods for communication and coordination between different staff members. Along with this, documentation for use of information technology in this event is also describing in the following paragraphs of this report.(Emiliani,2006).


1.Benefits of carrying out a career fair event or project within an agreed time-scale in order to meet the need of the project

The career fair event is organised and its benefits are carried out by creating the agreed time-scale in order to meet the needs of the project. As being the event organiser for an career fair the first thing which comes is to divide the area in different divisions of finance, marketing, operational and law.

It will be helpful for the students of age group of 17-19 years to decide their career for securing the future. They get the opportunity to talk with the specialised persons of specific field and sharing their area of interest (Damm, 2010). Students are very much conscious towards opting for career path , a proper guidance and counselling is important for them to choose right option for them. Every  individual has its own identity, Students inner talents are been judged by professors and accordingly they mould their mind and as per their experience ask them to choose for career which suits them overall.

2.List all the documents that are required for career fair event and analyse of the importance of these documents

The documents required for career fair event and their importance are been explained here. 

  • Pamphlets- Pamphlets are printed for distributing it in college and schools for making awareness among students about career fair.
  • Forms- Various forms are printed, collected and gathered and distributed as per the requirements. At the entry a team member stands and ask students to fill the enquiry form which contains students contact and academic background details. At the time of exit students are asked to fill feedback forms and their comments are considered and worked upon (Damm, 2010)

3. Resources that are required for this event and their benefits to the project/event

The resources required for the career event are been listed below:

  • Chairs and tables- In every portions chairs and tables should be available where team members may be seated. These facilities are made to be provided in all the divisions of fair (Damm, 2010). So the team members feel comfortable and do not get exhausted standing for the whole day.
  • Books – Specialised persons and trainers need books and stationary materials. So required stuff should be provided to them and made them available on proper time.
  • Instruments for research areas and scientific explanations- large Spaces should be given to those portions which shows crafts and models for explaining people with clarity and making them understand easily Drake, 2013). In the respected area of science like biology and technical field for engineering.
  • Laptops- For presentations and projects related to studies and career path. Institutions which provide good courses and they give assurance of grooming students and providing them safe environment at curriculum area (Emiliani,2006). The management trainers share their experiences and career opportunities for students to expand more in future.
  • Refreshment stalls- General people and students are provided with hygienic refreshments at the end of the fair. They get re leafed from starving and take interest in the career guidance and fair.

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4. Regular reviews and evaluations including the methods and resources 

Performance appraisal method will be the best techniques for reviewing different methods and resources of career faire event. By rating system event organiser can rank each and every activity of entire event which help in making priority of each task. On the basis of ranks organiser can review the performance of each and every team members on the basis of final outcomes (Fuller and Thorp, 2011). It helps in determining the needs and requirements of each member for improving their performance. On the basis of the weak factor event organiser can arrange training and development program for improving the efficiency of each inefficient team members (Emiliani, 2006).

Evaluation of methods and resources of career faire event can be done by event organiser by weekly meeting with team leaders, supportive team members and coordinators. Evaluation of methods and resources needs to focus on needs and requirements of all students about their career,  different activities which have planned during their event, meetings and final outcomes, time and schedules and monitoring and control process, etc. Review and evaluation helps in determining the progress of the event on the basis of methods and available resources (Jalal-Karim, 2013).  


1. Document for set up the Project, completion date and allocation of responsibilities

Setting up the event of career faire: Event set up includes the appropriate planning of different activities which needs to complete this career faire event. In addition, event organizer needs to be assured about the appropriate allocation different tasks to distinct level of managers, staff, agency, contractor and supportive team members (Linskell and Hill, 2010). Whole staff of career faire event will be divided in three teams, Team A (team leaders); Team B (coordinators) and Team C (team members). 

Allocation of responsibilities: Allocation of responsibilities will be based on skills and knowledge of each team members. 

Staff Responsibilities

Team A

  • All members of different teams play very important role in 
  • Planning and deciding objectives, locations and budget for this event.
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities to all team members.

Team B

  • Choosing media for marketing activities
  • Arrangements of all required resources
  • organizing regular team meetings to resolve different issues

Team C

  • Promoting career faire event
  • operating activities, coordinating with media, etc (Fuller, Dainty and Thorpe, 2011)

2.Detail within your report what leadership, effective time management skills will be necessary to pull such an event /project off

Leadership skills supports  event managers in leading and guiding team members in providing them tasks and responsibilities. It makes them take quick decisions and carrying out work by dividing it to complete the task on time and properly. (Janiesch and Müller, 2012). The mangers give one task to group of people in and take initiatives for monitoring the whole process and movement of invigilators in performing the duties.

