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Essay on Coco Chanel

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Gabrielle Bonheur Coco Chanel was born 19 August 1883 in Saumur, France. She was a French designer of women’s clothes and a founder of the Chanel brand. In 1920 Chanel introduced her first perfume product, Chanel No. 5 which remains popular today (Ewing, 2014). The popularity of the perfume matures all the time. At the same time, she started to broaden and launched a cosmetics line and a range of skincare products. She also has a huge range of make up limited edition collections. Chanel continued her success with realising her design in handbags, shoes, jewellery. In 1970 her brands value was $19 billion (equivalent to $118 billion in 2015). Chanel was a popular figure in Paris and she became one of the richest women of all time because of her career and brand. This essay will focus on the impact Coco Chanel had on fashion designers. Firstly, what type of items did Coco Chanel made. Secondly, The opinion of other fashion designers and people around her, and what they thought about Coco Chanel and thirdly, how Coco Chanel influenced people in fashion and the styles they use today (Kapferer, 2014).

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Journey of Coco Chanel

Very talented and creative fashion designer has revolutionised the world of fashion with the never ending tale of clothes, designs and styles. The House of Chanel, founded by Gabrielle Chanel is treating women with the range of products from hats, perfumes, handbags, dresses and many accessories. In very early age she has realised the career for herself through identifying her skills and talents.

In 1905, she has started a small vending hat shop selling the handmade hat of particular size and shape. The shop was financed by Balsan Captain, who later became her business partner. With the beginning of her business through this shop she has started making her client's and expand the range of friends and customers. Her work start getting recognition among the people. After the attainment of adequate experience and learning working styles she has started her boutique in 1910 that became a licensed modiste (Hat maker) after that step. The step taken by her brought upward steep inclination in her career (Fiemeyer, 2014). The shop became famous in the world for the exclusive designs made by her along with the appropriate use of fabric. The hats prepared was proved to be useful for different occasions. In that boutique she has expanded her business with simultaneously selling sewing dresses of jersey fabric.

Begin with that step, she has made different types dress discoveries that has changed the pattern of women clothing such as inducing women track suits, sailor suit, tight skirt for beaches. Confining not just to clothing she has brought transition in different forms of fashion statements such as hairstyles. In 1917, her short hair became prevalent among all the women.

In 1917 she started experimenting with the colour black and began introducing the dresses with this colour (Bruzzi and Gibson, 2013). This has changed the perception of people about the wearing of black dress. Earlier restricting themselves from including it in their wardrobe, later it became essential for every women.

Later, In 1920's she has started brought expansion in the business further more with the opening of Big fashion house. At this new expansion, she has included accessories for women beginning with perfume. Among many samples available for her, she has chosen the most peculiar one with the extraordinary fragrance and named it “Chanel 5” which is still the world's best selling perfume.

After that range of products are offered by the house such as jewellery, make up, skincare, fragrance, watches, sunglasses and fashion. It has attracted the customers with the uniqueness and comfort in their products. Each product was created with certain purpose fulfilling the needs of people (Wulc, Sharma and Czyz, 2012). Her prime focus on enhancing the femininity in women with the elegance and fashion in her dresses has led to change in world of women clothing.

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Opinion of other fashion designers about Coco Chanel fashion

An outstanding and timeless fashion designer to casual chic, there are many attributes given to her. With the mixed viewpoints she has always been the matter of debate for fashion analysts. With few embracing her talents and trend started by her and in contrast considered as the normal women.

She has been successful is acquiring certain feathers of compliments in her hat. Her designs were considered as the symbol of independent women and she is attributed to develop the modern women (Pass, 2011). On the other hand she has found criticised with the statements blaming that her designs were copied and imitated from men's wear, she has dressed the royalties of the country that are duchess and queens with ordinary accessories and little black dress that was against signifying their majesty. In-spite of such criticism she has hold the status of women's inspiration and their preferred brand of clothing.

Various critics has signified her as the most influential fashion icon of all times. Captivating the attention and interest from her sophisticated and comfortable dresses, she has ruled the world of fashion portrayed as the legendary designer known for timeless duration even the decades after her deaths (Barrère, 2013).

In contrast, according to many fashion designers who were experts and specialists in their field have made negative remark on the products launched by her in different segments. For instance, her elegant straight skirt is considered no unique and is regard as the most copied fashion of all time. Her famous Chanel 5 fragrance is considered as the most improper perfume for the elegant and sophisticated royal ladies. It is basically having the tinge of masculinity due to its dark and leathery touch. Fashion critics were hardly impressed with her designs and fashion dressings and reiterated them as that of not an extraordinary women style statement.

In-spite of all these harsh and negative critics, her designs and products have impressed many fashion designers and celebrities leading to the growing fame and letting her win the fashion crown. The product launched by ensured was predicted to be ensured as having immortality and last longer effect (Prescott, 2011).

Concept behind her clothing

Coco chanel clothing was beyond any rules and patterns. The basic aim of her clothing was to look unique and be comfortable in the wearing. Taking care of it, she has always focussed on embracing the femininity through her designs. There are range of products that signifies her style statements.

Her straight skirts and elegant styles has brought transition in the way women used to cloth themselves. With the introduction of different products such as beach pyjamas, loose fitting sweaters, simple knit skirts and trench-coats, the preferences was shifted from the suffocating dresses to the comfortable and good looking options.

There are many dresses which has revolutioned the trend of clothing by the women and has created the trademarks in many aspects. Such as the chanel suits are considered as the most appropriate option for women for evening visits as well as the business summits. Along with this the most remarkable innovation by her that is little black dress has led the changes in the fashion. It has been the most desired option for women in their wardrobes.

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In other products such as hats with which she has incepted her business had been available in the range of designs and fabrics (Scheibel, 2011). Hats has been the most significant part of the fashion statements provided by her to the women. There are variety of options made by her with different experiments made in them. It is stated that the trends of House of Chanel was begun with these products which was intimately maintained by her in all respect.

Perfumes, specially Chanel 5 has revolutionised her business success and growth in all respect (Simon, 2011). Along ith this there are range of fragrances available for women becoming the most desired products for them. Further, the major section of its working was of handbags and sunglasses which are widely used by all sections of the women society. From royalties to the normal women and celebrities, the products of chanel are worn by all the segments.

The products of Chanel are considered as the products of independent women. It is all used by them in significant manner having the major share in market in each area of it working.


The report is prepared to elucidate the growth of the fashion designer Coco chanel who has revolutionised the world of fashion in all respect. It is found that it is brought major transition in the dressing style of all women around the world. She is considered as the developer of modern women. She has started her business as a hat maker and later on expanded through offerings in wide range of products such as dresses, suits, skirts, perfumes, handbags, sunglasses and many others. Recognizing at the legendary designer she is regarded as the pioneer of women fashion clothing.


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