They look after the arrangements done in setting up of stalls, required material is shifted to needed place or not. They do all the planning for organising an career event by their in build creativity and expanding previous experiences. They should be prepared to solve uncertainties and arising of any issue at the time of event. Leaders have positive attitude to solve these obstacles and they take them as a opportunity for learning experiences.  They motivate themselves to be prepared for setting of new activity for a different process if required by the team ( Kutsch, 2008). The managers should have a effective time management skills so that they can mange themselves first than create the schedule in such a way that event starts on the selected time and it depends on the students considering them the ending time can be judged. A proper sequence will be followed by managing the time and money, efforts can be valued according to that only. By these points it could be acknowledged that   leadership and time management skills are essential to formulate a career event (Linskell,  and Hill, 2010). 

3.Assess and document the significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating new strategy

Assessing the significance of stakeholder analysis while formulating new strategy can be explained as-

A stakeholder analysis is an approach to identify and investigate the work field formed by a group or individual who can achieve the objectives of career fair. The role of business event management is to formulate the strategies by decision making for satisfying satkeholders. There are two types of stakeholders that are interna lwhich consists of employees and external are governments (Luckham, 2011).The stakeholder analysis is done for analysing the interest of people working in career fair (Ajay, S., 2006). The potential conflicts of interest with or between team members, major influencing factor for startegy formulation by decision making process. It can be done by stakeholder through communication whichis is for program and project  mangement. They understand the needs of team members and classify them according to their choice of area. The risk occured in handling of the events is tackled by stakeholders.

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4.Take corrective action if necessary to keep the event on schedule

  • Time management- Time management helps to make proper schedule and which could be followed by generating extra efforts to complete the target (Ryszard, 2012).
  • Arrangements done when required- Managers must be informed about the materials required for continuing the career event. The other arrangements like bringing of bulbs, fans, coolers, sitting, chairs , tables must be ordered in bulk to avoid scares of essentials. The stationary stuffs like pencils, notebooks, pens, authors books should be brought on time whenever it is needed (Mark, 2005).
  • Management delivery skill - The responsibility given to managers have to be distributed to team members and if it is found that any team is not able to handle it than its the duty of the manager to immediately transfer that process to another invigilators. Under the proper guidance the work should be implemented and corrective actions should be taken if any mistakes are been found or facing hurdles in achieving the objectives (Etzion and Niblett, 2010.)
  • Decision making process- It is the main work of management team to make quick and correct decisions for team members and place them at their area of interest where they want to be (Gomez-Mejia, 2004.) They should handle the portion in which they are more knowledgeable and expand their skills. It is the most important point to take immediate actions for implementing a plan.


1.Choose the Appropriate size team and document each person’s role writing down what skills this person has in adding value to the project, and hence why you choose that person to play that role

Event manager choose a person for various departments of finance, marketing, operations and food & development areas. 

Finance persons-They will play the role in handling the overall expenses of career fair. They maintain the list of creditors, depositors, sponsors and preparing of budgets and maintaining the balances for prevention of risk factor in the business. The finance section people maintain relations with the investors and banking persons for the future work expectations (Bowdin,  2006.) They open their account in bank for maintaining the cash books and journals of the event management business.  

Marketing persons- They are the core persons for organising an event. The arrangements for  implementing a program, prepare schedule and project. The procedures, policies and rights of what to do and how it can be done are under marketing people. They are presentable and groomed in convincing students to attend the event (Weske,  2012).

Operations- Handling of the back office work and being in touch with all the other portions  people of finance and marketing (Moutinho,  2011). Providing them facilities to carry out their work for career events. They have the practical and technical knowledge, the mikes, music systems and announcements are done by them only.  

Food and development- This area is handled by the management team who are good in leading, handling and communicating (Jeston, and  Nelis, 2014). The stalls of food court are opened at the end of the event to avoid messing up and dirtiness in that areas.

2.Document within your report what types of team building and conflict management skills are required when diffusing anger

Team building and conflict management skills are required when diffusing anger can be described by following points:

  • Team building and conflict management skills are required when diffusing anger can be described by following points:
  • Develop an attitude for resolution- Holding up of values and making up of attitude of resolutions. Discuss the matter by believing it in abundance, being creative and relying on feelings and intuitions ( Fuller, 2011).
  • Tell the story- listening to all the other stories including your one. It is by understanding the truth in the story and taking side of the authenticity hidden inside.
  • Listen to a preliminary vision- Thinking about a resolution that honours all the concerns of improvement. It is from the shifting from the desire from the desire to win and gets away from the vision (Jalal-Karim, A., 2013).
  • Get current and complete- It means saying harsh and difficult words which affects a persons emotions and feelings to make a person speak the truth of the matter.
  • See a vision for future-To reach at the general understanding of the resolution. The foundation of new agreement is done (Hankinson, 2005). It is to replacing from the desire of what should happen but actually the decision is made something else only.
  • Craft the new agreement- It is to give suggestions and showing it by forming of maps and chart and providing of formula which will help accepting the decision of ones choice.
  • Resolution- it is to move back with the actions to form a new agreement and lowering down of anger for the previous matter and moving forward from their.

3. Different methods of co-ordination and communication and their importance for career faire event Methods:

  • Minutes of meeting: It is one of the better way of coordination because it helps in communicating all important information to required team members. Event organiser can share the minutes of meetings by online and cloud based. It is time and cost saving methods of communication (Janiesch, Matzner and Müller, 2012).
  • Emails: For developing formal communication with different educational agencies and other contractors, event organiser can use emails.
  • Telephone call logs: for making informal communication with team members event organizer can use telephone call logs. It is most quick process for communicating information to required people (Drake, 2013).

Importance of these communication methods:

All these communication methods are very significant for different functions of career faire event. These methods are significant for planning functions because these play important role in formulating objectives and developing event plan. These methods are also very useful for organizing career faire event by making appropriate communication among team members which leads completing of whole event on time. These techniques increase coordination among team members improves command and control over different activities of event. All these importance help in completing the career faire event on time (Damm, 2010).

Optimum allocation of all these resources are necessary for completion of all activities on time and in effective manner. For example, human resources are required for each and every activity. Along with this, for generating mails to different students event organiser requires technical sources with internet facility. Similarly for developing financial plan manager needs to use all those personnel who have sufficient financial skills and knowledge (Luckham, 2011).

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1. Records of communication both internally, externally and of team meetings

Event organiser is used the flat structure for entire event it helps in making faster communication between each team members. Event organiser needs to make communication with internal and external staff of this event (Emiliani, M. L., 2006).  Internal staff members includes Three teams; leaders, coordinators and team members. External staff includes students who required information about career, experts of different subject fields, suppliers and media members.

Event organiser uses email, SMS, Skype and messaging for communicating different information to internal and external staff members. All these sources of communication helps in recording each and every information of entire communication process which will help in future events (Linskell and Hill, 2010). 

2. Document regarding the use of information technology

  • Event planning process: Team leaders has used internet and computer systems for conducting high research on different past events. It helped in getting important information about the career faire. Including this,coordinators of this event have used technical resources for generating mails to career experts and students. For making invitations event organiser has used email, SMS, messaging and Skype (Janiesch, Matzner and Müller, 2012).
  • Event execution process: At the time of execution process event organiser has used projector and big screen for presenting different activities of event and presentation. Online booking system has also used by event organiser for this event (Fuller, Dainty and Thorpe, 2011).
  • Report of the event: Developing a report of entire career faire event is the most appropriate method for regular documentation of all information. It includes necessary facts and figures about the event planning, implementation, allocation of roles and responsibilities, arrangements of all resources for this event, etc.
  • Meeting records: By organizing different meetings regarding di (Drake, C. N., 2013).fferent activities of career faire event help in communicating information from team members to organiser. Along with this, regular meeting also help in determining different types of risks and associated issues with event by which event manager can develop a plan for resolving all these issues in effective manner (Drake, 2013).

Therefore, all these methods of documentation helps in completing the entire career faire event on time. 


The current research report has concluded that career faire event is used appropriate documents for completing this event on time.  It has required human, financial, operation and technical resources for completing different activities on time. Report has also concluded that communication, motivation and time management skills are also very necessary for attaining all objectives on time (Damm, 2010). In addition, study has described that, Emails, online sharing of minutes of meetings, SMS, Skype and messaging are major method for communicating information among all team members.


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